• Published 29th Jul 2015
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Harmonic Retribution ~HERO~ - Lux Klonoa

The follow-up to "Harmonic Spectrum." When Lord Tirek breaks out and defeats even Princess Twilight herself, only the power of the Flame of Harmony, Super Rainbow Dash, can put a stop to the mighty centaur.

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Part 1: "Observing the Rainbow Flame"



Her eyes snapped open, with the sight of a wooden-made ceiling above her that filled her rose-irised pupils at an instant. With her eyes wide open now, she swiftly moved her head left and right, trying to find the source of what she had just heard.

As swiftly as she looked, though, there was nothing in the room she was in. There was nothing that the loud noise belonged to.


The blue pegasus, Rainbow Dash, was lying her back on a large purple beanie bag, with her upper hooves at the back of her head holding it up. Several long shelves of books were behind her, and the large circular room she was in was made entirely out of wood.

“Huh? Rainbow?” called a voice in front of her.

Sitting up with her lower hooves out in front, Dash looked, seeing that the purple unicorn, Twilight Sparkle, was sitting in front of a table with an opened book on it that stood high enough with a stand at the back of it. Having heard the pegasus’ sudden yelp, the unicorn was glancing back at her.

“Uh, Twilight, did you just…” Dash looked to her left and right, still with the same wide-eyed look. “…Hear something?”

“Hear what?” Twilight asked, looking around.

“Oh, I dunno. A big, scary, roarish-like scream that sounded like it came from a huge monster?”

“…Uh, no. I didn’t hear anything,” replied the unicorn. She looked at her. “Did it sound like it was far away?”

“No… It sounded like… it was in here? But…”

The pegasus further looked around. After a bit, she calmed herself down and formed a bit of a worried expression on her face.

“If you didn’t hear it, then… maybe it was in my head? …Weird.”

Looking down, Dash moved her hoof at the back of her head and rubbed it.

“Geez. What kinda scream was that? It sounded like both a roar and a scream at the same time… Hmm.”

Standing up, Twilight turned around and looked at her. “Were you dreaming, Rainbow? Or…?”

“No, I wasn’t sleeping that deeply. I was just taking a light nap,” she replied, looking at the unicorn.

“…Huh.” The unicorn raised an eyebrow. “That is odd, indeed.”

Dash sighed, closing her eyes and lowering her hoof.

”Eh, it’s probably just my brain farting or something. I dunno,” she said. “Still, that was the weirdest scream I’ve ever heard.”

Opening her eyes, the pegasus moved herself forward and off of the beanie bag, now standing on all fours. She walked towards the unicorn and stopped in front of her.

“Well, I’m done napping, anyway. Are you done reading whatever you needed to read yet?” Dash asked.

“Well, I was just re-reading some of the pages over to see I’ve missed anything, but yes, now I’m done,” Twilight replied, nodding and smiling. “And now it’s time to take a good, close-up look at you as the Flame of Harmony, Rainbow Dash.”

“Tsh… Do we really need to call it that every time?” Dash said, smiling. “I prefer to call it my Super form now, Twilight. And so does Pinkie Pie. After all, she was the one who called me Super Rainbow Dash when I first transformed.”

“Ah, alright, then. If that’s what you want to call it…”

“Yeah. Let’s keep it simple, eh?”

The unicorn nodded. She looked back at the still-open book on the table. Her horn began to glow with a purple wavy outline around it, and immediately, the same glow began to surround the book as well.

“It’s been a month since it all happened. And I still can’t believe that it actually happened,” she said, levitating the book up and over to her with her magic. “Discord getting freed by the Changeling Queen’s power that was multiplied by all the love energy she stole, me being brainwashed by Discord and becoming a crazy hotheaded lunatic bent on spreading Chaos and destruction, and you unlocking the true secret of the Elements of Harmony and embracing your true destiny.”

With the book in the air, Twilight proceeded to walk past Dash, going towards the shelves behind her. She stopped in front of them and looked for the right spot to place the book in.

“All of it was so sudden to us, and yet so interesting and fascinating… Well, except for the part where I became a hothead, that is. And maybe Discord lifting up Canterlot by the roots like that. I mean, we all knew he can do things like that.”

“…I’m guessing the interesting and fascinating part is my transformation,” said the pegasus, looking back at her.


Finding the spot, the unicorn levitated the book over and slid it into the opening between the books.

