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I Treasure Your Love - Hawker Hurricane

After going camping, Connor wakes to find himself in Equestria and sets out to make the most of his time there. But interesting discoveries are made along the way, along with the attention of fiery maned pegasus mare.

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Chapter - 18 - Visitors

Cara was sat at the side of Connor's hospital bed watching him sleep. His steady, rhythmic breathing a stark contrast to the havoc being wreaked inside his body.

"He looks so peaceful."

Cara looked up to see Spitfire was awake, "Oh hi Spitfire. I didn't know you were awake."

"Yeah, I got a good night's sleep all things considered. What are you doing here anyway Cara?"

Cara looked at Connor and gently placed her hoof on his hand, "He's my little brother."

Spitfire went wide eyed, "Connor is your little brother?"

Cara nodded, "I found out yesterday after a DNA test."

Spitfire looked even more confused, "He's an entirely different species, how can he be your brother?"

"We have the same parents. Just before he was born my mother disappeared and appeared in Connor's world, but for some reason he was born a human and not a pony."

"What about your mum?"

"As far as I can tell, she's still alive and she too is human."

Spitfire smiled and looked Connor, "He's quite big for a baby brother, and a little old."

Cara giggled, "He'll always be my baby brother. Speaking of which, by the smell of things he needs changing."

"Changing?" inquired Spitfire.

Cara pulled back the cover to show Spitfire Connor's wet nappy.

"Oh," said Spitfire flatly, "I see what you mean. Poor guy, this won't be permanent will it?"

"No, only temporary for about two to three weeks. Maybe a month according to the doctor. His body's going through a whole heap of changes and it's wreaking havoc with his body. Incontinence is just one of the side effects. The doctor said the condition is similar to Magical Flux Disease where his body's intake of magic fluctuates causing a magical imbalance in his central nervous system, affecting his body's functions."

"Magical Flux Disease? Doesn't that just affect unicorns?"

Cara shook her head, "Unicorns are more prone to it because they use magic far more often but there have been cases of Pegasi and Earth ponies suffering from the condition. My auntie had the condition for a while though she fully recovered."

Spitfire breathed a sigh of relief, she hated seeing anyone suffer regardless of their species.

"We should call for a nurse to change him," said Spitfire as she went off to find one.

Cara nodded, "I'll wait here."

Cara turned her attention back to Connor. Her vision became blurry as she thought of all the time they missed out together as foals, playing in the street, snowball fights, having sneaky midnight snacks when they should be asleep....all of the many things they've missed out on together. Carefully walking up to his head, she nuzzled him gently, unintentionally waking him up.

"Hi Cara," said Connor sleepily.

"Hey there baby brother," nuzzling him again, "Get a good nights sleep?"

"Yeah, I slept well. Besides, I had two mares to keep me warm."

Cara giggled, "Glad to help. Spitfire's just gone to get a nurse. She'll be back soon."

"Why's she gone to get a nurse?"

"You need changing," Cara replied flatly.

Connor looked down to his waist, "Oh, that."

He leant back into the bed a bit of a huff, "Stupid things. I'm going to stop wearing them, I don't need them anyway."

Cara grinned mischievously, "If you didn't need them then why is that one full of sh-"

"CARA!" yelled Connor.

"Yes baby brother?" asked Cara 'innocently'.

Before Connor could respond Spitfire walked back into the room along with two nurses and 'office supplies'. The nurses walked over to Connor to begin changing him.

"Legs up Connor," said one of the nurses.

Connor huffed, lifted his legs and reluctantly allowed the nurses to clean him.

"I can clean myself you know," he said frustrated.

"Not properly you can't," replied the other nurse firmly, "So keep your legs up and stay still."

The nurses finished cleaning Connor's derrière and placed a clean nappy beneath his buttocks. He lowered his legs when told to do so and allowed the nurses to tape the nappy firmly in place.

"Is it comfortable?" asked the nurse.

Connor just nodded, embarrassment yet again catching his tongue. The nurses walked out leaving Connor with Spitfire and Cara who saw him receive TLC from the nurses.

"Sorry you had to see that," he said blushing, "I don't enjoy it but there's not much I can do for now."

"There's no need to be embarrassed Connor," Cara said, "I saw you yesterday get cleaned and changed by the nurses. I'm not grossed out or offended, neither is Spitfire."

"Absolutely not," confirmed Spitfire, "In fact, if anypony does mock you for it, tell us and we'll deal with them. Besides, so what if you're wearing nappies. You're very ill and need caring for at the moment, there's nothing for you to be ashamed of."

