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Lab Matt

I like writing stories starring Sunset Shimmer and sometimes Adagio is there.


This story is a sequel to The Mysterious Maiden Do Well 2: Hunted

Years before Sunset Shimmer crossed the portal and became one of the secret identities of The Mysterious Maiden Do Well, a criminal was arrested in Canterlot Town; the newspapers gave her the name "Nightmare Moon", but the name of the woman under the mask was Luna - an identity revealed after she was caught and arrested.
Few years passed since she finished serving her sentence and she was arrested again for the same crime, but the evidence isn't pointing at her as the true culprit, and there seems to be more about this new criminal than meets the eye. Will you do what has to be done, Maiden Do Well?

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 9 )

Interesting.... VERY INTERESTING.

You ask whether Nightmare Moon is either Tantabus or Sunset Shimmer..... why not both? *Festive Mexican Music Plays*

Ah crap human sunset has arrived... Maybe

:facehoof:It is so fucking obvious!
Human Sunset changed her name to Tantabus after being adopted by Luna. Plot in one sentence.:scootangel:

It was all uphill......until that ending!:facehoof:
I know you didn't have any more ideas, but really...the ending just felt blunt, unlike the previous stories.:facehoof::trixieshiftright:

how did luna get a job as a VP with acriminal record

mkaing her human sunset was a mistake as human sunset is uninporant to any EG story and only serves to hurt sunset as a character her self as it stops what makes her the star of her own story the moment a human sunset shows up she cant stay

a much better idea would have been to make it crystiallis working to get revenge on the girls

I have some ideas: How about Starlight Glimmer as the leader of a brainwashing cult or a hypnotic villain of some kind? She can use a Staff of Sameness that, of course, turns out to just be for show or it could actually be real? Her mind control abilities could actually be a result of her being an escaped test subject of Sombra's. She can find out the Maiden's secret identities by mind controlling one of them and having them be a sleeper agent. She could try to hypnotize the rest, or turn them against each other, or let them know that one of them is mind-controlled, but not which one. There's a lot a story ideas there. I hope to see more in this series soon!

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