• Published 26th May 2012
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Blind - Rocktavius Dashylight

The Reign of REdey begins

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Fight on the Streets


"The wages of sin is death" "The debt that all ponies pay"

He was suddenly knocked over as somepony accidently ran into him. "I am so sorry, si--" Redeye smacked the kid in the face hard, sending the red colt flying back. "What are you--"

Redeye jumped up in the air and slammed down on the pony. He grunted in pain. His fearful eyes looked into Redeye's. He used his back hoof to cut a huge gash in the stallion's side. He tried to lift himself from Redeye's grip. He looked a lot stronger than Redeye, but somehow....this was happening. Redeye began attempting to curse this pony.

But a yell broke his concentration. "BIG MAC!" an orange mare yelled, calling Redeye's attention. He felt a kick to his gut from the stallion and fell back, hitting the ground. The red stallion got up and ran, dispite the cut, grabbed the mare, and ran away.

Redeye smirked.

Sirens went off suddenly, and a number of guards flew down toward him, weapons raised.

This is going to be fun.

He jumped up and side rolled on the back of the first attacker. After he hit the ground, he shot up and slammed the jaw of the guard. He spun around and slammed his hoof into another's stomach. Redeye looked down at his hoof and saw that a knife was sticking out, and the gaurd was bleeding badly.

Redeye rolled away frpm the weapon that hit the floor. He spun in a cricle and sliced the cheek of the closest guard, then punched him in the face. He shot his hoof behind him, stabbing another guard in chest. Redeye jumped up, spun around, and kicked one in the side of the head. You could hear the bones cracking before he hit the ground, head bleeding.

The last gaurd was scared, and started to run away. Redeye threw his knife and hit the guard's back of the neck, and fell to the ground.

"See ya." He extended his wings and flew away.


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