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Civilization: The World on your Hooves - SterlingC

Button Mash starts a new kind of game he never intended to play. One that forces him to start from almost nothing. Thankfully, he's not alone.

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Chapter 5: Dreams by Sweetie and Button

Who knows the ever catchy song “I’ve Got a Dream!” from ‘Tangled’? Everypony’s got a dream, especially the leader of a civilization. For any leader, their greatest dream is to leave their name in history. Whether it’s to be part of founding their nation, expanding their territories, or creating a wonder that represents their glory, every leader wants to do something special for their nation. On the other hand, dreams can ruin ponies. Leaders have acted on dreams thinking they were visions from the celestial gods, only to fall to oblivion at the end. A dream is a wonderful thing to have, but one must not be deluded by them, for it can be a curse as well, a nightmare realized...

It was a long, eventful day for Sweetie Belle. Sweetie Belle had first enjoyed a long school day where she and her fellow Crusaders tried their hooves in art. Then she spent some time with the Crusaders after school before getting a new dress from Rarity. Her memorable day culminated to a dinner with a wacky colt who was cute with his mane was straightened out the way it was. Sweetie Belle reminisced on the day, happy to have made a new friend and happy to have continued her efforts toward a cutie mark.

Sweetie Belle slowly trotted into her room towards her ever comfy, quilted bed. The quilt’s design was filled with stars that signified the grandeur and peace of the night sky filled with the twinkling stars. Sweetie Belle slowly crawled into her bed, ready to have a good night sleep. Sweetie Belle sat up to look out into the night sky, filled with stars like her warm, smoothly textured quilt. Rarity trotted in alongside her and to her bedside, ready to tuck her in.

“The stars are certainly glimmering with the moon tonight aren’t they dear?” Rarity sat on the bed beside Sweetie Belle, she too marvelling at the wonders nature had to provide.

“Yeah… they shine so beautifully, particularly tonight.” Sweetie Belle pointed at two stars that particularly struck out to her. The two stars continued to move closer and closer until it became one larger start that shone brighter than the rest.

“Rarity… did you see those two stars? It looked like they became one and shone even more brightly…” Sweetie Belle yawned, having difficult expressing her surprise at the sight.

“Well Sweetie Belle… Before you were born and when I was a filly, I was told that if two stars were to align like so, that true love was near them, ready to shine brighter once their true love was found.” Sweetie Belle chuckled lightly, clearly worn out after today’s events.

“Oh Rarity… you’re just making that up aren’t you?” Rarity giggled lightly.

“Perhaps I am, but in any case, there are times when two ponies become one… united in love… their light shines above the rest and the two become inseparable.” Rarity paused briefly, trying her best to continue Sweetie Belle’s lull to sleep. “One is not slowed by the other. The two already shine brightly on their own, but when they’re together, they provide an even greater light that no one can turn away from. All they can do is marvel and be calmed by the glow of love and friendship that emanates their very souls.” Sweetie Belle turned her head away from the stars and nodded towards Rarity. Rarity paused again, noticing that Sweetie Belle looked more and more ready to sleep with her heavy eyelids and her slowed breathing.

“Today was a long day wasn’t it Sweetie Belle?” Rarity nuzzled on Sweetie Belle’s nose, to which Sweetie Belle responded with a light giggle.

“Yeah… Today was a long, but fun day. And I made a new friend too.” Sweetie Belle calmly chuckled.

“You certainly have dear.” Rarity softly replied. “Nevertheless, Button Mash certainly seems like the eccentric type doesn’t he?” Rarity smiled, recalling his penchant for video games from the dinner.

“Yeah… but he seems nice enough. He showed me his GameColt, and he was this amazing super hero who traveled the world to save the princess from the Changeling Queen and…” Sweetie Belle yawned. Rarity smiled at the tired, almost-sleeping beauty. Sweetie Belle was now fast asleep, her steady breathing seeing her off to a world uncharted and unexplored… and hopefully to a world of tranquil and reverie.

“Good night Sweetie Belle. Sweet dreams.” Rarity softly stroked her mane, helping Sweetie Belle breathe to a rhythm and help her soar to the night sky…

Button Mash trudged into his bed, energetic as always. His mother Love Tap always had trouble putting him to bed, but this night, Button Mash seemed more tired than usual, even if he was still a ball of energy. Button Mash placed himself underneath his galactic invader blanket, the one he could bring along with him to his new home. Button Mash sighed as his mother tucked him into bed.

“Mom… I miss dad.” Button Mash spoke with a heavy frown. Love Tap sighed as well, also in the middle of moving forward from losing her husband to disease.

“Me too Button Mash… Me too.” Love Tap replied as she sat on his bed. “Your father got this special blanket just for you for your 5th birthday… I see that you chose this blanket over all the others to bring with you to Ponyville first.” Button Mash nodded back to her.

“Yeah… It’s so I can remember him by. He loved Galactic Invaders a lot. We used to challenge each other to see who would shoot down the most space aliens…” Button Mash took out a deep breath as he snugged into his bed. He could still hear his father bantering with him and how he would always jump up and down happily every time he beat his dad at his best game.