“Since then, and since the celebration party at Canterlot, I haven’t really seen you up-close as your white Harmonic self,” she said, turning around and walking back. “Well, I did see you a couple of times, but you were far away, and all while we were busy rebuilding Ponyville. Now that everything is back to normal…”

Stopping in front of the desk, she then turned around and faced Dash.

“…well, now is the perfect time to observe you, for curiosity’s sake. I really would like to see how it all works.”

Dash chuckled. “Yep. Now that’s the Twilight I know, unlike what happened back then.”

Forming a determined smile on her face, she took two steps back and lowered her head.

“Allllllrighty, then. Prepare yourself for the awesome.”

“Just… try not to knock things over with your winds, by the way,” Twilight said, looking around and chuckling nervously. “If you can even try to control them, that is…”

“Oh, don’t worry. I got that covered.”

Spreading her hooves outward a bit, Dash then began to concentrate. Focusing her mind, she reached for and tapped into her inner, calm-feeling energy of Harmony inside of her.

“Here, I’ll go slowly for you, so you can see the changes.”

As soon as she tapped into it, the energy inside then spread all over her, rushing through her body in an instant. Winds began to emit from her into her surroundings at a slow speed, causing her rainbow mane and tail to flow along. The winds didn’t reach very far from her, however, stopping three feet from her before dissipating and making Twilight feel nothing but a constant light breeze blowing against her face.

A few seconds passed by, and the changes began to manifest themselves. The front and back ends of Dash’s mane began to shoot upward, moving closer to each other and fusing into one to form a large, moving, colorful flame that began to emit colored embers from it. Her tail shot upward as well, and parts of it began to wave, move, expand, and contract like a flame, emitting embers from it just like the mane.

“…Let’s see. The flames have formed…” Twilight observed, with a bit of an awed expression.

“Yeah, and I can feel them moving wildly,” Dash said. “Now, the wings…”

With the energy at their joints, she unfolded her still-small wings and looked at her left wing.

“With a bit of a push… Hmm!!”

She grunted, and her left wing suddenly burst outward, growing to a large size with the number of feathers increased. Looking at her right wing, the pegasus grunted again, and her wing burst out and grew to the same size.

“You enlarge them to Celestia’s size…” said the unicorn.

“Mm-hmm, and man, does it feel good growing my wings like that,” said Dash. She looked down a bit at her left hoof. “And last but not least, my favorite, most awesomest part of this whole thing… I didn’t realize it back then, but now I know that if you want to look the part, if you really want to look super…”

Dash concentrated further, narrowing her eyes a bit. The winds grew and sped themselves up a bit, causing Twilight’s mane to move along with them. A shine of light then went across Dash’s eyes, turning their irises from rose to a ruby shade of red.

“…You got to change your color to a bright one, so that everypony can see that you totally mean business to the bad guy.”

“Right,” nodded Twilight, continuing to watch her as the winds blew. She smiled. “And the brightest color of them all is pure white.”

“Exactly! …Aaahhh... Hmmmm!!”

With that loud grunt, and her lifting up and swinging her head down, a large flash and explosion of white particle energy swiftly emitted from the pegasus, causing a bigger rush of wind that went into her surroundings. The winds blew Twilight’s mane briefly upward as it came to her, also slightly moving the objects on her desk back as well. The books on the shelves moved slightly, as the sudden rush wasn’t strong enough to knock them out of their place.

The winds died down, and Dash now stood there transformed as the unicorn saw. Along with her flames, large wings, and red eyes, her blue coat became a pure white one. An army of white energy particles were being emitted upward from her overall body, forming an aura that surrounded her and moved her large wings along at a constant rate.

With the transformed pegasus still in her lowered-head stance, a red glowing outline of a lightning symbol appeared on her neck. The glow then turned into a fully red glow, and from the left and right sides of it, a full yellow glow was seen extending and forming into a shape that resembled a necklace.

The glows dimmed down, and there was the Element of Loyalty that was worn on her neck.

Having just finished her transformation, Dash stood herself straight up and raised her head, looking onwards to Twilight and with a determined smile still on her face.

“Well, here I am. Super Rainbow Dash in the flesh!” she exclaimed.

“…Huh. That was such an amazing transformation,” Twilight said, smiling while in awe. “To see your mane and tail shapeshift into flames, your wings enlarged, your eyes turning pure red, and your blue coat turning white like that. It’s as if you became another pony altogether.”

