• Published 5th Aug 2015
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My Autobiography - written By Passions Star - Passions Star

The life of Passions star, as she grew up under the care of the Two Sisters, and how she related to life.

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Moving to Ponyville.

One day, I decided that I would move from Canterlot, and live in Ponyville near the Everfree forest. I wanted to be a bit more independent as I continued my studies and I had also taken up poetry as a pastime, perhaps also a way to earn some bits and make my way.

But first I had to find a plot of land and purchase it. My Adopted mothers Celestia and Luna helped me there, though they did place upon me a stipulation: the property must be fenced and gated with a guardhouse at the gate manned by two royal guards at all times, I did capitulate to their wishes and thus work began on my new home, a place that I could call mine.

- - -

Ground broke today on the building of my new home, though it should not take long to build, it is a modest house, enough for one Alicorn and some things she has collected over the years.

As a precaution, I am having a vault installed to protect my more critical and private things, like the Royal Regalia of a Princess that I will never wear. I really do not know how many times I told Celestia that there are only 4, count them, 4 Princesses and that I am just a misplaced Alicorn.

While awaiting my new house to be built I continued on at the Royal Castle, but had Rarity make a costume so I would look like an Earth pony with a tall hat. I talked Celestia into letting me move to a small apartment in Canterlot to further create the illusion that I was nothing special, during the time my house was being built.

Darnit! Celestia assigned a couple of Guards to stand watch over my Apartment making it difficult to keep up the illusion.

- - -

Finally the day came that my house was finished in Ponyville, my own house!

Moving it was a lot of work of course, amidst questions from the town folk: "what important pony will be living here?", "Why do you need Guards if you are an Earth Pony?" and so on...

I finally had to drop my attempts at the illusion and admit my Alicorn heritage today, yeah, I am a full blooded natural born Alicorn. But I insist as always, I am no Princess and will forever hide the Regalia I was given in my vault telling no one that I was adopted by Celestia and Luna.

I insisted the town folk treat me as any pony else and soon began to fit in and true to my promise to myself I never would do any magic above the level of a Unicorn, Oh, I could if I needed to, but only in times of absolute need, but in truth, I really feared having so much power and the fear still remained of losing my identity with these Towns folk, I just wanted to be a simple pony, nothing special.

After all, like anyone else, I had my self doubts and my worries, I made mistakes like anyone else, heck, if anyone tells you they are perfect, they are probably trying to sell you something.

I finally obtained a job working on the apple farm for the Apple family and they are such nice people working at Sweet Apple Acres is a sheer pleasure and is helping me to fit in. And with such down to earth lives around me to learn by I have learned much from the Apple family.

Truly: I am just an average pony to these ponies.

- - -

Today is the first day working at Sweet Apple Acres and if feels good to be working among my friends, a little hard work does not hurt anyone.

Watching AJ buck apples was amazing, took me twice as long to pick apples as it did her to buck them, finally I got smart and used the power of my horn to shack the trees and I got my two shadows tp pick them up and put them in the baskets, my guards were not happy about that.

Celestia and Luna were not really happy about my lax measures of security either, and made no secret of their displeasure with me, yeah, I got berated for it time and again but I did not care I just wanted to be normal folks.

I even wrote a poem one day about it, I called it: "The Curse of the Alicorn".

I got what for for that one!

But yeah, who wants to be a highfalutin Alicorn anyway? when you can be just "Plain old folk" and live a normal life, though I know one day this will end and my true purpose and destiny will come to light, but until then, hey, just call me Star, or as some jokingly call me: "Post Script".

I have really come to love life among the ponies in Ponyville, I would not trade this life for anything, though my poor Guards have a heck of a time keeping up with me, at least no one calls me "Princess" anymore, they know what I will say if they do: "No, your Princesses are four, let me count them off, Celestia, Luna, Twilight Sparkle and Cadence. These are the only ones you should ever call "Princess". I am just an Alicorn. Perhaps one day my destiny will call and I will answer, but until then, just call me star".

Anyway, life moves on as life always does, and I continued making friends and working at Sweet Apple Acres, life indeed is sweet, like the apples I pick and the fields that I plow, one day, AJ even showed me how to buck apples making my work much easier, though an Alicorns strength is such I nearly kicked the first tree over, AJ and I got it replanted though, I learned just how much force to use and where to place the baskets, my Guards of course were glad, they did not have to pick up apples any more, and I was happy to haul the apple cart.

Being the adopted daughter of the two sisters, I was also required to attend the Grand Galloping Gala's, not that I minded, but they always insisted I be in full regalia for the event, it was one concession I made to my adopted mothers, as it would be unseemly for me to play "farm girl" at the events, even my friend AJ Dressed up real nice for the events, I would always go with the mane 6 as part of their party.