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Moving from one place to another isn't easy. In a way, you're starting a new game where you have to settle yourself in a new town and make the best of what you've got. For Button Mash, such a new game changes his life forever as he has to start a whole life anew as he moves from Manehattan to Ponyville.

Along the way, Button Mash will have decisions to make that will determine how his new life in Ponyville will play out. The only catch is that he's not the only one making decisions that affect him...

Chapters (13)
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So far, it's a wee bit short, even for a chapter, though I think it'll do well as a prologue~
Other than that, it looks gut!

I hope you guys enjoy turn-based strategy games like I do.

hype train is leaving the platform WOOT WOOT


So glad to see there's at least one person who enjoys turn-based strategy games! I have some other turn-based strategy games in mind for this fanfic, so I look forward to making my next chapter later this week! :D

Perfect if you need any help with any fire emblem terms or anything fire emblem related feel free to pm me :twilightsmile:


Sure! But I don't believe I'll be using Red Emerald as my reference. But I'll def hook you up if I do!

well I'm most familiar with awakening oh and speaking of witch my favorite quote
Gangral : I'll break their ranks as easy as i break wind
Aversa: I'd love to hear the bards make a song about that

...Wow, I never thought Button would be this much of an idiot! Dude, they were about to make fun of you, why would you go round their house? At least when the Cutie Mark Crusaders went to Diamond's Cutie Cenera or whatever, they were forced by other idiots who knew they were bullies! (Why Twilight was there is anyone's guess)

And if it's because of the batteries then why can't he just go to a store. Batteries aren't exactly hard to come by, even in small towns.

And Diamond's plan revolves around the assumption that Button wouldn't mind being a bully. I thought it was stupid how Babs joined them, seeing as she must have been friends with Applebloom for a long, long time and as soon as a bully asks her to join them she jst does! I know she had that explanation at the end, but she was only there for a short amount of time and she wasted half of it being a bitch to Applebloom and the others!

...Sorry, I rant sometimes. But recent CMC episodes have been quite bad in my opinion, demonising them for no reason, just having horrible things happen to them and the fact that they still don't have their cutie marks!

Sorry! It was a solid chapter and a good way to bring some tension, it just brought up a few things.

Keep on writing! :pinkiehappy:

6317101 Dude, just remember - when Babs Seed first went to Ponyville, it was the first time she met Apple Bloom. (Remember when Apple Jack told Apple Bloom ,"You've never even met Babs Seed!" or something like that). She might've heard about Apple Bloom, but she didn't really know her! Also remember that Babs Seed joined because she didn't want to get bullied (but you probably know that already). However, I agree with the fact that Button is going with DT and SS just for batteries. Sorry about the sudden rant, I just needed to remind you that Babs Seed and Apple Bloom never met each other before One Bad Apple.

Dangit DT and SS! Why are you so demonic?!?! Great chapter though!

6317212 ...That just raises more questions. Why hasn't Babs been to any of the Apple Family Reunions til now, I'm pretty sure she was at one in a future episode.

But thanks for the explanation, it's just that I'm kinda indifferent about Babs as a character (not just because she treated my favourite character and her family member like dirt before a sudden change of heart. Which I know an episode is only twenty minutes long but it could have, at least, been a two parter or it could have had Babs been a little reluctant to do some things, but she helped DT and SS take over their clubhouse (which I don't know how DT was planning on keeping control of it considering it's on the Apple's property and Babs wasn't in town for that long).

And the fact that she got her cutie mark was stupid! It threw away alot of story potential with her and the other CMC and the fact that she was a Crusader for a shorter period of time, and that she got it off screen! We could have, at least, had a cut-away on that episode. I think I stopped watching at that point and now just wait for my friend to tell me about good episodes to watch.

No hard feelings Phoenix, it's just the impression I got from her. I still may write about her, but probebly not anytime soon.

Talk to ya later :pinkiehappy:


1. Button Mash falls in lurve with Sweetie Belle
2. Tiara gets dumped on (AGAIN)
3.No pony gets their Cutie Marks

And the status quo is preserved. HUZZAH!!

6317414 Yes, I agree with the whole Babs getting her cutie mark off-screen, it would raise a few questions about how she got it. I also don't get how Babs Seed hasn't appeared at any Reunions, but it might have something to do with the fact that it happens every 100 moons, or maybe because Babs Seed's family declined it. After all, Granny Smith did say "We've gotten a lot more family coming to this reunion," but it might be the new fillies that were born or something.

