• Published 12th Aug 2015
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A Change In Fashion - Kevinltk

A changeling finds love in the world of fashion modeling.

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Chapter 2: New Sights

The next day found Glamour still asleep from the events of yesterday and dreaming about one of her past encounters.

“But I like it when you do that, Mr. Banana.”

Suffice to say, Glamour had experienced some rather interesting moments.

She was brought back to the real world when the branch she was resting on jolted upwards. Groaning over being rudely awakened, she rolled around on the metal surface, trying to catch a few more minutes of sleep.

Her brain then finished booting up and reminded her that branches were not made of metal.

Quickly sitting up, she immediately took in her surroundings. What she saw made her let out a loud wail of despair.

She was stuck inside a caged wagon and was being hauled through Ambleton. Somehow, the ponies of Ambleton had captured her and were now noisily parading her through town.

What made it worse was that besides the ponies pulling her prison, a large mob had surrounded the wagon and were walking along with it. Every pony Glamour met eyes with shot her a nasty look or shouted insults at her.

Glamour wondered how in Equestria did she manage to stay asleep until now. She knew she was a heavy sleeper, but not waking up to witness being captured by a town of angry ponies was ridiculous.

Glamour let out a yelp and fell back on the metal floor when the caged wagon gave another jolt from hitting a bump in the road. Instead of getting back up, she let out a whimper and curled up into a ball, trying to block out all the noise and spiteful faces around her.

As she tried to think of some way to escape her predicament, Glamour was surprised when her personal prison parade marched out of Ambleton. Eventually, they ended up near a cliff not too far from town. A short, makeshift platform was erected near the edge, and on top of that was a podium.

Again, Glamour was wondering if there was something wrong with her. She had scouted the surrounding area while gathering information on Oak and Syrup, and she could not believe she had somehow missed seeing this huge landmark.

When the cage door opened, Glamour tried to fly out as a last desperate attempt at freedom, but the ponies were upon her instantly. Before she knew it, she was placed on the platform with her legs chained together, her wings bound by rope, and a magic-suppressing ring slipped onto her horn.

Glamour was barely able to hear her own gulp as she looked out at the clamoring crowd. It was like one giant blur of scowling faces, all directed at her.

“Alright, alright, quiet down, everypony,” a stallion wearing a black robe and a powdered wig said as he got behind a podium set up next to Glamour. “Let’s make this quick so that we can all go home. Will the victims please come forth?”

From the crowd, Syrup walked up to the platform. The glare she gave Glamour was the bane of all husbands, but was just as effective on any other living creature.

“Syrup, where is your husband?” the judge asked.

“He couldn’t make it today.”

“Is it because this changeling hurt him?”

“Actually, it’s because I might’ve gone a bit overboard last night when I gave him the talk.”

“Um, can I please go back in the cage?”

“No, you may not, changeling,” the judge replied before turning his attention back to the crowd. “Oak will not be able to attend due to unfortunate circumstances, but we shall go right on ahead with the trial. Now, this changeling is accused of impersonating one of our town’s citizens, Oak Tree, and attempting to feed off of his wife, Syrup. The changeling is also accused of littering and causing a ruckus when it tried to escape. Are there any other crimes that we should know of?”

“It also broke our bedroom window,” Syrup added.

Glamour was momentarily dazed both from the sound and the sudden drop in oxygen from the huge, unified gasp from the crowd.

The judge shook his head. “Such villainy. Based on overwhelming witnesses accounts, I find this changeling guilty of all crimes. Syrup, by our town’s custom, you have the honors of administering its punishment since it has done you the most wrong.”

The grin Syrup had on her face made Glamour wonder how her husband managed to survive for so long.

“Um, can’t we talk about this?” Glamour asked as she tried to hobble away from the menacing mare walking towards her.

To her surprise, Syrup stopped. She brought a hoof up to her chin as though in deep thought. “Oh alright, I suppose that we can—Oh my gosh, what’s that?!”

Glamour turned around to see what Syrup was pointing at behind her. She looked all around the area, but she could not see anything worth noting. “What? I don’t see any—AHHHH!

Two hooves bucked Glamour from behind, and she was sent screaming off the edge.

Unable to free her wings, use her magic, or even flail her hooves in terror, Glamour continued to yell. It got louder when she saw the bottom was riddled with hundreds or even thousands of tall, jagged rocks. While it would easily give her enough holes to make even Queen Chrysalis jealous, the whole dying part kind of put a damper on that dream.