“Yes… I still remember those days. It was always a struggle to get you both to the dinner table when I got dinner ready!” Button Mash and Love Tap laughed together as they both turned to the room’s only window above Button Mash. The mother and son looked out into the night sky, admiring the stars that gleamed far above Ponyville, as if they were saying their good nights to the two ponies.

“Mom… is dad up there right now?” Button Mash felt a tear leave his eye as he pointed to the stars. Love Tap too felt a tear leave her eye as she began to sniff.

“Yes Button Mash… he’s up there. His soul is at a better place now…” Love Tap sniffed alongside Button Mash, the two giving each other a warm, lasting hug. As soon as the two ponies let go, Love Tap sniffed once more.

“Well Button Mash, we spent much of the day moving to Ponyville. Tomorrow the rest of our stuff will arrive, so you have to use your strong plumber muscles to help me get the moving done!" Love Tap nuzzled Button Mash’s nose, to which he responded with a giggle.

“Aww mom! I hate it when you do that! That tickles! Hehehehe!” Button Mash protested lightly as Love Tap brought her head up.

“Alright Button Mash. Sweet dreams honey.” Love Tap slowly trotted out of the room and closed the door. Button Mash quickly dozed off to sleep as well, he too ready to fly into a magical world away from Equestria…

Sweetie Belle opened her eyes and gasped. Sweetie Belle looked up and saw the moon towering over her, giving her enough light to see all that was around her. She found herself sitting by a pristine lake, surrounded by large trees that towered over her. Farther ahead of her was a small stream that gave off soft ripples and gentle splashes soothing to Sweetie Belle’s ears.

“Woah… where… where am I…” Sweetie Belle trotted across the dirt mound that surrounded the brightly shining lake that reflected the moon’s bright, yet soothing light. All that she could see behind her was dense forest that she dare not explore… although she didn’t know where she was, she felt safe by the lake’s ripples and the soft splashes the water made as the river flowed into the lake.

The lake’s ripples were now making a tune… Sweetie Belle couldn’t make out the melody, but only the richness of the chords. Sweetie Belle gasped in awe, not only because the river was making music, but also because it was a piece that was never played or heard of in Equestria. The music was surreal… other-worldly… Sweetie Belle felt slowly trotted towards the mouth of the river, enthused and intrigued at how the river could make such a sound. As Sweetie Belle trotted closer to the river, she felt more and more drawn to its music, as if she didn’t want to turn away. Once she arrived at the river, Sweetie Belle sat on the dirt. She placed her hoof into the water, creating dissonant tones. Sweetie Belle quickly drew her hoof away from the river, not wanting to disturb its peaceful, serene playing. Once she drew her hoof away, she drew some deep breaths and lied down on the ground. She didn’t want to leave… there was peace and tranquility at the river, and she wanted to keep it that way…

But Sweetie Belle quickly got up soon after she found her relaxed by the river. She heard a scream all too familiar to her. The trees rustled and the sounds of the branches grew louder and louder with each passing second. The rustling of the trees and bushes became so loud that they drowned out whatever peaceful music the river was making. Sweetie Belle looked at the horizon to the trees to see whether she could make out the source of the sound to no avail, the darkness enveloping the forest beyond.

Sweetie Belle placed herself in a defensive stance, ready to propel any threat that was to come at her. Once the sound grew loud enough, Sweetie Belle was quickly tackled into the river by a mysterious figure. The river made an even louder dissonant sound than before, as if all the instruments banged together and played notes ad libitum! The mysterious figure continued to run after getting out of the river but was soon stopped after he tripped over a branch on the ground. The figure quickly began to cry out an all too familiar wail to Sweetie Belle.

“Wait… is that… Button Mash?!” Sweetie Belle gasped in shock. Sweetie Belle quickly jumped out of the water, forcing the river to create more dissonant sounds. Sweetie Belle, regardless of being wet all over, quickly ran over to the figure’s side and picked up the still crying mysterious figure. Sweetie Belle turned her head down to the pony’s hooves and noticed cuts all over, probably from all the branches he madly waded across in the forest. Not knowing what to do, Sweetie Belle quickly searched for any piece of cloth that would cover his wounds, but couldn’t find any… Sweetie Belle then trotted in front of the mysterious figure to see whether it was really was Button Mash… but once she turned her head, she saw a double head of Scootaloo and Applebloom on what was Button Mash’s body!

“Sweetie Belle! We don’t want you to be friends with this pony! Throw him away now or we’ll disown you!” The two-headed crusader monster then lashed out their heads towards Sweetie Belle, leaving her only to scream and cover her face with her hooves as protection…

Button Mash opened his eyes. He shook his head, only to see pitch black. He tried squinting his eyes, but all he could see was foliage. Button Mash tried his best to aimlessly wander around the foliage, only to bump into tree after tree. Button Mash felt his head beginning to throb as he bumped into tree branch after tree branch.

“Ow… where am I…” was all Button Mash could say to himself as he continued to wade around the forest. To make matters worse, Button Mash began to hear a low growl.

