• Published 7th Aug 2015
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Civilization: The World on your Hooves - SterlingC

Button Mash starts a new kind of game he never intended to play. One that forces him to start from almost nothing. Thankfully, he's not alone.

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Interlude 1: Jumping into Monday

We are currently continuing our first end turn phase. Today, we’ll take a quick look at how Button Mash and Sweetie Belle are doing after their meet up. Don’t worry; we’ll get to Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara soon enough.

Sweetie Belle was back in bed once more after another eventful day. This time, Sweetie Belle managed to strengthen her friendship with Button Mash by playing a game of pretend! As swordspony and archer, the daring duo went on their first adventure together: defeating the changelings that lurked right on their front door in Canterlot! Even long after their dinner was finished, Sweetie Belle was still playing on as archer in her bedroom!

“Sweetie Belle!” What is this racket you’re causing?!” Rarity peered into Sweetie Belle’s room, even as the night progressed.

“Oh hey Rarity!” Sweetie Belle jumped once on her bedroom. “I’m just having fun performing some aerial kills on the oncoming changelings!” exclaimed the filly, jumping a second time on her bed. “While we were still playing, Prince Mash told me to keep on practicing before our next excursion!” Sweetie Belle now leapt from her bed and into the ground with a thud. Rarity ran quickly to the fallen filly, gently tending to her.

“Sweetie Belle! You’ve got to be more careful than that! While I enjoy you continuing your games with your new friend, I don’t want you getting hurt in the process!” beseeched Sweetie’s worried sister. Sweetie Belle gently arose from the floor and snuggled Rarity.

“I’ll be fine Rarity! I’m just having so much fun playing pretend!” reassured Sweetie Belle, while Rarity shook her head, slightly frustrated that Sweetie Belle hadn’t prepared herself for bed yet.

“Well you’ll need to get to bed soon dear! Tomorrow’s another day of school, and I don’t want you looking tired in front of your friends, Button Mash included!” winked Rarity. Sweetie Belle blushed, surprised that Button Mash was entering school so soon!

“Wait, Button Mash is coming to our school tomorrow?!” asked a flustered Sweetie Belle.

“Why yes, darling! His admission to the school was already accepted before he moved to Ponyville! He’ll be in your class!” Sweetie Belle paused, her face growing redder and redder by the minute. Applebloom and Scootaloo were bound to know about her friendship with Button Mash! What if they didn’t approve of their friendship? Worse off, what if they kept teasing her?!

“Sweetie Belle… don’t you think it’s wonderful that your new friend’s in your class? I also noticed that he’s a blank flank, so he’d be a great addition to the Crusaders club!” opined the elder sister. But after she finished asking, Sweetie Belle shuffled her hooves and nervously chuckled.

“Ooooh!!” Rarity quickly tip-toed in place. “I think my little sister is growing up! She’s falling in love!” Rarity jokingly teased.

“Rarity!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed, her face now a full red. “We’re not like that this quickly!” Sweetie Belle scrunched her face, embarrassed at this sudden development.

“This quickly?! So you two already have plans to enter a relationship in the future?!” replied a playful Rarity.

“No! We haven’t even talked about such a thing!” Sweetie Belle pouted, growing increasingly annoyed at Rarity’s playfulness.

“Oh sorry darling. It’s just that I used to be like you when I was a filly. Now there was this really dashing colt I fell in love with a while back. It’s too bad he was such a snob, for it belied his good looks!” Rarity recalled. Sweetie Belle giggled in reply, but quickly realized that Rarity was still teasing her.

“Rarity! I’m not falling in love!” stammered an embarrassed Sweetie Belle. “It’s just… he’s a really nice… and cute… colt,” Sweetie Belle meekly continued. Rarity gleefully giggled.

“Oh Sweetie Belle… now, you’ve got to be getting to sleep dear! It’s getting quite late!” Rarity declared.

“But I’m not that tired yet! And I haven’t finished my side quest yet!” Sweetie Belle whined, giving puppy dog face. But Rarity was determined to get her sleeping.

