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Sometimes, a mare just wants a little romance in her life. Granted, having it with a monarch who's supposed to have been dead for a few centuries is a bit of an odd way of going about it, but if there's one thing Pinkie Pie is known for, it's doing things that are unexpected.

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...Really? It was all just a dream?

I'm sorry, but that's such a mean note to end on, both for Pinkie and the reader. :pinkiesad2:

6311342 This is Pinkie we are talking about. She could be astral projecting herself for all we know.

Probably not, but ever since I saw her fly in amending fences, I've put nothing past her.

Eh. Does make sense, actually.

All my yes!


I knew someone was going to write a fanfic about this. You did not disappoint me. That was great.


There's a NSFW one floating around that's quite good/bad (depending on your POV). :trollestia:

6311537 what is NSFW and OTP? I'm still new to fimfiction terms.

NSFW= Not Safe For Work

OTP= One True Pairing

And now you know.

I was thinkin bout him, thinkin bout me, thinkin bout us, what we gon be, open my eyes, it was only just a dreeeeeeeaaaaam! :pinkiegasp:

Twi, that was a very smart thing to do. You really DON'T want to know what's going through Pinkie's mind :rainbowlaugh:

A nice little story nevertheless :twilightsmile:

I saw this coming.:pinkiecrazy:


Best to clean it up, then. :trollestia:

At first I thought she was day dreaming it at griffonstone with RD and gilda looking at her funny. Close enough but still pretty funny.

Is...she dreaming what I think she's dreaming... No no nope *backs away slowly*

Author Interviewer

That was pleasantly amusing. :)

7041778 I agree. At first you would think it was Pinkie being Pinkie ripping reality bit using the it's all a dream trope is the most fitting ending for this comedic ending.:rainbowlaugh:

We need more PinkiexGriffons, whether Grover or other. Seriously, if Cheese doesn't get her my next pick is a griffon.

This is a better love story than Twili,:twilightblush: no that's been done to death. .This is a better love story than Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

I was thinking that Pinkie had discovered how to time travel or at most, bring Grover back to life.

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