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Witching Hour

How did I manage to accrue a freaking following of other authors?!



This story is a sequel to Steady as She Flies

After hitting a block in her research into her bracelets and the Equusese Empire, Witching Hour turns to her new friend, Princess Twilight Sparkle, for help. Witching Hour and Twilight discover new truths about the empire lost to time and about themselves and the ponies dearest to them.

Twilight and Witching Hour will chase the wind to find their answers, letting it carry them away from Ponyville's Golden Oak Library and to the most unlikely places... But will they be able to handle the tragic truth?

This story takes place at the same time as Touch the Sky.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 65 )

Ooh, fun. It's The Adventures of Self Insert the Self Insert.

Well now, looks like the adventure has begun! Let us grab the popcorn and see what shall unfold (Even though I pretty much know what happens)

Comment posted by Witching Hour deleted Aug 28th, 2015

Good show, good show.

And this impacts the quality of the story how? If the character had instead been named Marsh Mallow would it make a difference?


Thank you! I'm really stoked to write Twilight. I've had a long-standing empathy for her, and it turned into full Spirit Pony after Season 2, Episode 20, "It's About Time".


I'm having a huge amount of fun writing this story! Hope you continue to enjoy it! :twilightsmile:

Honestly, I'm glad to see something of the "home front", as it were. :twilightsmile: Not many people remember that the Wonderverse isn't just the Wonderbolts. (Of course, I say that knowing I'll be twice as guilty with my Shadowbolt stories) :facehoof:


Well... To be honest, this wouldn't be a proper adventure fic if it just stayed in the library. So while this story might not deal with the Wonderbolts, it mightn't necessarily qualify as "homefront". :raritywink:

:twilightsmile: I like to think that while I do deal with the Wonderbolts, I deal with the underpinnings (read: the non-pegasi auxiliaries), which makes things unique. Dealing with the shadowbolts is also a unique perspective. The thing I love the most about the Wonderverse is that there's so much room to play in. :scootangel: It's perhaps easier to deal with the Wonderbolts since there's more for that, but I've never been one for taking the easy road. :pinkiecrazy:


Honestly, I love what you've done with that aspect of the Wonderverse. :twilightsmile: It's distinct, but still flows seamlessly into the Wonderverse as a whole.

And I do agree that the "wide open spaces" are the best part of the Wonderverse. My biggest problem is that it's a little bit *TOO* open in the era that I want to start in (about a decade or so before Soft Spoken). :facehoof: However, the more difficult road is generally more rewarding at the very end. :twilightsheepish: *raises glass of lemonade* Here's to the hard road, and those crazy enough or brilliant enough to travel it! :pinkiecrazy:


:twilightblush: Stop it! You're making me blush! I'm just glad that it does integrate seamlessly into the established canon. :raritystarry:

**raises her glass of wine** Amen! To the hard road and the rewards for traveling it! **toasts** May we be in good company for the journey! :eeyup:

Yes, all the plotting!

It's quite fun to plot this whole thing out. Both of our stories are slowly shaping the world beyond the wonderbolts compound :twilightsmile: it is quite amazing really!

Well, running doesn't help anything. Poor child.

You're quite correct! Running doesn't help at all... However, Witch's... **coughcough** flight response is far stronger than her fight response in such situations. :scootangel:

So much fun!!! :pinkiehappy: Filling in LOTS of gaps in Calm's Wonderverse!


Indeed! I think that is where most of the fun from these stories comes from. The chance to see things that have not been previously explored :3

That's right, Twilight! Books for the book fort! :twilightsmile:

Why a bell? Give him a pair of maracas to shake as he walks around. :pinkiehappy:

Good work as usual Twitchy Witchy.


Thank you! :twilightsmile: I'm glad you're enjoying this! And you're likely right... but the bell is clearly a nod to Calm's works, in reference to how Matteo is so quiet and constantly sneaking up on Dash. :pinkiehappy:


I don't remember which one of you asked... but the latest chapter explains my new profile picture. :raritywink:

*Sits in corner chuckling* Prose seems so very familiar... :trollestia:

C’mon Twy… I’m not doing this alone…

I'm not talking to the tree alone. They'd think I was crazy!

To restore your domain, plant this seed at the Heart of Hope

I hope this isn't literal, otherwise we're gonna have to operate on Witchy.

Interesting as ever.

"Dammit Twy, all that talk (last chapter) about sticking with me through all this and a talking tree is what freaks you out? Not the hippogryph construct Librarian, or the airship crash?!"

:raritywink: That's why it's at the Heart of Hope... not in the Heart of Hope...

Also... capitalization is a fun means of distinction. :twilightsmile:

Well how far from the heart are we talking here? It could still be in the body

I just realized the Royal Guard Airship that Witching and Twilight used was called the Cirrus... :facehoof: I'm dumb.
:rainbowlaugh: Easy enough to address, I suppose.

Hey! No feeling dumb... Nor any need to change it! :raritywink: The Cloudsdale Air Guard TOTALLY wouldn't know about the flying fortress of the Shadowbolts when they were naming their fleet. :twilightsmile:

Carrier Air Groups (CAGs)
Cloudsdale Air Guard (CAG)

Coincidence? I think not!

6505568 Mostly feeling dumb that it took me this long to notice it. :twilightblush: :rainbowlaugh: And you're absolutely right about that. I could see Cloak making a joke about it later on, certainly. But no real continuity conflicts. :twilightsmile:


LOL! I've only been mentioning it since Chapter 2! :rainbowlaugh: But yeah... no continuity problems. :raritywink:


The 'at' part of where to plant the seed was supposed to give away that it's not literal. :raritywink:


Actually... Probably coincidence... I'm a bit of a nerd about military organizations, so I tend to use naming conventions similar to what Americans use... And if you followed my post on The Wonderverse group, you'd also know that I was nerdy enough to make a whole list of ranks for the Wonderbolts Auxiliary Corps. :twistnerd:

I mean... when I showed all of it to Calm, even he was mildly amazed at how much thought I was putting in... :pinkiecrazy:


The 'at' part of where to plant the seed was supposed to give away that it's not literal.

Well if you say that the best part to chop an arm off is at the elbow or the shoulder it is still literal. :trollestia:

The past is only dangerous if you let it be. Also Twilight learn to accept visions aren't happening in the here and now. I think this is the third time you've fallen for it. You need a good thwack upside the head.

“I mean… Really… Can you imagine me with wings?”


That is all.

Yes, well you would have gotten it sooner or later! We just provided a nudge :ajsmug:

Nudge... Push... Shove...

Something like that... :twilightsheepish:

Hint, hint. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. Shove, shove. :twilightsmile:


Writing Discord was... interesting.

Of course, helping with the Roan scene was even more so! I love writing Life xD

now this is getting vary interesting. a princess hum.

Notably only referred to as "Princess"... :raritywink:

fate, and destiny.
there is so much going on in this chapter.

this chapter just wow really good.


The memory flashes were written... Really within the first couple of chapters... I had them all in a file on my google drive... :twilightsheepish:

3 months in the writing for this work of art this is a perfect chapter.


What'd you think of Discord's shenanigans?

personally I like Discord he is just misunderstood.

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