• Published 26th May 2012
  • 421 Views, 4 Comments

Blind - Rocktavius Dashylight

The Reign of REdey begins

  • ...

Waking Up

I awoke. Blood tricked down the right side of my face. My right eye was in searing pain. Evil thoughts ran through my mind as if put there by some sort of device or demon. 100 ways to murder somepony reared their ugly heads. Their ugly, beautiful, fascinating heads.

Death. So admirable. Causing pain to others, that'd be entertaining. Wait...what am I thinking? Revenge, baby! Revenge for what?

I held my head. This was all insanity! Very insane insanity! Hahahah! I lost my mind! Talking to myself, ho boy, that's crazy! Man, this blood tastes good! Yup, I'm definitely losing my marbles! Hahahah!

Oooo! A bomb! C4! Pretty!

I grabbed the bomb and saw a nearby house. I ran toward it and shoved it under the foundation in a small pocket. I jumped behind a bush, waiting to detonate.

What do you think you're doing? Somepony might get hurt, or killed! Good. What? That'd make things more fun. No! You can't! Yes! I can!

I stared at the red button and hovered my hoof over it. I hear a rustle in the bushes, though. I put the remote in my pocket and ran to check it out. Two ponies stood in the darkness. I took out a stick and whacked the closest one in the back of the head.

The pony collapsed and I ran away from the scene. I tripped over something and hit the ground and skid a bit. My face hovered over a puddle. I saw myself. I had one red eye. My name...was Redeye.

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