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When a experiment gone wrong lands a ruthless and powerful foe in the middle of Equestria, Twilight and her friends must put trust in a battered group of human soldiers if they are to stave off a revolution of the Bolshevik variety...

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Amazing story! I love your characterizations of Little Strong Heart and Trixie, they seem very true to themselves (or how I see them). I must confess I have no idea what this is a crossover with so my opinion is a bit uninformed, but the switching point of views is very jarring. We're with the allies, then the soviet team, then pony/buffalo, then soviet base, rinse repeat. I'm sure I'll get used to it.

My favorite part was how you wrote the way Strong Heart reacted to what was happening. It was what I imagine a niave person (pony/buffalo) would react. I can't wait for more and thank you for these chapters!

585 Thanks a bunch. Chapter 3 is in the works but with my lackadaisal speed I don't know how long it will take. Sorry if my scene-breaks are a little jarring, but as you might have noticed a long line across the page indicates a scene break. I suppose I could have stuck with the 'this is the place' kind of thing, but instead I decided to be a lazy ass. :twilightsheepish:

If your not that familiar with the Red Alert series, then I recommend you consult the Command & Conquer wiki. Basic premise is: Einstein invents time machine, Einstein uses it to erase Hitler, erasing Hitler screws-up history. So in a alternate late-40's, USSR invades Europe triggering alternate WW2. USSR is defeated and puppet put in place by Allies. Puppet turns out to be faking at being a puppet and invades the United States. Cue World War 3.

All review and critiques are welcome.

PS: Holy hell, I love these smilies!

I'm liking this story so far, and I've read a few with transitions like this so I'm not having any trouble following along.:derpytongue2: No human/pony interactions yet, so I'm curious about how your going to handle that.:pinkiehappy: Are you still writing this or have you stopped?

This is Wonderful.

The fandom's still rather new, so this statement won't really have as much impact as it could've but I'll say it anyway.

This is the best humans in Equestria story I've ever seen! Seriously, the entire set up makes me feel eager to learn where you're going with this. Heh, to be honest I'm kinda floundering around trying to find the right words to describe how excited I am about this.

Can't wait to see Celestia's meeting with the humans. Considering they're alone in this new world with an entire base camp of enemies waiting in the Mild West, they're really lacking on friends/allies, and their enemies are probably gonna be hostile towards the Ponies in their attempts to get home I can only imagine the Americans and Equestrians getting along well.

Kinda expecting a misunderstanding to blossom up at some point or another, but I can be patient to find out. Take your time updating, and make sure it stays awesome!

2414 I... wasn't expecting that. I would hardly consider this fic the best one, particularly since its far(, far, far, faaaaarrr) from complete and there are some points where I am still not satisfied with but... thanks for the tremendous compliment anyways.

I've only read one "Humans in Equestria" before this (ARTICLE), but the Red Alert connection has me real interested in this! Especially since you seem to be handling the situation grandly!

One thing though: you used "foot" instead of "hoof" just after the confrontation.

Love it. Good luck with school, and I hope to see more writing done!

Command and Conquer Crossover?

You have my attention.


The first contact scenario and the language barrier reminds me of The Thessalonica Legacy, another of my favorite crossover stories.

I do hope you keep up with this.

2597 I would be lying if I didn't say I was inspired by it...

This has me at the edge of my seat reading it. I can't freaking wait for the next chapter.

Nitpick: (Don't know if this is yours or echoing an error in the source.)

While you have the Royal Navy, the Royal Air Force, the Royal Engineers, etc., you do not have the Royal Army. The British Army is just that, the British Army. The term 'Royal' is restricted to specialist formations that have an existence independent of the Army Annual Act[1].

Also, standard usage is that "Royal" as part of an organization's name is presumed to refer to a British organization and you should not add "British" to the name. (Contrast: HMS Illustrious is a Royal Navy ship while HMCS Toronto is from the Royal Canadian Navy.)

[1] Until recently, the British Army only existed for a year at a time. It was recently modified to only require the act being re-passed every five years.