“Oh man, oh man, oh man! There’s something out there!” Button Mash began to run aimlessly around the forest, trying his best to get away from the growling sound he heard. But not matter how hard he tried, the growls grew louder and louder.

“Oh my gosh… What if the thing’s coming after me?! I have to get out of this forest!” Button Mash sprinted as fast as he could, now able to dodge every tree branch on the ground and attached to a tree. He skirted around the trees and latched onto vines in an effort to move as fast as he could. He then began screaming out of the top of his lungs,

“Somepony! Please! Help me! I don’t want to die! HELP!” Button Mash ran and jumped with all his might, but the growls continued to grow louder. To make matters worse, he could now hear a sickling sound…

“Button Mash… we’re all coming for you… just like how we did to your father…” Button Mash gasped as he suddenly stopped in place.

“Button Mash… there is no use running… just like how we consumed your dad… we shall consume you in the same way…” Button Mash’s teeth began to chatter and his whole body shivered in fright. The voices grew louder and louder, but they were strange to him. They sounded like the voices of fillies, but not of any filly he knew! Button Mash found that he couldn’t even move because his body continued to shiver… All he could do now was let out a huge scream for help…

Just before Sweetie Belle was going to get her head chopped off, the two-headed monster screamed in pain. Sweetie Belle pulled her eyes away from her hooves, only to see the monster lying unconscious on the ground. To her left was none other than Button Mash himself…

“B-B-Button Mash…” Sweetie Belle gasped, not sure of what to say…

“Sweetie Belle… My dear princess… Are you alright?” Dream Button Mash trotted to Sweetie Belle and gently patted her back. All Sweetie Belle could do was give out her tears and reply with stutters.

“Button Mash… You… I… The monster…” Dream Button Mash promptly interrupted Sweetie Belle, seeing that she was stunned.

“Sweetie Belle, you’re going to be ok now… the monster was just the product of your fears… I’m here now Sweetie Belle…” In an impulsive move, Sweetie Belle hugged Button Mash, sniffing out tears as the two ponies embraced each other in comfort and protection.

“Thank you Button Mash… you… saved me...” Sweetie Belle struggled to get the words out, but managed to show him her undying gratitude.

“Sweetie Belle… I’m just in your dream… I know you’re scared about me and how the Crusaders will think of me… but all that will be fine… Things will get worse before they get better, but the Crusaders will still be your friends at the end. Be yourself, and do whatever you feel is the right thing to do.” Dream Button Mash reassured Sweetie Belle as best as he could. As Sweetie Belle closed his eyes, Button Mash embraced her once again, helping her get the rest she needed as the river began playing its tranquil piece once again.

Button Mash cried out for help as the growls grew closer and closer. As he continued to cry out, the growls turned into whelps and then into silence… Button Mash looked around, wondering whether the growls would return… but they never did. Button Mash gave out a sigh of relief, but not before he was tackled to the ground.

“Ahhh!” Button Mash looked up from the ground and saw a familiar face…

“Well Button Mash! Looks like you’re lost!” The unicorn with the light-purple mane giggled.

“P-P-P-Princess?!!” Button Mash fainted just after seeing Sweetie Belle’s face, thinking that it was the princess from ‘Plumber Stallion 3’. “Isn’t it me who’s supposed to save you?!” Sweetie Belle gently slapped his face to try getting a hold of his rationality.

“Button Mash! Snap out of it!” Dream Sweetie Belle shook Button Mash’s face with her two hooves until he regained his composure. Button Mash shook his head, dizzy from the shaking. Sweetie Belle began to speak again, holding his head in frustration to grab his attention.

“Button Mash… this is just a dream… You feel lost without your dad and your old Manehattan home. You feel as though you’ve lost everything in your move…” Button Mash stopped shaking and nodded with a tear in his eye, realizing how right this princess was.

“Button Mash… you need to be strong. There’s so much to see in Ponyville… you’ll meet lots of amazing ponies and still enjoy your Gamecolt and your consoles! What you thought you missed in Ponyville… you’ll gain that and so much more if you give it a chance…” Sweetie Belle paused, taking off Button Mash’s characteristic beanie and stroking his ever smooth mane. Sweetie Belle let out a sound of relief as Button Mash gave her a perplexed stare. Sweetie Belle, upon noticing his stare, quickly stopped stroking his mane and regained her composure.

“Anyway… Button Mash, like I said, you’ll be fine. Plus, there will be a pony out there who will cherish you, and you may find her in Ponyville!” Sweetie Belle then pecked Button Mash on his cheek before she trotted away into the darkness. Button Mash merely laid on the ground, closed his eyes, and placed his hoof to where Sweetie Belle kissed him…

“The princess from ‘Plumber Stallion 3’ kissed me...” were the last words Button Mash uttered to himself as he dozed off to sleep in the now-peaceful forest…

The two ponies got up from their respective beds and gave out a loud yawn as they stretched their upper hooves. They turned to their windows to see the sun rising up to greet them to the start of another weekend. Once they looked around and saw they were back at their homes, the two ponies said to themselves before they started their weekends,

“That was some dream.”

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