...Okay, I have no sympathy if Button does join up with Diamond and Silver, seriously what the hell, AB and Scoots! I thought you already learned not to judge books by their covers! He over-reacts to a brain-freeze ONCE and you immediately want nothing to do with him! That is low...

Hooray! At least Sweetie Belle decided to get to know him before deciding to shun him! Applebloom, Scoots take notes or you may, one day, end up like your worst enemies!

This was a good chapter and Button was a lot of fun. He kinda reminds me of me! I used to make sound effects when I played card-games a lot! :rainbowlaugh:

Keep on writing! (Just please don't make the rest of the crusaders comeplete b***hes, I've read too many fics that do that :pinkiesad2: )

Thanks for the read and the input! I'm glad you can feel close to Button Mash!

I don't think I'll make them complete meanies. I don't intend to make them ultra-mean or anything. I hope I'm coming across that way. :twilightsheepish:

6325700 I just...Don't like people who judge by covers alone and its cannon that Applebloom doesn't! Remember in 'Bridle Gossip' where everyone was immediately scared of Zecora when she came into town, except Applebloom and, to an extent, Twilight. Applebloom calling a pony weird and making fun of them over one brain freeze is just so...Out of character for her.

It's okay for her to think someone's weird, but it has to be more than rumours or one little thing that happened. (It couldn't be anything else since she had only ever seen him the once.)

...Sorry, I'm not trying to be mean. I just rant when I see my favourite Character being mean just for the sake of making her mean.

Still a good story though :pinkiehappy:


I feel ya. Perhaps the brain freeze incident wasn't enough, but I'm hoping that Applebloom won't judge based on the brain freeze alone soon enough.

Like, I don't want Applebloom to be a complete arse, but I do want her to act apprehensive. I want the next bunch of events to really challenge her ability to look at a book by its cover.

OMC! This is gonna be confusing for the CMC! :twilightoops:


Thank you very much! !hcum yrev uoy knahT

6346343 Yes! Someone understands! !sdnatsrednu enoemoS !seY

“Thank you very much for helping me this morning. If you want, I can offer you a lunch as a reward for helping me today! I’m sure the critters are very thankful for your efforts and would love to have you join us!” Fluttershy squeed happily, but the Crusaders quickly shook their heads and trotted away, leaving Fluttershy confused.

...Well that was rude! :ajbemused:

You know it's a bad sign when my favourite character portrayal in all of this is Silver Spoon since she's shown to not care as much about ponies being blank flanks, but goes along with it because she feels that Diamond will make fun of her for it...

And before anyone draws reference to my distaste for Babs doing the same thing, I'd like to clarify that Diamond Tiara was probably Silver Spoon's friend for a really long time, so it'd hurt her more if her best friend suddenly lashed out and became a bully! Babs didn't know them at all, so what should she care what a couple of strangers thought!

However, I liked that you avoided the "best friends spy on their other best friend to see what her deal is and get angry because of it" trope. It'd just be too predictable.(I know I had this trope in my fic, so you've become the better person :moustache:)

I shall still continue reading this, if only because I want everyone here to get some comupance in some way.

With the way AB and Scoots talk in this fic, I'm not even sure if Sweetie's fears are unfounded! I know that's probably what you were going for, but it seems like you changed their personalities to fit the story. I wouldn't mind so much, except that it's glaringly obvious.

Also, Angel is a boy bunny, just thought I'd point that out.

Sorry for the essay, keep on writing and please don't take my comments personally, I just rant when I become engrossed in a story. You're all good! :pinkiehappy:


I'm thankful for feedback I'm getting from you. Thanks for catching the angel error. I'll fix it as soon as I formally awake from slumber.

Also, seeing that you're the first person to actually give me criticism, I was wondering how I should have made the projection of sweetie belle's fears more subtle, if just for future stories.

I guess my lack of subtlety comes from my work in science... :twilightsheepish:


Thanks! If you can, I'd like feedback on my other stories please! It's so I can improve my writing skills is all!

...So is it based on the occulus rift, or the virtual boy by Nintendo? cause I thought it was the vitual boy by the 'redness' but it wasn't capable of doing MMO kind of things.


Well I based the Ponyculus off the Oculus Rift in terms of hardware. As for software, like I said, the product still hasn't been sold in stores yet, so there's no MMORPG element yet. What Button Mash and Silver Spoon were trying out is a prototype of what sword slashing would feel like. That game was the only completed game that would eventually be released alongside the console.