"Thanks girls," Connor replied smiling, "On a related note the Doctor says I'll be in a fair amount of pain for a couple of weeks while my wings grow out."

Spitfire scrunched her eyebrows in confusion, "I thought your wings were only temporary because of a spell."

Cara shook her head, "That's what we all thought but it turns out he already had Pegasus genes. The spell Twilight used unintentionally activated his dormant genes and lead to this."

Spitfire looked at Connor, "So your growing a pair of wings?"

"Yep. Cara's my little big sister and both of my blood parents are ponies. So would I had things......happened differently. My dad....my human dad, is human," he said with a chuckle, "I hope I see him again, let him know that I'm fine and that I appreciate everything he's done for me and mum."

"How is mum?" asked Cara with tears in her eyes.

"She was doing OK before I left. Now that I think about it, you have her eyes."

Cara laughed, "Yeah, I get that a lot. She's an awesome mother isn't she?"

"Without a doubt," replied Connor proudly, "Really good at baking."

"Of course she is," replied Cara jubilantly, "Who do you think taught me how to make fudge?"

The trio shared a laugh before an idea popped into Connor's mind, "Cara?"

"Yes baby brother?"

"Since I'm your brother, does that mean I get a family discount at your fudge shop?"

Cara wore a face of mock indignance, "Discount? DISCOUNT? My dear little baby brother I run a business, not a charity."

"So that's a no?" he asked with a smirk, fully aware Cara wasn't being serious.

"Well I wouldn't say no but maybe we could work together. You know like a sort of advertising campaign, the Wonderbolts are regulars at my store anyway."

Connor looked over to Spitfire, "What do you think Milkshake, advertising and sponsorship could help in the long run."

Spitfire rubbed her chin with her hoof, a thoughtful expression on her face, "It's certainly worth looking in to, we'll discuss it with the other 'Bolts when you're feeling better."

The trio attention focussed on the door opening and the arrival of another nurse with Connor's breakfast. Connor started salivating at the smell and sight of the porridge, eager to fill himself with porridgey goodness. The nurse placed to porridge on the bed tray that had been placed over the bed along with a glass of orange juice. Connor thanked the nurse as she left to fulfil other duties.

"Would you like any help baby brother?" asked Cara excitedly.

Connor got what Cara implied, "I don't need spoon feeding thank you, I can manage on my own without making a mess."

Connor pulled the trolley closer to him and held the porridge dish in his one hand and the spoon in the other. He quickly finished the porridge and looked up to notice the two mares staring at him.

"What?" he asked.

"Did that even touch the sides before it went down?" asked Cara.

"Can't a guy like porridge?"

"They can but you just shovelled it down like it was going out of fashion," replied Spitfire.

"So, a lot of guys like food."

Spitfire gave a small laugh, "You'll definitely enjoy the nights out with the 'Bolt stallions."

"Do they often go out?"

"At least once a month they have a big night out, usually in Cloudsdale."

"Then I'll have to make sure to join them."

The nurse from before entered the room to take away the dirty dishes and informed Connor that Twilight and Co where waiting outside to see him. Hearing this relaxed made him more relaxed, he was looking forward to seeing the girls and Spike again. Hopefully Twilight wouldn't feel as down in the dumps as before.

The Main Six and Spike entered the hospital room and positioned themselves around the bed, greeting Connor as they did so.

"Hi Buddy," said Rainbow Dash.

"Howdy partner."

"Hi Connor," said Fluttershy quietly.

"Hello again darling."


"Pinkie Pie, what did we say about yelling at Connor while he's unwell?" asked Rarity with a scowl.

Pinkie merrily bounced her way of the end of the bed and sat down on the floor.

"Hi Connor," said Spike, rolling his eyes at Pinkie's antics.

"Hi Spike, hi girls," he replied before looking to a glum looking Twilight.

He could see Twilight looked down in the dumps if the sad eyes and droopy tail were anything to go by. He didn't like seeing his friend like this, especially when she was not at fault for what happened.

"Hi Twilight."

Twilight looked up looking miserable, "Hi Connor."

The tone in her voice was tired and gloomy. Her eyes showed signs she'd been crying for hours on end and her messy mane and tail implied a lack of sleep.

"You OK Twilight?"

"Am I OK?" she asked confused, "Shouldn't I be asking you that?"

Connor smiled, "I'm fine thank you Twilight. You look shattered though."

"Yeah I haven't been sleeping well. I was really worried about you," she replied upsettingly.

