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I am not in the writing business for ponies, unfortunately, because I have no motivation. My two stories were cancelled, and I have failed to fulfill a duty for a story given to me.


Cover art from here

Man, has my day gone from bad to worse.

First, a guy at work whom I'm trying to get back on friendly terms with basically calls me the laziest ass in the factory, then I wake up and find myself in a clearing, feeling like I was in a brawl. Not only that, but I've become a pony, Trixie Lulamoon, to be precise and I've got this weird feeling in my abdomen, not to mention my new female parts hurt like hell.

Also, I can swear I see some Changeling drones fleeing as if their lives depend on it.

What the hell's going on?

Note: the teen rating with be kinda pushed to its limit with what "Trixie" will remember in regards to the impregnation and her flaring. Other than that, you don't have to worry

Also, if you can't figure out why the romance tag is there... I'm not going to bother explaining it

In Popular Stories 1-7/8/2015. :rainbowderp::pinkiegasp: Seriously? I honestly didn't expect that. Might've hoped, but never expected it. THANK EVERYONE!

Edit: 12.23.16 This story has been given to me by the author known as Autum Breeze. The first chapter was written by that user, and any chapters onward are written by me. Just a heads up.

Edit: 3.14.17 Holy cow. Three months. I've been gone three months. And I return with bad news. This story is cancelled. Read my bio for details.

P.S. If the original author is reading this, I deeply and wholeheartedly apologize. I was clearly in over my head, which has become permanently stuck in a bad place, so I have failed as a writer.

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The human tag....the only tag that can kill my boner for cute twixie

Well, we meet again my nemesis

I foresee a whole load of freaking misunderstanding, pregnant pains, destructions of manes, and choo-choo trains in the future. Yes I made that rhyme on purpose. :trixieshiftleft:

A bit of work on the spelling and capitalization would help. I'll watch and see where this goes.

i Think the premiss is promising and i look forward to more chapters.

morning of 2/8/15 still in the Popular Stories good work AB

Am I the only one who finds the way that the character ignores the possibility that he pregnancy might predate the sexual assault, and instead accepts without reservation the idea that the pregnancy could develop to the point of a visible bulge during the assault a bit jarring?

I know we are dealing with two separate species of magical creatures here, but still...

The spelling mistakes are rather jarring, I must admit. The idea's an interesting one though, so I'll keep an eye on this for now. I may or may not dredge up some of the typos I can find later.

somehow i get the feeling that she is either pregnant, or has the eggs from a Changeling, not sure why but i sounded like she was raped at the first moment.

At once a grimace and gag at the flavour in my mouth. I hadn’t noticed it before, what with dealing with everything else I’d learned upon waking as Trixie, but my mouth is filled with some strange salty flavour.

While it probably makes a interessting, but sad start for this story, i am not sure if i like Trixie being raped.

6273931 for me it is a bit strange too.

I have to admit i like the story, and i hope this story is updating in a more or less regular pace. While the the rape thing has opened a nice theme for the story, rape is a bad thing in most of the storys, so i somehow feel bad for Trixie, and hope she get´s help soon in the next chapter.
I am okay with her probably keeping the.....egg?, it is just in every normal story i just feel story for those that were raped, and don´t like those Changelings right now.
I am a bit confused, i have seen many Changeling versions, i mean what they do, if the love eating can kill other ponys, and then they can´t kill other ponys, but i am a bit confused that they maybe even rape someone without that they get love, or something like that.

Normally i would think that they just take her to the hive, and then start laying the eggs in her, but here they probably only took their time to have a good fuck.

I just say to have something like this in the first chapter is not bad, but i think you should have waited till you could have post a second chapter with the first one, where you could have started to defuse the situation a bit.
I am patient enough, i just say that i felt a bit conflicted at first, that my first reaction was that i didn´t liked what happened to her, it would have been nice to see her getting help at least.

edit: Then again i even get angry about that RTL stuff that always shows those teens doing really dumb stuff.

Long story short, i like the story idea, but i would have liked a little bit more.
I hope this is a Twilight X Trixie story, and i hope he doesn´t have to fight with Trixies mind about getting the controle, and all that stuff that happens in some other fanfictions.

*oh boy, another Twixie fic, lets dig in...
*wait... human tag?... TRIXIE WAS RAPED?!
*Trixie inpregnated by other than twilight in a twixie fic?
*well, shit... not reading.

I will be interested in how this goes.

I was thinking that trixie was raped/impregnated by a changeling when I heard of the salty taste in here mouth and thinking how close the changelings were to here.

I sigh, my eyes downcast as I look at my hooves. Well, at least I don’t have to feel upset about my family. I can barely remember them.
I move to get up, when I wince, a new pain reaching me that I hadn’t noticed before.
It’s coming from my new female parts. They’re hurting like mad. Come to think of it, my jaw aches a little too. I lift a hoof up to my head and accidentally brush my horn, shivering. And why does my horn feel so sensitive? Then again, I could chalk that last one up to the flare Trixie had earlier.
I think about my mouth and new female parts’ pain... before the thought of that taste I had from earlier comes to my mind.
My eyes widen and my head darts to the wall, as if I can see where I’d seen the Changelings fleeing outside and my chest tightens. No. Oh, please, God say it isn’t what’s going through my head right now.
I look down at the bulge I saw in my stomach earlier. As I watch, to my horror, it slowly sinks in until there is no evidence it was there in the first place.
I shiver, curling up, wrapping my tail around me, and sob.
"I’m... I’m pregnant... with a Changeling’s child."


6296314 DAMN YOU! Stole the words from my mouth.

Anyways, good job author, really liked the story.
Well written, I don't see any flaws and I really like the pace.
now one more thing before I go...


" my mouth is filled with some strange salty flavour." I lost it. :rainbowlaugh:

I said "wait what" at every paragraph. Being honest, it isn't that good. But also I have to admit I shamefuly like where this is going.

The floor was bear, was it? The floor of Trixie Lulamoon's caravan is a bear? That's quite interesting. Most caravans have bare floors, or at most some rugs or blankets, but apparently, Trixie has a sense of style.

I'm just razzing you on a spelling error, s'all. :raritywink: If you post more, I'll keep track to see where this goes.

Hmmm, another chapter or 2 wouldn't hurt :derpytongue2:

6327844 everyone loves a good razzing :twilightsmile:

6363946 Thank you! ^~^ The same goes for yours!

6366232 mine is good? I thought it was just above garbage thanks!

6378726 Nah! It's good! I like it!

Please more

6327844 Well... She did say she defeated an Usera Major... *Coughs*

6698014 Very true, but most people would have the pelt made into a rug, as opposed to just dumping a body onto the floorboards.

Very original. :trollestia:

good story so far I can't wait to the next chapter:twilightsmile:

Can't wait to read the next chapter!

Welp, this one is dead

I hope this gets updated

I would like to have a new chapter please.

So, just to clarify, this is a story about a a human suddenly being in the body of one, recently beaten and raped into impregnation, Beatrix Lulamoon? And this story is still counts as rated Teen...?

7802008 maybe, maybe not. As i will be giving this over to one of two people for them to continue, they may well decide to change it to an M rating. i will have no say in it. once the story is on their account, they can honestly do whatever the heck they want with it.

i want more of this ca you make that happen please



Can you continue this story yourself autumn breeze

Would you kindly write a new chapter, please?

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