“Eh, I wouldn’t say that,” Dash said, looking at herself all over and raising her left hoof up, turning it around to look at the underside of it. “It’s more like, that I’ve turned into another side of me. A side that was hidden within me until I discovered it that night when I had that dream… Or, if you wanna get metaphorical…”

She raised her left hoof up further and put it on her chest.

“I’m still the same pony that I was before. It’s just that I’ve brought out my soul from within. My soul on display.”

“Heh. The Soul of Harmony, you mean,” said the unicorn. “Which isn’t just a metaphorical thing, though.”

“Yep,” nodded the pegasus.

Twilight chuckled. Continuing to look at and observe her, the unicorn began to walk up to her and stopped right in front of her.

“Hmm, amazing, indeed. You really do look like a beacon of hope here, Rainbow. An angel of Harmony, more like. The white coat, the white wings…”

Twilight looked over at Dash’s left and right sides, seeing the constant white particles that were coming off of her.

“…and what appears to be an aura of energy around you, which further tells that you possess great power within.”

“An aura? Is that what you call it?” asked Dash, her smile fading, lowering her hoof and looking at herself once more. “This cloud of whiteness that surrounds me when I need to use more of my power?”

“Yes, an aura. Basically, a bigger, flashier version of the magic glow that you see from a unicorn’s horn… It’s what you just said. When you try to use magic energy, but you’re using the entire body to do it instead, this is what happens. Your entire body glows bright. It happens to us whenever we use the Elements of Harmony together, remember? We glow bright, and then, the glows unite to combine our power.”

“Ah, right. Yeah, I remember. It’s just that I never heard about that being called an aura before.”

“Mm-hmm,” Twilight nodded. “Although… this is a type of aura that I’ve never actually seen before, as your body seems to be emitting these tons and tons of tiny white particles… Huh, this must be Harmonic energy in its truest form, then.”

“Well, duh… This is a transformation that nopony has ever seen in a long time, either,” Dash said, smiling again. “So it should be no surprise to you, really.”

“Yeah… Hm.”

After glancing at the aura, Twilight turned her attention toward Dash’s red eyes.

“Pure red eyes… Seeing those, you’d think that a pony or some other creature might be pure evil or something. But with you here, it seems that it isn’t always the case with red-eyed beings. You, and that Bulk Biceps guy.”

“Ah, yeah. I forgot about him,” Dash said. “Yeah, he’s, like, the only other pony with a white coat and red eyes. Only except that his is natural and mine isn’t… But yeah, red eyes don’t always mean that you’re evil. I think I heard somewhere that having red eyes also mean that you have a lot of power within, by the way.”

“Really? Where did you hear that?”

“Hmm… I don’t remember,” the pegasus said, looking up with a hoof on the bottom of her chin. “But honestly, it makes perfect sense, as both Bulk Biceps and I have great strength in our hooves.”

She lowered her hoof and resumed her determined smile.

“With me being the strongest, obviously, and by far. I mean, you did see me lift up a ton of buildings while we were rebuilding Ponyville, right?”

“Yes, I did. And I definitely know what you had to do to me while I was brainwashed,” said Twilight.

“Yeah. Thankfully, I didn’t do TOO much damage to you... Or else…”

Dash gulped loudly and looked away, knowing what would’ve happened if she went too far.

“Or else, I wouldn’t have survived,” said Twilight, sighing and looking down. “But I did, anyway, and that’s all it matters. Like I said after the battle, you did what you had to do.”

“Right…” nodded the pegasus, sighing afterward as well.

Looking up at her again, the unicorn then glanced at Dash’s flaming rainbow mane and tail.

“Speaking of hotheads… um, if I touch your rainbow flames directly, will I burn my hoof?” she asked, staring at Dash’s flaming mane.

Hearing her, Dash looked up and smiled. Raising her left hoof up to it, she then touched her flame. It seemingly unaffected her hoof, as the fire went past it.

“Well, I dunno about you, but it doesn’t burn me when I touch it,” she said, swaying her hoof across her flaming head. “In fact, it feels rather cool to me here… But maybe that’s because my body can withstand it? I dunno.”

“…Hmm, strangely enough, I don’t feel any heat coming from you… Here, let me try something.”

Looking back at the table, Twilight’s horn began to glow bright. On the table, there was a set of unlit fire matches situated in a small open matchbox. Using her horn, she picked one up from the box and levitated it over, moving it to near Dash’s head flame.