"You don't need to worry about me Twily, I'll be OK. Yes I'll be a bit rough for the next month or so but I'll recover. You haven't done anything wrong."

"That's what Princess Celestia said."

"And you know the Princess would never lie to you. What's happening to me would've happened eventually anyway."

Twilight only nodded glumly, still crestfallen that her friend was in pain. She continued to stare at the floor when she felt something wrap around her. She looked up to notice an almost naked Connor hugging her.

"Connor what are you dong?"

"I'm giving my little pony friend a hug," he replied.


"You look like you need one."

Twilight returned the hug, the affectionate gesture lifting her spirits a little bit. Connor let go of Twilight who immediately perked up with a smile on her face.

"Thanks Connor, I guess I needed that."

"I said you needed one," he said standing up straight.

Twilight giggled before finally noting Connor's 'special underwear', "Connor, what are you wearing?"

Connor looked over his unclothed self and saw what she was referring to and face palmed, "Oh for crying out loud."

Confused and inquisitive, Twilight ventured onwards for answers, "Connor, why are you wearing a-"


Connor and the ponies all jumped in fright and looked to the doorway and saw a sight that should terrify anyone with any measurable degree of sanity.

The Matron.

"Erm..uh," Connor babbled.

"You will get back into bed this instant and stay there!" the Matron said with commanding authority.

"Yes Matron."

Connor immediately got back into bed as fast as he could, eager to prevent the Matron from getting angrier. The Matron pulled the covers back over him with her magic, tucking him in tightly, and looked him straight in the eyes with a piercing glare that could freeze your very soul.

"You will stay in bed and not get out until further notice, is that clear?" she said in the same authoritive tone.

"Yes Matron," Connor replied nodding.

"You will not refuse to wear nappies during your stay and you will co-operate fully with the nurses, is that clear?"

"Yes Matron," he replied, again nodding.

"And after your friends leave, you will get some rest before your scheduled sponge bath this evening, is that clear?"

"Yes Matron," he replied, again nodding.

The Matron walked out of the room having asserted her authority as a pony not to be messed with.

A meek looking Connor looked at his friends feeling a little humiliated inside. He needed to reaffirm his status as Alpha Male if he were to get through this without mockery.

"We shall never discuss this incident," he said coldly.

The ponies all quickly agreed, albeit holding back snickers and giggles.

"Or what I'm wearing," he added.

"Why are you wearing nappies though?" asked Twilight, "I didn't know you did."

An exceptionally embarrassed Connor spluttered out a response, "I don't, I woke up yesterday in a soaking wet one. I don't want to wear them but I don't have much choice at the moment, what with my condition wreaking havoc with my insides. For the time being I'm incontinent."

"Well we're sorry to hear that," replied Fluttershy, "Will you suffer anything else?"

"According to the doctor I could vomit, feel nauseous, fatigued, have diarrhoea and feel feverish. Please don't tell anyone about the nappies though, it's embarrassing enough as it is," Connor pleaded.

"We Pinkie Promise we won't tell anyone," replied Fluttershy as she and everyone else recited the 'Pinkie Promise'.

"Thanks girls."

"You're welcome Connor," replied Fluttershy.

"So, what do you girls have planned?"

"Nothing really," replied Twilight, "We were more concerned about you."

"I appreciate the concern, it's nice to know your friends care about you."

"We'll always care about you silly," said Pinkie excitedly, "We're all besties now!"

The pink pony launched herself at Connor and hugged him tightly.

"Thanks Pinkie," he wheezed.

"You're welcome Connor," she replied jubilantly, "You're really warm and squishy."

"And you little ponies are cute and adorable."

The ponies all blushed at the compliment and thanked Connor for it. Except for Rainbow Dash who denied she was cute and adorable. Apparently being such things would ruin her awesomeness.

Blushing only makes you more adorable Dashie thought Connor.

"That's very nice of you Connor," replied a familiar voice.

Connor and the ponies looked to the doorway where Celestia and Luna stood.

"But you're still staying in bed."

"Awwww," he replied disappointedly.

Celestia giggled and walked over to Connor, "How are you Connor?"

"I'm OK. I'd feel better if I didn't have to stay in bed all day."

"I understand your frustration Connor but it's for the best. You are not well enough to be up and about."

Connor decided to change the subject. He saw that Luna had come as well. It was nice to see her again, he enjoyed spending time with her and would do so again when he leaves this most horrible of places.

"Hi Luna. You OK?"