With nothing she could do to avoid the rapidly approaching rocks, she shut her eyes and waited for the end.

But instead of meeting a pointy demise, she felt her body land on grass. Unfortunately, falling face first onto any surface still hurts a lot.

Rolling over onto her back, Glamour clutched her muzzle as she groaned. Opening her eyes, she saw glimpses of the branch that she slept on high above her.

“It was all a dream,” Glamour mumbled.

With how popular her true self was with angry mobs, her mind had inadvertently made up a few unpleasant scenarios if she did get captured. As a result, nightmares like the one she just had popped up every now and then. She heard the pony princess of the night helped those plagued by bad dreams, but Glamour figured that service did not apply to those who invaded her kingdom.

Glamour remained on the ground for a few more moments, waiting for the pain to ebb away, before deciding that she should probably do something productive today.

With a big yawn, she stretched out her body, working out all the kinks from her awkward bed and fall. When her body was fully awake and her face was not aching anymore, she got up and took flight.

Glamour flew around for a bit until she spotted a familiar grouping of trees. Finding one with a couple of scratch marks on it, she flew up to a hole in the trunk and pulled out a saddlebag.

She took out a map of Equestria and let out a heavy, weary sigh as her magic drew a cross over Ambleton. The same mark could be seen on many other towns on the map.

After the failed invasion of Canterlot, Glamour, along with a number of other changelings, had become unhappy with Queen Chrysalis’s rule and eventually left the hive to live on their own in hopes of finding a better life.

Since then, Glamour had survived by using the old tried and true method of impersonating another pony’s loved one. However, now that many ponies were aware of changelings, it had become harder for her to maintain her disguise, and being chased out of town in one form or another was becoming more and more frequent.

She wished there was a more reliable, safer way to feed, but until she did find one, she would have to keep on making do with the traditional changeling method.

Scanning her map, Glamour frowned when she saw that the only viable places nearby were Fillydelphia and Manehattan. She knew they were both much bigger places than the small towns she targeted, and other than invading Canterlot, she had not been to a big city like them.

While it was easier to blend in with the crowd, she heard that there were all sorts of troubles and annoyances. She wished she could recall more of the specifics, but she fell asleep during that lesson.

Still, with no other alternatives, she had to try her luck and adapt to the new place. Her eyes went back and forth between the two cities, seeing that both places were about the same distance away and equally intimidating. Unable to figure out which place she should travel to, she resorted to a tried and true ancient ritual to decide for her.

“Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Catch a dragon by the claw. If it hollers, run for your life. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.”

And with her hoof stopping on Manehattan, Glamour's next destination was set.

Glamour went back into her bag, replacing her map with a hooffull of photographs. They were all pictures of ponies, but she was not stalking them. They were pictures of ponies she used to help her stalk other ponies.

Like all other changelings, Glamour was able to disguise herself as any pony, but changing into another pony that she could see required the least amount of magic. Due to the difficulty of getting love, conservation was vital. Of course, with no actual pony nearby, having a stolen photo of a pony was a decent enough substitute.

Picking out a photo, Glamour concentrated on the pony in the picture. Her horn started to glow green, and a second later, a ring of fire enveloped her. She quickly pulled out a compact mirror from the bag, and in its reflection, there was a pegasus mare instead of a changeling.

After double checking herself to make sure her tan fur, green mane, and cutie mark of nutmeg matched the photo, Glamour packed up all of her stuff and put on her saddlebag. With a beat of her now-feathered wings, she flew through a hole in the canopy and was soon on her way to the big city of Manehattan.

If there was one thing Glamour hated about traveling, it was having to do it alone. Her body had pretty much been flying on autopilot for the past few hours since all she had to do was follow the coastline up to Manehattan. While the trip so far had been incident free, it was also incredibly boring.

She let her mind wander to various subjects such as what Manehattan would may be like or how some housewives could be so terrifying, but they were all just brief respites. Running out of things to keep her mind occupied, she decided to do a mental checklist for when she arrived.

The first thing to do was to explore the city and get familiar with the new environment. Since she was not used to big cities, it would no doubt take a longer time to get used to the place.

She would also have to find a suitable place to spend her nights. Impersonating other ponies did not exactly pay well, so she would be hard pressed to pay anything more than free. In a pinch, she could always make do with sleeping on a cloud.

