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the Kraken of myth, servant of the gods... has been sent to Equestria for a permanent vacation

after his defeat at the hands of Perseus, the Greek pantheon has decided it high time there loyal servant got what he deserved. will his departure give him his much earned life of peace or will the inhabitants of his supposed sanctuary pose more of a problem then he once thought. with heroes at his gate and crazed citizens and politicians at his back door will the kraken ever know what it means to find peace on his new home

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 33 )

Awsome so far, i hope to see more :twilightsmile: i just hope you do not ponify him or make him small.

he will never be ponified, of that i can assure you

Can you do more please

Great story, hoping for more, you get a like and a follow:twilightsmile:

Hey, great story so far, I can't wait for a continuation! :pinkiehappy:

Please do more...dont tell me its dead.

Huh. I always thought they would just keep the kraken in their service until it died. Huh. Good job, gods.

Ressurect this story! I command thee!

holy shit it's alive jim!
you got yer wish dude

This is a great story can't wait for the next chapter

nice story.. i am eagerly looking forward to the next chaper

I was deeply intrigued because of the main character and you added to him Manehattan gang with an awesome comet.
I'll wait for the next chapter with great anticipation.

If you leave it like this again i will do not very nice things to you.

Oh it's barely a cliffhanger, you can wait awhile( or you may not have too who knows)

Keep them coming buddy this is getting good and to buy honest with u their is no way discord is winning this sorry

Not gonna lie, never expected to see this at the up of my tracking folder

Well at least discord tried but he is no match for a no The Kraken

Well I couldn't risk you doing very not nice things to me

Not dead just set to simmer

I'm just waiting for kraken to surprise them with some intelligence, or at least something a giant rampaging monster probably wouldn't do.

Uhm... missing a whole lot of punctuation, especially for contractions. Also many sentences are missing the initial capitalized letter.

Dash likes making contractions, but she LOVES to conjugate even more! :rainbowwild:


Thanks for the feedback, sadly I can’t make the excuse of English not being my main language so I’ll just admit my grammer is shitty

I’ll try and get better

Like it so far, I don't know where the story is headed but at chapter 4 it's a good thing it mean it's not rushed, I like the kraken so far, it's respectful talk with starswirl reflect really well it's life of servitude while keeping the pride of that servitude being to the gods. I hope we can see him grow beyond it's old obedient lifestyle and not see him end the ponies "servant", being nice to ponies is a thing but people tend to make mc the ponies doormat at some point. I hope you post more of those chapter, I know i know it's always the same thing "more chapter pls" but hey, it mean we like it and can't wait to get more. So thanks for the chapter and hope you keep them coming.^^

Well, by the looks of things, the ponys have royally fucked up.

I also notice that this story seems to have recently been revived, guess this is one of the few times where being late to the party is blessing rather than a curse.

Hope to see more of this.

“Yea what gives, its like a world ending scenario is a standard tuesday for you guys or something!” discord said in a huff, his arms flying in the air at the utter indignation of it all. “Youd think something that teters on keter would put a little more fire in them” discord continued, somehow donning what looked like highly protective riot gear with the lettering SCP on the side while munching on what looked like a comma. Pinkie, seeing discords attire, swiftly put on what looked like a white lab coat and a ornately designed ruby studded pendant.

OMNI:I love you...

Great work can’t wait for the next one

“Will we be crushed by a giant corn?” asked a weather pony with large glasses.

Oh. My. God. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
Will the FLDSMDFR appear too?

Of course Pinkie is Bright, because that makes absolutely perfect sense.

Also an SCP Song started playing while I was typing this lmao.

The gods in this story are actually decent, rhanks for that.

Oh it isn’t dead yet... three years later updates it... lets hope he doesn’t wait so long to update again.

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