"We are fine Connor," replied Luna, "We are pleased that thou is recovering."

"I'll be like this a few more weeks but hopefully it'll be sooner."

"We hope so. We would very much like to spend time thee again."

"So would I Luna, you're great company."

"We thank thee Connor."

"Anytime Luna," Connor replied with a smile, "What are you girls up to anyway?"

"We came to see how you are doing," replied Celestia, "We can see you are in much better condition than before."

"Yeah," he replied with a laugh, "I felt like shit. Still do a little bit."

Celestia didn't at all flinch at the language. Neither did anyone else, they knew Connor was going through a lot at the moment.

"I'm glad to hear it. Well we better be going. We only came for a short visit to see how you were doing."

"That's fine, I appreciate the visit. Will you visit again?"

"Certainly," replied a cheery Celestia, "And you better be in bed when I see you."

Connor rolled his yes, "Don't worry Princess I will be."

"I hope so because if I find you out of bed I may have to take further action."

Connor leaned forward inquisitively, "What kind of further action?"

"Let me catch you out of bed and you'll find out," replied Celestia. Her serene smile hiding a firm promise of something Connor wouldn't like.

"Nothing nasty is it?"

"No," she replied still smiling, "But it would guarantee you stay in bed."

Connor's eyes widened in realisation at what Celestia implied, "You wouldn't dare."

"Wouldn't I?" she replied raising an eyebrow, "Anyway, it has been delightful talking to you Connor. Rest well."

Celestia gave Connor a wing hug, as did Luna, and left the room leaving Connor with the gang again.

"So girls, what are we going to do now?"

"I thought we could play a game," replied Twilight enthusiastically, the smile on her face showing no signs of the sadness from before. She lit up her horn and materialised a box into the room. She lowered the box onto the trolley tray and Connor saw the game to be played.

Trivial Pursuit.

They divided themselves into five teams, Connor and Cara, Spitfire and Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Rarity, Pinkie and Fluttershy, Twilight and Spike.

Rainbow Dash and Spitfire won much to Dashie's delight. Connor and Cara finished third.

It was lunch time by the time the game ended. After setting the game away Twilight and the gang bade farewell to Connor and made their way out if the room, promising to visit again another day. Spitfire and Cara both gave a hug to Connor and promised to visit again, Cara also informed Connor that Vulcan would be visiting tonight.

"I'll look forward to it," he replied.

"Great, I'll see ya sometime. Bye baby brother."

"Bye Cara. See ya Milkshake."

"You to Sleepy Head."

Cara and Spitfire left the room and immediately afterwards two nurses walked in with Connor's lunch.

"What have you brought me today?"

The nurses set the tray down on the trolley over his bed and removed the cover.

Roast chicken and vegetables lay before him, steam billowing off the oh so lovely food. He proceeded to stuff his face while the food was hot, thoroughly enjoying every second of roasty goodness. He washed it down with a pot of tea sent by Celestia.

After he finished the nurses took the dirty pots away and was paid a visit from the Matron.

"I'm pleased to see you are in bed as you should be Mr Wakefield."

"Yes Matron."

"Now to business. Lay still and let me check you."

"Check me?" he asked confused.

"To see if you need changing," she replied firmly as she levitated the quilt back to check his nappy.

"Hmmm, you're dry."

"That's a relief," replied Connor happily.

"You'll be anything but dry by the time you wake up," she stated bluntly, "Take these immediately."

She levitated two tablets over to him and a glass of water.

"What are these for?"

"Sleeping pills to help you sleep. We'll be removing your bandages and may need to perform another incision so we felt it prudent to put you to sleep just in case, so we can act faster and have you wake up with the operation already completed."

"That's fair enough I suppose," he replied as he took the tablets.

The Matron took the empty glass from Connor in her magic and fluffed his pillows up. Connor laid back and felt the quilt being draped over him.

"Sleep well Mr Wakefield. We'll wake you around 6pm if all goes well."

"Thanks Matron."

The sleeping pills were powerful stuff and Connor felt himself drift off rather quickly, falling into a blissful slumber. The Matron walked towards the door and turned back to the sleeping human before she left the room. A look of pity on her face.

"Poor kid, he's going to be in a lot pain when his wings grow to full size."


The Matron turned around to see one of her nurses looking at her.

"Nurse Softheart, I was just talking to myself."

"OK. How is Mr Wakefield?"

The Matron turned back to Connor, "His wings will soon grow rapidly."

"How rapidly?" asked Nurse Softheart.

