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This is a side-story to "Making Adjustments"

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo have just returned to the clubhouse after their horrid run-in with Swift Gleam. As the three begin to recall the events, they start centering their thoughts around one of their rescuers, Spike, until they all get it in their heads that Spike is their dream dragon. Of course, three young mares can't share a dragon between themselves, so they make a game of it: First pony to get a kiss from Spike, wins the dragon.

However, what starts out as a silly game quickly turns into a fierce competition to win Spike's heart, and the poor lad is caught in the crossfire. Who among the Cutie Mark Crusaders will emerge victorious? Is there someone else in on the game as well? Does Spike get a say in any of this at all?

Run, little buddy, run.

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Well this should be interesting...

"Then we won't! We'll just be really subtle about it

Like an anvil...

:unsuresweetie: I got him!
:scootangel: I kissed him first!
:applecry: He dun picked me!
:moustache: Oh boy what do I do?
:duck: Sorry everypony he's my precious scales
:unsuresweetie::applecry::scootangel: WUT?!
:raritywink: A lady can change her mind at anytime

Oh god yes this is gonna be funny XD update soon. I've gotta see how this pans out.

Will it just be the CMC or will some other school fillies join the game? Like Dinky or Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara? I think it be funny to watch poor spike get mobbed by fillies :P and having no idea why. The poor dragon.

6279804 I'm focusing the story around just the CMC, but I may throw in some appearances from other school ponies as well. I'm not entirely sure yet, lol.

And if that doesn't work then they could team up and tied Spike up to a fancy chair and make out on him.

I'm not sure a CMC unless it "Nightmares" (that story.. damn personally it's awesome if you haven't read it, it's still a work in progress) or Spike type or guy, but this actually does seem pretty good. lol As always very well written and everything flowed really well, I think you did an awesome job and grasping the personalities of the CMC.

6283881 Thank you! Glad to hear I'm moving in a positive direction! :pinkiehappy:

6294899 Thanks! That second pic is probably the best representation of how this story is gonna work out :trollestia:

good story but i personally dislike OC's in stories

I hope we have alternative endings to satisfy all sides of the board.

Is this story dead? Such a shame...

It was starting to get interesting...

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