• Published 5th Aug 2015
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My Autobiography - written By Passions Star - Passions Star

The life of Passions star, as she grew up under the care of the Two Sisters, and how she related to life.

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Life in Equestria

While in Ponyville today, Silver Screen came up to me and asked if he could be my student, so I accepted him under wing, no pun intended.

- - -

Life here it Equestria has proven more and more interesting each day and I am learning to accept that I am indeed a Princess.

But do not let anyone tell you that the life of a Princess is one of leisure for it is not. It is hard work and continuing lessons, helping others, guiding, teaching being supportive and most of all being a friend to others. If you think for a moment a Princess does not get her hooves dirty well I have a surprise for you, we do get our hooves dirty.

Every job or position has its rights and responsibilities, being a Princess, more so, but we earn those rights as they are not just handed to us on a silver platter and indeed come with allot of responsibility, responsibility to our public and responsibility to our position. indeed It is work, more work and still more work. That is why I denied what I am for so long and ran from my duties I knew what was to come but I will hide no more! I will embrace what I am and shoulder my duties from now on!

- - -

Having a student under my wing is allot of responsibility, answering questions, and just generally having someone look up to you, it is a new experience for me as well learning new things about what I can do and am capable of as having a student is a give and take proposition.

Mean time life does goes on as always with daily chores and so on, life always has it's wonders.

- - -

I have been getting to know the other ponies in Ponyville, everyone of them are nice to me, and I have made a great many friends here, Equestria is an amazing place to live.

I have found a new way to occupy my time here, I have started an emotional support system for these Ponies to kind of take a load off of Celestia's shoulders, not that Celestia does not love her subjects, as I know she does, but I had best find ways to help out too. And I find I quite enjoy helping others this way. So between working for Sweet Apple Acres and doing emotional support, I am quite busy.

Life is good I must say, everyday I learn more about myself and how to help out often traveling now.

My duties have begun to take me all over Equestria though unfortunately, I had to bid my job at Sweet Apple Acres farewell, doing emotional support now takes all my time, but I do not mind.

Emotional support has become a business now, with offices throughout Equestria, the Equestrian University has even started a course in Psychology, Celestia approves the licenses when the student successfully completes the coursework.

Equestria has indeed grown a lot since those bad old days under Discord, even Discord himself is reformed and a valuable ally.

Through it all though, I still know so little about where I came from, how I got here, but I decided it no longer matters, as I have found my place, helping others.

I have grown tired of traveling and have since devoted my time as an Instructor at the University.

All those smiling faces each morning really brightens my day, and yet I still find time to attend the Grand Galloping Gala when it comes around, or spend time with my friends.

- - -

Ah, spring break, this is the time we instructors use to prepare for the coming semester, Class work to plan, lessons to set up, then some much needed time off for us too. Today, I shall just explore Canterlot, been meaning to get a house here since I started working at the University, I am meeting with Realtor Fancy Hooves today to go house hunting, she mentioned a nice two story house on the outskirts of town.

Once I saw the house, I fell in love with it, it is the last house on the end of the block, next to a park where I sometimes go to have a picnic of sorts, just to get out and enjoy nature, sometimes I might even go and visit Celestia and Luna, but they are generally so busy I do not like to bother them much.

I have a moving company coming with my things from ponyville, and the Realtor, Fancy Hooves, is going to handle the sale of my old house there. The moving company I hired is called "Two Pony Show" they are run by brothers, Hoofwork and Strongback, nice fellows.

My stuff arrives today and I can fully move in, I have been staying with a fellow Professor from the the University, she is a very close friend, but it will be nice to finally have a place of my own.

- - -

There have been many who have asked me, what it is like watching friends pass on as I live on, it is a valid question and does indeed deserve an answer.

It hurts, I do not know how else to put it, and I cannot sugar coat it.

But the pain is not forever, and life does go on, I do not think of their ending, rather I prefer to think of the lives they led and my time walking with them, the wonderful things we would do together, how much we meant to each other, but believe me, my tears fall on the parchment as I write this.

My advice? think not of how they died but of how the lived and their joy in life, live for the day, like there is no other and do not mourn but be happy for what once was.

Yes, I have made and lost many friends, but I am eternal and I am eternally grateful for all my friends.

Think not about death, but rather life.

- - -

Speaking of which, Celestia had asked me up to the castle today.

I must not keep the Princess waiting, so I go, er... Guards, always guards, has she no clue I can take care of myself? *sighs*
Alright then, onward chariot! to the castle!

- - -

Yet another fine day, the main six are coming to visit today, no I do not mean Twilight Sparkle and her friends though they will be remembered, I mean the new Main Six, the next generation, Magic Star, their leader, Element of Magic, Sunshine, Element of laughter, Morning Dove, Element of Kindness, Daring Dash, element of loyalty, Fantasy, Element of Generosity, and finally, Little Apple, second generation of the Apple Family.

Author's Note:

I was genuinely crying as I wrote part of this chapter.

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