"They will go through over twenty years of growth in a matter of weeks, maybe even days. It will cause him agony that no painkiller can alleviate."

"Is there nothing more we can do?"

"All we can do is provide the best care we possibly can. We have powerful sedatives that can put him under if the pain gets too much, but too many of those can have negative consequences."

Nurse Softheart looked at the human, "He'll be OK. We'll make sure of it."

"Yes we will Nurse Softheart. Now come along, we have other patients we need to check on."

"Of course Matron."

The two ponies walked down the corridor to check on their other patients, leaving Connor in his deep sleep.

A few hours later in another part of the castle, one snobby white unicorn was huffing his way down the corridor.

"That stupid maid standing on my tail, argh I'll have waste my time going to the infirmary and get a thorough check up when I could be dining with my fellow nobles."

The guards and maids who heard him gave him stern glares. Every day they had to put up with his crap and now he was insulting another of their own. The maid in question was in tears over the accident and was frightened of his threats of being thrown in the dungeons. Fortunately for her Luna showed up who also witnessed the incident. Blueblood strutted away in a strop while Luna comforted the maid, assuring her she wasn't at fault and that she wouldn't be punished.

Blueblood entered the infirmary and by chance he came across a private room containing a patient he was familiar with.

Connor was still asleep when Blueblood walked in, laid on his side and his bandages removed. His wings had grown a small bit more and more feathers were noticeable if you looked directly at his back.

Blueblood walked up to Connor and started spoke firmly.

"Wake up you filthy ape."

Connor mumbled but didn't wake so Blueblood started to shake him.


This time Connor slowly opened his eyes, his vision a little blurry.

"Matron?" he mumbled.

"I am not Matron you foul creature."

Even half asleep, Connor recognised that voice.

"Blueblood," he said venomously, "What do you want?"

"Do not speak to me like that ape."

"I suggest you get out of here before Matron finds you."

"I am not scared of Matron."

"Then you're a fool."


Connor sat up, leaned forward and got closer to Bluebloods' face, "Fuck off."

Blueblood took a swing at Connor, who fortunately was alert enough to react and dodged the attack. Unfortunately, he still had hold of the quilt and when he rolled over he took the quilt with him, exposing his dirty nappy.

Blueblood went from angry to elated in an instant and started to laugh hysterically at the sight before him.

"HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA, you're wear nappies! You pathetic weakling!"

Tears started to form in Connor's eyes as his worst fears came to light. Wearing nappies he could cope with given the medical circumstances, but being seen in them and being mocked by Blueblood was too much.

Blueblood, pouncing on Connor's weakness, started prodding him hard with a hoof.

"Does the little baby need his nappy changing?" he asked condescendingly.

"Leave me alone," Connor whimpered, weakly shoving Blueblood away.

"And you're crying as well, you're nothing more than a big baby. A pathetic big baby who likes wearing nappies!"

Blueblood continued to mock and deride Connor with baby noises and jabbing his sides.

Tears continued to fall down Connor's cheeks, making him more feel weak and pathetic than ever; completely helpless and vulnerable to the bully that was Blueblood. He didn't have the energy to fight back and even if he did, without the Amulet Celestia gave him he would have no defence against Blueblood.

Blueblood was still mercilessly mocking Connor and sunk to an even lower level when he levitated the quilt and threw it onto the floor, leaving Connor completely exposed and cold, soon followed by the pillows. Blueblood levitated them in the air and put them within arms reach of Connor. Connor went to grab them only for Blueblood to move them away at the last moment, smirking maliciously the entire time, playing with Connor like how an owner plays with his dog.

"Stop mocking me!" Connor cried angrily as he again tried to grab the pillows.

"Stop mocking me! Stop mocking me!" mimicked Blueblood.

Connor went to grab the pillow again but missed and went over the end of the bed and fell to the floor, the impact causing Connor's bladder to empty itself. Fortunately for Connor the nappy was absorbent enough and it didn't leak.

Unfortunately, Blueblood noticed Connor once again wet himself and promptly burst out laughing again.

Blueblood laughed at Connor who layed on the floor, tired and crying from the ordeal. Blueblood threw a pillow at Connor forcefully.

"There's the pillow you wanted so badly."

Connor held the pillow close to his chest with all his might and sobbed quietly.

Blueblood turned away with a smug grin; a grin that was wiped clean off his muzzle when he saw the most terrifying sight of any hospital ward.

An angry Matron.


Author's Note:

The moral of this chapter?

Don't mess with Matron.

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