The last thing was to find a target. That pretty much involved either finding a couple or getting information from other ponies. She guessed that part should be easy with more ponies around.

Glamour’s attention was brought back to her flightpath when she caught a glimpse of something in the ocean. Guessing that it was her destination, she put on a burst of speed as the city came into view. Her jaw dropped when she got close enough to take in the full sight of Manehattan.

The bustling city was nothing like she had imagined. Built entirely on an island just off the coast, the city was completely covered with a labyrinth of paved streets, and a swarm of metal skyscrapers stretched high above her. A quick glance showed that the only ways out of the city for non-flyers were either by boat or the train that used the one bridge connecting to the mainland.

Not too far away from the port, Glamour felt a pang of fear when she saw a statue of a pony that was as tall as a building. Seeing the torch in her hoof and the spiky crown on her head, Glamour guessed it was some sort of monument to angry mobbing and was tempted to turn around right then and there. However, since it was possible that it stood for something completely different, she swallowed her fear and entered the city limits.

She had never seen so many ponies in one place before. Hordes of ponies flooded the streets, and every one of them seemed to be in a rush. They were practically shoulder to shoulder as they pushed their way through the crowd. There were also lanes for carriages, but with so many of them moving about, there were traffic jams all over the place.

It took a while before she found an opening in the crowd to land, but as soon as she did, she was swept up by the tide.

“Watch it, lady.”

“Move out of the way!”

“Hey, I’m not that kind of pony.”

Glamour yelped as she was pushed and shoved around. She tried to move in any direction, but she was helpless among the sea of bodies. After stumbling onto the streets and being nearly run over by a carriage, she went back into the air.

Unfortunately, flying was not too much better. While she was not being shoved around, she still had to be careful of the many other pegasi who had the same idea as her. Her attention became entirely focused on dodging speeding pegasi and avoiding mid-air collisions. This was further complicated by the multitude of skyscrapers that limited the amount of air space.

After about an hour or so of braving the crowds, an exhausted Glamour noticed the traffic was finally starting to lighten up. Unbeknownst to her, she had just survived her first rush hour.

While she was finally able to proceed at her own pace, Glamour was still lost and unsure what she should be looking for and ended up just wandering aimlessly around the confusing city. No longer having to concentrate on avoiding being trampled or crashing, she was able to take a better look at her surroundings.

The streets were still pretty crowded, but they were nowhere near as bad as before. She noticed that quite a lot of of ponies were wearing some form of clothing and judging by the many clothing shops she passed, she concluded that fashion was a pretty big deal in the city.

There were also so many massive buildings, some of them even bigger than the castle in Canterlot, and everywhere she looked, she saw some sort of colorful sign or advertisement. It was all so amazing and overwhelming at the same time. She could see why other changelings were wary of the big city.

After crossing what was probably her hundredth street, she noticed that a horde of ponies had congregated in front of a large building down the block. Letting her curiosity guide her, she flew over to the scene.

As she got closer, she detected traces of adoration in the air. Adoration was a lesser form of love, and in sufficient amounts, it could also feed a changeling. This only made Glamour even more curious to find out what was going on.

Landing at the edge of the crowd, Glamour went over to a random mare in a simple dress and asked her, “Excuse me, what’s everypony lining up for?”

The mare scoffed. “Then what are you even doing here if you don’t know?”

“I was just passing by and saw the crowd.”

“Whatever. If you have to know, there’s a fashion show rehearsal that’s about to start.”

Glamour tilted her head in confusion. She already guessed fashion was a popular thing in Manehattan, but she did not expect it would get this much attention. Nonetheless, this fashion show was somehow sowing adoration amongst the ponies, and she had to investigate it.

“What’s so great about a fashion show, and why not just wait for the actual show?”

“Seriously?” The pony gave her a look of disbelief. “These shows tells us what’s going to be in, and wearing the right stuff can make you super popular. I just have to know what’s going to be hot this season before anypony else.” She let out a huff. “Too bad, it’s going to be tough with those guys.”

Glamour looked to where the mare was directing her gaze and saw that a couple of security guards were posted at the door. Anypony who approached them were turned away, but there were one or two that were somehow able to get in after a few words.

“Why is there so much security for a fashion show?”

Just then, a screaming stallion was sent flying out of the front doors of the building and landed in a dumpster across the street.