One word.... ADORKABLE! AWWWWWWW ^_^

...I still don't like the other CMC being the antagonists here considering I thought the one dimensional bullies, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, would have been enough. Seriously, why do we need FOUR bad guys here?

But I've griped about that enough so Imma just pretend this is an elseworld story from now on.

So with that being said, those two were adorable, but I think they would have just called it playing pretend. Role-Playing is like the Dungeons and Dragons kind of thing that, yes, kids know about.

Ah well, I'm just a nit-picker as you can already tell. At least you update! :pinkiehappy:

Keep on writing! :pinkiehappy:

Nice chapter! :pinkiehappy: I haven't read any ButtonBelle for about a week, so it's nice to see you've released some!

Okay, NOW they're in character!

But something tells me that as soon as they see him with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, they're immediately going to jump to conclusions...though I do like the idea of Button being able to convince Silver Spoon or maybe even DT that bullying ponies isn't worth it...But that'd take a lot of writing. It'd be a bit of a cop out if you resolved the whole conflict in a couple of lines.

It may feel like you wrote this chapter specifically for my critisisms, but that doesn't matter. I can finally get behind them as characters and not just plot-points! :pinkiehappy:

Keep on writing dude!

Nice chapter! Sorry I'm late on writing this, I just started high school this week. Can't wait until the next chapter!

Yeah... that's why I've been on that writer's block. I didn't want the CMC to be mean bullies, but I did want them to be weirded out. As for DT and SS... hot damn I'm having trouble weaving them into the story.

Thanks a ton! Glad to see you're back.

Nice chapter and your portrayal of why Button overreacts is because he didn't want to be called a failure. That meant he has a deeper reason and psyche that affected his personality. I hope the CMC aren't going to over react.

Once again, a nice chapter. Good show with the Ponyculus, and Button and Silver enjoying it. I do hope that Button be a sort of bridge between the two groups, plus considering Silver is really liking Button and doesn't want to hurt him.

Egad! That's was too adorkable!

Now that's more like it! They're wierded out but guilty that they came off as bullies. At least that's going to resolve itself with Button and Sweetie. Though seeing DT and SS, it's going to take a longer time to fix that particular pair, well more on DT.

:pinkiegasp: Update? *looks at time* 2:20 AM? Sleep is for the weak! :pinkiecrazy:

Nice update. Looking forward for more.

Okay, the characters are getting MUCH smarter now! Button recognises that Diamond Tiara isn't as good a "friend" as he thought she'd be and prefers Silver's presense. That's what I look for in a fic. Characters that use their brains!

Good work, looking forward to the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

(I also didn't find anything to nit-pick! Good work!)

...Man this chapter is making me feel really bad for Silver Spoon. Not only is her best friend growing to distaste her over liking the colt that she, herself, invited to their duo for some half-baked...actually not even cooked plan, but we all know that he's gonna end up with Sweetie Belle, so she's gonna end up bitter by the end of this!

Still a good chapter though, can't wait for the next. :pinkiesmile:

How has he not already met Pinkie? As we all know, Pinkie would immediately throw any new pony a 'Welcome to Ponyville Party!' It just seems odd.


“Button Mash… I’m just your mentor and friend. I’m flattered that you have feelings for me, but I just see you as a friend. A good friend,” An all too familiar voice rang out. Flare Volt’s sweet, but blunt response was soft and gentle, but pierced his heart like a sharp sword. Button Mash frowned. He may have moved on from his feelings for Flare Volt, but the incident made him cautious about infatuations for any other filly in his life. That included Sweetie Belle and Silver Spoon.

I know why you had this in here, but it seemed like it came out of left field a little. There was no indication from previous chapters that he felt this way about Flare Volt...and I was pretty sure Flare Volt was a colt? Did I read something wrong?

Other then that, good chapter, even if it feels like it's taking a while to get to school at this point. It's taken, like, four chapters to even start walking to school at this point!

Still a fun read, though. :pinkiesmile:

Hmmm. Point taken. I wasn't thinking much about Pinkie Pie when I started writing the fic. Perhaps I'll have her throw a party sometime. And yes, Flare Volt is a filly. I thought I made it clear a while back, but perhaps it was quite sudden. I'll change up the earlier chapters to reflect it then.

I thought I already made it clear that Flare was a filly Button Mash admired deeply, so that the idea of a crush wouldn't be that far off left field.

Great chapter as always! :pinkiehappy: I just wanted to ask one thing...

He then put on his rainbow-coloured propeller beanie and smiled.

Is this beanie different to the one that he normally wears? Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm sure his beanie is green and red.

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