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Well, this was interesting. I hope it continues, with more hopes for Abridged Alucard awesomeness.

Just the Description alone is truly Hilarious. LOL!

I love this. Need more of the CrimsonFuckr!

Need more. This is the best. I tried finding Hellsing crossovers, but they were all really old or discontinued or just bad writing. This is a very good one. Onward!

Also, gonna need a Blackbird at some point in here . . .

you name one of the three main characters Alex Anderson, and you don't have him cosplaying Father Alexander!?

Good start and all but is it really necessary to have people TURN INTO the Hellsing Abridged characters instead of just having the ACTUAL Hellsing Abridged characters to begin with?

Just seems kinda pointless is all.

From what it seems, they haven't fully become that character, as there's still some semblance of their old selves affecting their personality. Thomas is the closest to being the full character, but there's some minor differences, and it appears that he is probably in that head somewhere, influencing things just a small bit. Alex simply embraced his persona with open arms, and Chloe is still Chloe, just in Seras's body. Had the author simply used the original characters, it would have made things a bit more complicated in terms of backstory and whatnot, memories, and friendships. In here, the three of them are friends, whereas in Hellsing, they are not.

just the fucking picture makes me want to read this, i love the hellsing abridged episodes, you forgot "BITCHES LOVE CANNONS"

6298759 The names and cosplays were the idea of my cowriter.

This may be quite early, but we enjoy this! So far to thy knowledge, we may get fickle if judgment proves wrong over time.

... We better get a chapter titled "Hey kids? Want to See a Dead Man?" eventually, or I will be gravely disappointed.

...I don't know how this fic has eluded me for so long, but insta-fave at the premise of TFS HUA IE

Hmm . . . meeting the other mane 6. Wonder if they've got any wierd things going on like Twilight does. That'd be interesting.

well the title IS a reference to the abridged after all

6301149 I'm not sure what you mean.

I was saying that it makes no sense to have people turn into the Abridged characters, go to Equestria, and then have their brains reconfigured so they think and act like the actual Abridged characters.

It would make alot more sense to just simply have Abridged Alucard and company travel from the Hellsing Abridged universe to equestria, essentially cutting out the Cosplayers and they're 5 seconds of un-necessity.

Uh oh Luna here comes Alucard. This chapter made me lmfao especially apple jack

Dat ass! XD

Hmmmm, would Luna grow close to Alucard causing Twilight's jealousy to spike? Though she does control the night so in a sense there could be 'affinity' which Twilight may compete.

Yup, this fic is awesome, you are awesome for writing it, and i must have more. Well done, and the next chapter is gunna have me doing a reference...as tonight I'm too tired and lazy.

6298774 It's a displaced story. Thats what they do.

...the hell did I just read?:rainbowderp:

Who cares, give me more!


i really like how the story is so far and cant wait for future chapters to come out

Comment posted by mrkillwolf666 deleted Aug 10th, 2015


So much yes! They have a loooot to talk about . . . wonder how Celestia would react to Twilight's . . . hobbies.

eagle/wasp/centipede/wyvern tore the heads off five ghouls simultaneously with its freakishly segmented tail and claws–

There needs to be a picture of that. It sounds awesome.


Edit: just realized this apparently came out while I was reading the story. Well, shit

Wait... is Fluttershy gonna become Alucard's apprentice when she becomes Flutterbat? :rainbowderp: If so, I can't wait for that to happen! :pinkiehappy:

I've been waiting for more Hellsing Displaced ever since I saw that one for Alexander Anderson. By the by, I heard he's looking to pawn off the rights and his notes to someone who has the time to write it. SO. Now that I have a captive audience,



I'm not gonna lie....I laughed my ass of reading this I need more!!

Well the other bearers may be quite offput by him, though we wonder how Celestia will feel that he sired Luna just then? To bind her to him might be odd, since he is a creature of the night she will see the attraction in that and Twilight may feel threatened by that or jealous?

Because she might learn a few things besides magic and friendship.

6304254 Luna became a vampire long after Alucard was sealed away. He was just giving her a pick-me-up.

...... If this is a Displaced, then I wanna crossover...... NOW!!

6304995 I got quite a few. Take your pick. I was thinking Nicko though once I get his next chapter out. He'll be having to try some new skills once he goes through some "training from hell". Plus, wait til he punches Alucard for calling him "short"

just.... kick.. ass...

So, these guys seem like they'll be a fusion of their abridged versions and canon, especially considering the "Me am gun" monologue. Also, you write Alucard pretty well.

Consider me interested.

Let me get this strait. Alucard= Fuckmothering badass Spike

You know, I'm surprised you're the first, at leat that I've noticed, to make a hellsing ultimate/abridged Displaced. You'd think it would be more popular.

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