“Sweetie Belle… I’m being serious. You’ve had enough fun for today, and you can’t be groggy for school!” Rarity indicated.

“Oh fine… I’ll get to sleep,” Sweetie Belle was resigned, soon yawning as she tidied her bed and lay upon it. Rarity trotted to Sweetie Belle’s side and kissed her forehead.

“Good night darling. You can play more games with Button Mash and the Crusaders tomorrow ok?” Rarity affirmed. Sweetie Belle nodded before asking one last question,

“Rarity… how are your dresses coming along?” Rarity smiled back to her thoughtful sister.

“They’re almost finished, and just in time too. I’ve got to bring these newly designed dresses to Sapphire Shores tomorrow. I’ll be leaving for Manehattan early tomorrow, so I won’t be back until later tomorrow evening,” Rarity explained. Sweetie Belle understood, slowly dozing off to sleep as the two sisters exchanged their good nights to end their eventful weekend.

“Mom, I had the best day ever in Ponyville!” Button Mash jumped up and down his Pony Invaders bed, retelling his day’s events to Love Tap.

“I can tell dear! Now, how was your visit to the Carousel Boutique? I hope you weren’t just playing on your Gamecolt all day!” Button Mash’s mother replied with an expectant look on her face.

“Oh no! Sweetie Belle and I played pretend too! I was a swordspony, and she was my archer sidekick. I made all the direct attacks, while Sweetie Belle shot the arrows from atop tree ledges and under the bushes!” the brown colt recalled.

“Sounds like you two had a lot of fun then!” Love Tap remarked with a pleased smile. “You remind me of dad when he met me,” Love Tap continued, as Button Mash frowned slightly.

“Really?” questioned a confused Button Mash. “What’s that supposed to mean?” Button Mash again inquired.

“Well you see, when we first met at high school, he used to love playing pretend too! He’d wear this grey cloak and have a walking stick which also acted as a magic wand through which he could perform his spells!” Love Tap giggled before giving a sigh. Button Mash too sighed in response, missing his dad once again.

“When I see you dear, I’m reminded of your father. He too was an imaginative pony like you, and was very much into gaming. He eventually became a game developer, and I followed along when we got married over a decade ago, even if I was just a humble wedding planner,” continued the buffy coloured mare, while Button Mash felt his eyes tear up.

“Mommy… I miss Daddy…” Button Mash cried. His mother held on tightly to him as they exchanged a long hug.

“I miss him too dear. And that’s why I wanted you to be happy in Ponyville. To make new friends and to start anew. We ponies are social creatures. We can never do much of anything without others to help us. At the same time, those same ponies may need our help in some way,” Love Tap reassured.

“Yeah… like Sweetie Belle and Silver Spoon…” Button Mash answered.

“Silver Spoon? You made another friend already darling? I’m so proud of you!” Love Tap happily smiled.

“Yeah! I get the sense that the Diamond Tiara filly I told you about isn’t as nice as her friend Silver Spoon. I mean, I get to play on her prototype Ponyculus, which is this really cool virtual reality console! But I definitely feel more comfortable with Silver Spoon than her,” Button Mash explained.

“Well in any case, I’m glad you’re really settling into Ponyville now,” rejoiced the mother. “Anyway, you need to get to sleep now darling,” Love Tap commanded, but Button Mash had other plans.

“But mom! I’m just about to finish this secret level from Plumber Stallion 3!” Button Mash complained.

“No buts Button! I want you wide awake by tomorrow! Now, give me your Gamecolt for tonight or else you won’t get it back for a week,” Love Tap promoted Button Mash, stretching her hoof towards her son. Button Mash mumbled some less than savoury things before handing his Gamecolt to her for the night.

“Now Button Mash, I hope you have a good sleep! I expect you up bright and early for school like you were this morning!” Love Tap commanded. Button Mash nodded before she trotted out of his room with a good night. Button Mash was soon fast asleep, his mind filled with happy dreams as the night progressed…

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