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One rainy sets in motion a bout of boredom for young Apple Bloom. Her sister tells her to read a book. Grumbling that books aren't immersive Apple Bloom reluctantly agrees to do some reading.

But now she can't put it down and is now swept up in the life story of a mysterious little poet filly, with a rather excellent vocabulary and a quirky personality.

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Possible sequel. My attempt to write a story about a 'normal' pony as well as test out some other forms of writing. Vaguely complete. Sorry. Contribute to the TVTropes page!

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Why is this story in the non-standard ponies category of The World Building Alliance?

7668792 It has depictions of Crystal Pony culture and Pre-Equestrian documentation.

8102921 There were more... there were some parts of this story that were pretty subtle with clues and such...

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