• Published 9th Aug 2015
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Forward - GivingSpider

Discord and Fluttershy return from their honeymoon and enjoy a quiet afternoon in loving embrace and plan their future.

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Chapter 1

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For the first time in a very long time Discord didn’t care about Equestria. He didn’t care about how to up the ante in his ongoing prank war with Pinkie Pie. He didn’t care about his plans on how to best annoy the purple Alicorn who he never grew tired of messing with. He didn’t care about how strange it was that heavy rain had begun to fall outside. He didn’t even really care about who he was. All that he cared about at the time was the yellow Pegasus with the pink mane. All he cared about was the mare that he was currently holding in his arms.

All he cared about was his wife and the precious time still had left with her.

Their wedding was a grand yet simple affair. By her request they kept it reasonably quiet. Their honeymoon to a small coastal village at the edge of a seemingly endless sea was equally simple. There were a great many things he could have done or conjured to liven things up; but the small things such as her smile somehow made his usual antics dull by comparison. Before he fell for the gentle mare an entire week without any random fits of mischief would have felt comparable to watching grass grow and then watching it reverse back to seed at the same pace it had when it came up. After letting her into his hear however, simple moments of almost nothing happening were more like small morsels that he just never had enough of.

Granted sometimes he did slip and make things a touch more interesting. Sometimes they were intentional and sometimes they were from a genuine lack of judgement. For the ceremony and the week that followed he was too busy enjoying the intoxication of her affections.

He gently shifted her body with his paw so he could feel her heart beating against his own. Little things like that just somehow meant much more than they used to. Her faint blush and gentle nuzzling against his neck was never a surprise reaction but every time was just as powerful as the first one. Her limbs softly squeezing his body was barely noticed by his sturdier frame but his heart always felt a powerful tug as if the beating organ wanted to be part of her. Her own breath slightly swaying his fur now felt like a very noticeable autumn breeze that made him feel as if the world existed just for him. Before he had her in his life like this he never would have even felt it.

Discord gently kissed her head through her mane and breathed deeply the scent of her soft hair. His left eye glanced to the floor below them. Sure she had allowed him to hold her against him while lying on air above the ground but somehow this time it was different. Normally she eventually grew anxious about the notion of falling but this time she was as composed as she would be if they were in the grass or on her bed. Usually she tightly clung to him with the determination of a vice but this time her back legs hung idle and rested. Her tail casually draped down from his form and she gave no signs of worry. Early attempts of this resulted in her fluttering off abruptly at the slightest amount of sliding. This time he was allowed to gently nudge her and she responded by getting more comfortable.

A few years ago he never would have pictured himself where he currently was. He never would have considered the value of tranquility shared with somepony you love. Granted there was a slightly notable itch that begged for a touch more noise or color but quietly holding the mare against him while forgetting that there was a whole world outside was just more gratifying than having Big Macintosh wake up with Twilight’s wings.

He forgot his thoughts and looked at the window. The rain had picked up and rolling thunder could be heard. Fluttershy didn’t budge. Not even the slightest squeak came out of her. Sometimes the distinct rumbling made her react in a way that suggested that lightning struck the ground right under her tail but whenever she was in his arms she didn’t seem to notice.

The gentle nothing that prevailed was halted when she slowly inched up his neck.

“Discord?” She softly asked while lightly tracing the edge of her hoof along his body “Do you think…that well…I was…”

She paused and was clearly reconsidering her thoughts. Discord replied by gently running his claw through her mane and down her back. He gently traced a single digit up and down her spine, sending a very subtle sensation through her body. He bent his neck so his eyes could meet hers and smiled warmly as he waited for her to find the words.

“Do you…can we…Discord I would…do you think we could have a foal?”

The world that didn’t exist suddenly did in fact exist and ground down to a halt. He prepared to channel a spell to stretch the second into an hour so he could rattle the notion around. The question was inevitable; he saw it coming quite some time ago. He didn’t weave the magic though, in his most private thoughts he already knew his answer even if his chaotic nature slightly feared being tied down in such a way. Images that spawned from his own fevered mind came crashing down. The silhouette of his imaginary daughter from when he escaped his statue prison seemed to be looking at them through the window for a brief moment. Discord looked back into Fluttershy’s eyes and she patiently waited for his answer.

She wasn’t fretting. She wasn’t hiding behind her mane. She wasn’t softly apologizing for putting him on the spot. She met his gaze and took mellow breaths as if nothing happened. His neck contorted more and he quickly darted his tongue at her nose. She giggled softly in response.

“I’d like that my dearest Fluttershy” he finally said as his left eye returned to the unoccupied window. “I think…no I know that I’m ready to start a family with you. I mean I still want you all to myself but I guess I can share you with a small part of us.”

She smiled and nuzzled his neck for a brief moment. Fluttershy drew her head up to plant a soft kiss on the Draconequus’ lips. Discord gently ran his paw down her back and she reclaimed eye contact.

“You think…maybe…” She half whispered as a new blush came over her.

He kissed the Pegasus back. The feeling of her lips against his ignited a jolt in body. Her body heat seeping into him felt strong enough to withstand a blizzard under the full support of the entire weather patrol. His entire world softly snuggled his chest as his claw slowly traced through her tail. She gently kissed his chest and let his voiceless answer soak into her mind. Discord gently guided her chin with his paw to put her eyes back on his own ocular orbs.

“You know” Discord slowly said after a brief delay. “If we’re going to do this then I’ll have to be a pony. I probably might make it a slightly awkward affair since I won’t be readily used to making such a body preform.”

She gave him a reassuring smile and his concerns about performance melted and flowed away like the rain on the window. The rain soon went back to this list of things he was ignoring in favor of the time he had with his beloved mare.

“It can’t be as awkward as our first time.” She replied with a blush and a giggle.

He fondly remembered their first time in such embrace. As eager as he was and as composed as she was the events were halted by a very sudden realization: that it would take a bit of creativity to get their parts to comfortably match up. That was also the first time it was suggested that they try it with Discord being in pony form but that was halted by another concern. Discord had never before had any need for protective spells or wrappings and thus was unequipped. The only thing that kept them from an unplanned addition was a simple fact of biology. The evening had slowly turned into them exploring ideas on how to copulate and that quickly turned into talking out ideas for positions with minimal chances of her becoming uncomfortable if he got too excited.

It was also the first time he got her to laugh despite being thoroughly embarrassed.

Discord returned to the present and let out a slight laugh.

“Well I suppose it wouldn’t be all that bad if we had a night like that again.” He said before gently kissing her forehead. “At least this time one of us will have a good idea of what to do.”

She blushed slightly as she nodded. Her mane slightly draped over her face and he slowly brushed it away with his paw. Fluttershy softly nuzzled his neck and gently guided a hoof to his claw. She slowly nudged it so it was pointing downwards to their bed.

Discord descended downwards, pausing only to draw the shades closed with his tail.

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