“And don’t let me catch you trying to flirt with the models again, or I’ll break every bone in your body!” an angry mare’s voice shouted before the doors were slammed shut.

“Never mind,” Glamour mumbled. “Anyway, how do you get in?”

The mare let out a loud exasperated sigh. “Why don’t you go ask the security guards themselves instead and stop bothering me?”

Glamour rolled her eyes and left the mare to do just that. While she knew it was a long shot, she could still try and see if the guards will let her in. If anything, she might be able to find out more about the show.

Flying over the crowd got her some scornful looks, but she ignored them and went up to the entrance.

“Hi,” Glamour greeted one of the guards.

“What?” The stallion did not even look at her.

“Can I go in?”


“Why not?”

The guard sighed before explaining in a bored tone, “Only ponies with passes may attend.”

“Would you believe me if I said I left my pass at home?”

“Oh sure, go right ahead.”

Glamour’s eyes widened. “Really?”


Glamour gave the guard a deadpan face.

“Unless you have a pass, you’re not getting in through this door. Now, get going before I get mad.”

“Fiiiiine.” With a huff, Glamour flew away.

So far, Manehattan was quickly becoming the worst place she had infiltrated. The city was like a massive metal maze, but what irked her the most was that so many ponies had such nasty dispositions. She was used to the terrible treatment in her real form, but the fake her should have at least fared better. The only thing urging her on was her curiosity of the fashion show and the adoration it seemed to generate.

As soon as she was out of sight of the crowd, she made a circle and went to the back of the building.

The guard only said she could not get in through the front door. For a changeling, not being able to use the front door was usually just a minor inconvenience. They learned how to look or even make their own entrances. Since making her own entrance usually involved a lot of screaming and third degree burns, she opted to look for one for the time being.

Glamour immediately found a backdoor when she arrived in the alley behind the building, but as expected, it was locked. She checked to see if any ponies were around, and when none were found, her changeling horn appeared on her head in a plume of emerald fire.

She tried picking the lock with her magic, but it seemed that the hotel had invested in magic-resistant locks when all she could do was jiggle the doorknob.

With a sigh, she looked around for any other alternatives and perked up when she noticed a vent about a story up the building. Given how popular vents were, it was a pretty common method to place them high up to prevent intruders. Earth ponies and unicorns would not be able to reach that high, and pegasi usually did not have the means to pry open the grate.

Fortunately, Glamour was not any of those. While changelings were not as agile in flight as a pegasus or as strong in magic as unicorns, the ability to use both at once certainly made up for it.

After stowing her saddlebag behind some trash, she flew up to the grate and popped it open with a flash of magic. Glamour grinned and made her way inside.

This was not her first time sneaking in through a vent, so she knew how to proceed slowly and carefully to muffle her movements, but as she crawled through the metal tunnel, she could not get rid of the nagging feeling that she forgot something. She stopped to scratch her head in thought when her hoof bumped into something hard.

Crossing her eyes and looking up, she let out a small chuckle when she saw her horn. While she was still disguised as a pony, she was pretty sure being an alicorn would attract attention. It was not like there was some sort of ancient spell that could turn a pony into an alicorn.

“Silly me,” she said to herself as she made her horn vanish. “Glad I caught that before anything went wrong.”

And that is when the grate Glamour happened to stop on collapsed under her weight. She did not even get a chance to scream before gravity introduced her to the floor.

Glamour groaned as she wondered if she should be cursing the fact that her face was slammed into the ground for the second time today, or that she should be grateful that her face had survived being slammed into the ground for the second time today.

Shaking off the pain, she got up and noticed that the room she was full of mirrors mounted to the walls, and in front of those mirrors were desks filled with all sorts of bottle and containers, some of which Glamour recognized as makeup.

Glamour breathed out a sigh of relief. An empty dressing room meant that the show was about to start, and she was not too far away from it.

As soon as she opened the door to peek outside, the sound of electronic music filled the air. It was pretty catchy, but nothing memorable. What was important was that it gave her something to follow.

Following the sounds, she passed by a few ponies, but they barely gave her more than a glance when she pretended to be a busy worker hurrying down the hall.

The music eventually let Glamour to the backstage area of the fashion show and what she found made her eyes shoot wide open.

Glamour had worn a few outfits with her disguises, but she found most of them were uncomfortable and stifling. There were still a few that she did like, and she expected the fashion show to at least have some stuff that would capture her interest.