“I’m going to light this match up with your flame, to see if it actually is real fire,” she said. “’Cause again, I’m not feeling any heat from you at all.”

The unicorn levitated the match over to the flame, touching it. After a second, she moved it away, and as both of them saw, the match appeared to be unlit still.

“Huh? It didn’t light up,” Twilight said, looking a bit surprised. “That’s surprising.”

“If it’s not lit up, then… it isn’t real fire at all,” said Dash.

“Yeah… Then again… when there’s fire, there’s… Oh, of course! There’s always smoke when there’s fire. And since there isn’t any smoke coming from your flames here…”

The unicorn moved the match away, and the glow of her horn dimmed.

“Then it’s as you’ve just said. It’s not actually real fire at all… But, if it’s not a real flame, then…”

Lifting her right hoof up and looking at it, with an expression of curiosity on her face, Twilight then slowly raised it towards Dash’s head flame. With her hoof just near it, she could feel that it was not heat coming from it, but that of cool air, instead.

Feeling it, she moved her hoof directly into the rainbow flame. Just as the colorful fire began to surround the hoof, what the unicorn felt was a mass stream of cool air that surrounded her hoof, emitting upward from the pegasus’ head.

“…What? It feels rather… cool to me,” she said, looking at her hoof as it continued to be in the flame. “Like you said earlier!”

“So it does feel cool to you as well, huh?” said Dash, smiling.

“But… I don’t understand,” said Twilight, looking puzzled. “How can a flame be cool like this? I mean, when you think of fire, you think of, well, the hotness. That it burns you when you try to touch it.”

“Yeah, I dunno either, Twilight,” said the pegasus, shrugging. “But maybe it has something to do with this form being called the Flame of Harmony. ‘Cause when you think of Harmony…”

“…you think of peace, and that everything is in tune with each other. Of course!” exclaimed the unicorn, realizing it with her eyes looking a bit wide. “Yes, that must be why!”

Twilight lowered her hoof.

“A flame that cools you due to it being powered by Harmonic energy… Now that is extremely interesting,” she said, smiling.

Dash chuckled. “Well, uh… I think some people might worry that I may set something on fire with these flames, even though I can’t. So… if it comes down to that, I can stop the flames and just have this, instead. Watch.”

Looking upward, she concentrated. A second later, both of her flames ceased their movements and embers, dying down, and her mane then shrunk a bit. With the flames having died down, her tail reverted back to its normal form, while her mane now appeared to be in a completely spiked-up, standing-on-end style, with its overall shape almost resembling that of a motionless flame.

“See? Now it’s just your normal hairy mane, but with the awesome shape of a flame,” she said, touching and moving her spiked mane. “And now, nopony has to worry about me setting their stuff on fire.”

“Huh, I see,” Twilight said, staring at the mane.

“Although, if I did this while I’m fighting, I’d be a tiny bit less powerful than before. I discovered this while I was training the other day, by the way,” the pegasus added, frowning a bit.

“Ah, so basically, the more power you use, the more your appearance changes.”

“I guess…” Dash shrugged. “I still don’t know everything about this power here. I don’t know how far I can push myself, what other abilities I have besides the Rainbow Bomb and the Super Sonic Rainboom… That’s why I gotta train. It’s what the Soul of Harmony wanted me to do after all.”

“Right. Same as with everything else, really,” the unicorn said, looking down at the pegasus’ necklace. “If a pony is inefficient at doing something, he or she must improve at it.”


With her eyes on Dash’s Element necklace, Twilight lifted up and placed her hoof on it, causing Dash to notice. With her hoof on it, the unicorn then glanced over to her right, looking at something that was placed in the library.

A few feet to the right of Twilight and to the left of Dash, there stood a stone pedestal. On top of it was a large glass box, and contained within it were the six Elements of Harmony, resting on a pinkish-purple surface.

“Well, that’s interesting,” Twilight said. “Your Element is over there in the box, and yet…”

“…it’s here on me. Yeah, I know, right?” Dash said, looking over at the box and then down at her necklace, smiling. “I mean, every time I transform into this, I notice that my Element appears on me, even though I took it off that night after I defeated Discord… Well, if I had to guess, when I transform, this appears on me to show that I represent Harmony, and that the Element of Loyalty is my strongest out of all the Elements that I represent.”

“…Hmm, yeah, I think that would be the most logical explanation on why this replica is on you, Rainbow.”

