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Time. The difference between success and failure comes down to timing. It's always about being at the right time, no matter the place. Being in the right time at the right place can bring two together, to love each other always. The wrong time can shatter that in an instant, and end in tragedy. When Big Mac finds himself in that point in time, will he be able to fix everything?

(A/N. First story, so don't hesitate to be critical and it is anthro. I hope to start a trend of more MacxTwilight stories)

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"He kept his head down and hands in his pockets to ward off the chill that was constant in the cold city."

Big Mac doesn't have pockets, or hands for that matter!
Great read though, keep it up!

Ah. You seem to have forgotten the tags "Human" and "Alternate Universe."


Yeah, forgot human tag due to anthro. My bad!


Yeah, new to this so kinda flew over my head. Thanks though


This is not an attack, I never meant it to be an attack. I don't hate the other 'common' pairings because I'm more of a Big Mac fan, so the other pairings I don't mind. If I hated MacxShy pairing I would've said so but I am a brony so I will love and tolerate the hell out of it instead.


No, it's my stand for the beginning of a new age of MacxTwi pairings. I think you're reading way too far into this.

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