She was disappointed.

Glamour rubbed her eyes in hopes that it was just her recent face plant giving her hallucinations, but she was met with the same disappointment.

A bunch of models were all standing around, getting ready for the show, but it was not the models themselves that made Glamour question the sanity of ponies. It was what they were wearing.

There was a pony in a dress that made her look more like a giant ball with hooves. Another was bogged down by so many bells and whistles, there were actually bells and whistles on her dress, and one pony looked like a blimp—in the literal sense and not saying she was actually fat. There was even an outfit made up of items that would be found in a hotel bathroom, but Glamour had to admit that particular piece somehow worked.

Almost every pony donned an outfit that Glamour could only describe as outrageous. Fortunately, there were a few designers that gone with the more normal look. Those looked way better, in Glamour’s opinion, but there was one in particular that stood out to her.

In the back, a model was wearing an elegant dress as an eggshell-white mare, which Glamour assumed was the designer, was putting on the finishing touches.

The dress was mostly white in color, but it had multiple layers throughout it, and the edge of each layer was tinted purple. It was a pretty simple design, but it made for a remarkable flowing effect. To Glamour, it was her favorite dress out of the bunch.

There was a flurry of activity when another pony came in, announcing that the show was about to start. The models immediately lined up in front of the closed curtain, while the few designers still present either headed to the audience seats or wandered off somewhere else backstage.

With everypony’s attention on the models, Glamour found a place to the side where she could observe the show while still remaining inconspicuous. She could not help being a little excited now that she was going to finally see what all the fuss was about.

Looking out onto the stage, Glamour could see the runway where the models would be walking down. There must have been at least a hundred lights shining down on the platform, and ponies were crowding around it. It was not a big crowd, due to it being a rehearsal, but Glamour could clearly see their excitement.

A moment later, the curtains opened, revealing the models to the audience. The models then marched forward and lined up on the stage to the sound of the audience stomping on their hooves in applause.

After a brief introduction by the announcer and another round of applause, the models started taking turns in walking down the runway, doing a few poses when they got to the end of it, and then walking back to their fellow models.

Glamour already got a good look at the appearances of the models backstage, but seeing them on stage, under the spotlight, was another thing. Every single one of them walked with a sense of grace and confidence, and the bright lights only seemed to accentuate their beauty. She was further impressed with the strength of some of them since a couple of the dresses looked heavier than the pony wearing it.

As the show went on, Glamour could sense adoration growing in the air. While there was not enough to make a decent meal now, there would be a lot more ponies on the actual show day. All that adoration would be more than enough to feed one lone changeling. She started wondering if there was a way she could exploit that opportunity.

“Um, hello?”

Glamour gave a small jump and turned around to find the maker of the dress she really liked staring at her.

“Uh, hi there,” Glamour replied. Up close, she could see the mare wore a purple collar tied together by a red ribbon. Her cutie mark was of a purple, wide rim hat with a red feather. On her two tone cyan mane was a hairpin in the shape of a flower with red petals and a purple center.

“Oh, I’m sorry if I startled you. You work here, right?”

“Um, yeah, I do. I’m just making sure things are okay in this area.”

The mare opened her mouth to speak again, but her attention was drawn to the stage at the announcer’s voice.

“And now we have a lovely outfit made by another new designer, Coco Pommel.”

Glamour looked to see the model wearing the mare’s dress was now strutting down the runway. The bright lights made the dress seem to sparkle, and the model was able to move and pose with ease, showing off the flowing shape of the dress.

Glamour had already liked Coco’s dress, and now, it was even better than before. From the looks of things in the audience, the ponies there had similar opinions.

Looking back at the mare she now knew was Coco Pommel, she could see that a small smile was now upon her face. Not knowing what to do in this situation, Glamour decided to just say the first thing on her mind.

“I like the dress you made.”

Coco’s eyes widened slightly and turned back to Glamour. “Oh, um, thank you,” she replied with a small blush on her face.

An awkward silence fell between the two. The fashion show was still going on, but Glamour’s attention was on the odd pony before her.

“Oh, sorry, I got distracted,” Coco said all of a sudden. “Some of the guards were looking for somepony, and I kind of promised to help them. Have you seen anything suspicious?”

“Suspicious? What do you mean?” Glamour asked slowly.

“They mentioned something about an open vent in the back.”