Made an account so I may be informed as soon as this i updated :D

Another nitpick:

A latitude of -74.9 wouldn't put you in the Atlantic, it would put you on or next to Antarctica. You mixed up latitude and longitude.

2605 Ah, yes. Another reader on Fan Fiction.net pointed that out too me already, I'll have too correct it right now. Also thanks for the tidbit on latitude and longitude also...

okay now this story has caught my eye hope it doesn't take too long for the next chapter.

I swear if the soviets turn out to be unreasonable commie nutjobs I will rage so hard. Although this is CnC... Best get my rage hat on then

I need the next chapter NOW:flutterrage:. Great story so far, can't wait to see any assumptions the ponies might make about the humans, and when they encounter the Russians (properly), will they lose trust with their American friends?

You returned my belief in crossovers.

What I love the most about the Red Alert titles is that, no matter how ridiculous the weapon sounds, it's usually based on an actual project considered by one of the major powers in WWII or the Cold War (though some weren't seriously pursued until later etc...)

You've got Directed Energy Weapons, Orbital Bombardment, Super Heavy Tanks, Trained Dolphins, Teleportation, Cloaking Devices, Force Fields, Zero-point Energy aka Antigravity, Mind Control, and tons of other projects!

I'm just looking forward to seeing how the ponies deal with the Soviet fortress.... And what happen to the Amazing Trixie :trixieshiftleft:

When. Will. THE. NEXT. ONE. BE. OUT

3137 WHEN. I. FINISH. IT :flutterrage:

Did I get it right or is it mandatory to type the first two words in lower case?

Wow. I never thought someone would write a crossover with Red Alert series. My favourite RTS series. Though I am glad RA3 isn't included in this story.

This story is very well written and it was interesting to read. I love where the plot is going right now. Looking forward to the next chapter.

3143 lol no i just forgot :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

WhY are the soviets always the bad guys:twilightangry2:

Yeah, this story is still going, but there's been delays. School projects and such... we probably won't see any updates until October.

In the meantime: anybody know how I replace the picture? I got a new one I want too put in place of the chrono-copter-armor-Dash there but the editing thing doesn't seem to be working...

3654 Oop. Nevermind, seems there is just a delay in the alteration.

Awesome! Although the Tiberian arc 'was' my favorite series, you managed to get me hooked on the Red Alert crossover. I enjoyed the pace of the story as well, glad that you established a plausible explanation to how the chronosphere malfunctioned instead of rushing the plot forward like some crossovers I know of. I look forward with anticipation of what you plan on doing with the Soviets. Though I'm a little worried that their going to remain in the role of antagonist; but that's just me sticking up for for my favorite faction ;)



we need more stories like this! keep writing! (i do understand that school has to come before ponies, but come on, they're ponies!)

The chapter is moving slowly guys. I hope it'll be ready for October, but I still can't garuntee you anything. I am a lazy, lazy bum. :applecry:

So when is the next chapter coming?

8267 At this rate... never. :fluttercry:

Check my blog for why...

8378 Holy heck that's harsh. Well, good luck recovering lost progress.
Best wishes.

Holy hell, that sucks miserably. :ajsleepy:

I think I remember a month or so ago, trying to track a package on UPS.com, only for the webpage to come up saying it was hacked. :derpyderp1:

WE WILL GET OUR REVENGE!!!!!!!!! :flutterrage:

This fic was the whole reason I made an account...

My life is meaningless!:raritydespair:

Hey guys, just a quick notey...


Obviously this has implications.
So yeah, sometime in November... maybe? There are plenty more games to destroy my time to put into writing after all... :twilightoops:

brilliant... and you defiantly chose the best Red Alert verse. Red Alert 3 can't hold a wooden nickel to the epic-ness that was 2

You, sir, not only have gotten me completely absorbed in your story, but you fired my imagination to the point that I started my own fic. That sort of inspiration is not an easy thing to do, and I am looking forward to your next installment with great anticipation.

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