Glamour did a mental facehoof. In her eagerness, she had forgotten to replace the grate after getting in the vent. “No, I haven’t, but I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for things,” she quickly replied before setting her eyes back on the stage.

She tried to focus on the show, but even with her back turned towards Coco, she could almost feel Coco’s gaze upon her skull. She suspected that Coco had seen through her ruse and at any moment, would turn her in.

“Did you really mean it when you liked the dress I made?”

Glamour blinked before nodding at Coco. “It’s my favorite one. Sorry if I can’t really explain it. I don’t know too much about fashion, but I do know that part of the reason is that a lot of the other clothes seem so… weird. Er, n-not that I mean you’re only good because I don’t like the others.”

Coco giggled. “It’s alright. I know what you mean. A lot of designers want to try all kinds of different things in hopes of becoming the next big thing, so it’s pretty common to see something weird.”

“So why didn’t you try something like them?”

“Oh, um…” Coco gaze dropped to the floor. “I didn’t want to take a risk because this is my first show. The only reason I got in was because somepony had to drop out at the last minute. It’s a chance to put my work on display and since first impressions can make a big impact, I thought I would just play it safe. I know that tonight was just a practice run, but I’m so relieved that nopony seems to hate my work.”

Glamour frowned. “Hey, give yourself more credit. Look at the audience. It seems to me that they are reacting better than simply not hating it.”

Coco smiled again. “They are, aren’t they? Sorry if I seem so nervous. This is just all so new to me, but what you just said does help.”

“Hey, you there!”

The two mares turned to see a security guard marching towards them. Glamour gulped when she saw that it was the same guard that she was speaking to at the front door.

“Alright, missy,” the guard said as he backed Glamour into the wall with a stern look. “You’re coming with me.”

“W-wait, what’s going on?” Coco asked.

“This mare right here tried to get into the building, but she didn’t have a pass. Now she’s here after we found the vent busted open. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s wrong.”

Glamour yelped when the guard grabbed one of her hooves and started dragging her away.

“Now, come along quietly, and we might not have you arrested for breaking and entering.”


The guard halted and looked at Coco. “Yeah?”

“She’s… um… she’s with me.”

Glamour’s eyes widened at the same time the guard’s eyebrow went up.

“Seriously? You know her?”

“She’s somepony I got to help out.”

“Then why did she not have a pass?”

“Like I said, I forgot it at home,” Glamour quickly replied. “I didn’t have enough time to go back and get it, and with no way to contact Coco, I had no other choice but to sneak in.”

The guard looked at Coco, who nodded her head frantically, and then back at Glamour. His eyes narrowed as Glamour gave a sheepish smile.

“Fine, whatever.” The guard let go of Glamour. “I don’t get paid enough to deal with this.” He pointed a hoof at Coco. “But if she causes any trouble, it’s going to be on you.”

Both Coco and Glamour breathed out a sigh of relief when the guard finally left them alone.

“Thank you,” Glamour said. “But why did you risk yourself for me? We just met.”

“Well, you’re a nice pony, and it doesn’t look like you’re trying to make trouble. Even though it was wrong for you to sneak in, I think you’re a good pony at heart, and I didn’t want you to get in a lot of trouble.”

Glamour chuckled nervously. “Um, right, a good pony. That’s right.”

“So you went through all this trouble just to see a rehearsal?”

“I just arrived in Manehattan, and when I found out about this fashion show, I could not help but want to see what it was like. I figured it would be easier to get into a rehearsal.”

“Well, I hope you enjoy the rest of it. Oh, where are my manners?” Coco extended a hoof towards Glamour. “I guess you already heard the announcer earlier, but my name is Coco Pommel.”

“I’m G—I mean, Nutmeg,” Glamour replied, bumping Coco’s hoof with her own. “It’s very nice to meet you.”

Glamour spent the remainder of the show with Coco. As she expected, none of the other dresses captured her attention like Coco’s, and she was happy to have Coco explain any other fashion questions she had. When the show finally ended, Coco showed off her generosity by giving her a free ticket to the actual show.

The day had been an exhausting one for Glamour, so after she retrieved her saddlebag, she flew straight up to a cloud. A smile creeped up on her face as she started to drift off into slumber. Even though she had not made much progress in finding a pony to leech love from, she might have found a temporary solution to her food needs. But what was on the forefront of her mind was the fun she had watching the fashion show and meeting Coco.

Maybe Manehattan was not going to be so bad.