“Yeah. Honestly, I think having this on me makes me look even more awesome.” The pegasus grinned.

Twilight lowered her hoof down and began to look all over Dash once more. While she looked, Dash glanced over to the Elements box.

“Uhhh, with me and my Super form here, why do we even need to keep the Elements in here, anyway?” the pegasus asked, with a puzzled look. “Why didn’t Princess Celestia just keep them over in the tower at Canterlot?”

“Well, you did say that, despite that most of their power is in you now, there still is some leftover power within them,” said Twilight, still looking all over Dash. “So with that, the Princess decided to keep them in here with me in case we need to use them either as a last-ditch effort or as our first offense, depending on what happens. So, if something like the Changelings comes here again, then we can easily just unleash the magic beam on them. But if that fails, then it’ll be up to you. And if you go first but somehow lose in the end, then the last-ditch option comes in.”

“First offense, huh? …Well, I guess I did ask if you guys still prefer to use the magical beam or not after all. Heh.” Dash smiled. “Well, fine. I think I’ll leave it to you to decide, then, Twilight.”

“Yep. If we use the beam first and we succeed, then you won’t have to waste time transforming and then saving the day.”

“Fair enough, then.”

The unicorn continued to look, until she noticed something.

“Your cutie mark looks a bit different,” she said. “Well, it largely looks the same. Just that the cloud part of it looks like it’s darker.”

“Heh. You mean it became a storm cloud now,” said the pegasus, looking back. “Yeah, I’ve noticed, too.”

“Yeah, a storm cloud. I wonder if it’s there to symbolize the power that you’ve brought forth?”

“Obviously. And since our cutie marks show our destinies and all…”

“It further tells that being the Flame of Harmony is your true one. Right.”

After observing the cutie mark, Twilight then looked at Dash’s large wings. The unicorn put up and placed a hoof on it, feeling the strength and the toughness of them as she moved her hoof across the feathers. It felt like she was touching a rock with the hardness of them.

“White may be the brightest color of them all, but did you know that, in the light spectrum, white is the result when you mix all of the colors of the rainbow together?” asked Twilight, smiling. “With that in mind, it makes perfect sense that your coat is white here.”

“Uh, really? I didn’t know about that,” said Dash. “All the more awesome, then.”


Placing her hoof back on the ground, Twilight stepped back a bit.

“So, as I’ve seen while we were rebuilding the town, you can fly on your own, right?” she asked. “Without using your wings at all?”

“Yep! Watch.”

Lowering herself to the ground for a second, Dash then pushed and jumped herself upward into the air. Stopping in the air a few feet from the ground, she then floated there in a bipedal “standing” position, folding her wings to further show that she didn’t need them, with her aura still active around her.

“Awesome, huh?” she said, looking around and downward. “I guess, even when you’re a pegasus, it gives you the ability to fly anyway. I can pretty much stay in the air forever as well if I wanted.”

“Hm, I see.” Twilight stared at her with a bit of a fascinated look.

“Yeah. But even though I can fly without them, my wings can still be pretty useful, as I’ve found out that night. I can flap them to give myself a huge speed boost as well as to dodge out of the way. Though, I won’t show you here because, you know…”

The pegasus looked around.

“…it’s cramped in here.”

“Right. Otherwise, you’ll pretty much destroy this place if you did,” Twilight said, chuckling. “Well, maybe whenever you’re training, I’ll observe you there.”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea. Well, if anypony doesn’t need me today, maybe I’ll start training. And then, you can watch.”

Twilight nodded. “Alright, then. Let me know, Rainbow Dash.”


The pegasus descended and landed back on the wooden floor on all fours.

“Well, I think I’m just about done seeing every facet of your transformed appearance here, Rainbow,” Twilight said. “And again, wow… I really don’t think I’ve seen anything else like this before. It is really something else.”

Dash chuckled. “You got that right!”

“Mm-hmm. Well… is there anything you’d like to say or point out to me about your form here? Or should I just let you go for now?”

“Anything else? Well…”

Dash pondered, looking upward and putting her hoof on her chin while still smiling.

“…There is one thing that might be interesting to you,” she said. She lowered her hoof and looked at the unicorn. “And I found out about this a few days after that night. You know how Princess Luna stayed as her Nightmare Moon self until we reverted her back, right? Well, it turns out that I can stay transformed, too. It’s just that I can revert myself back to normal, unlike her. That, and she had a totally different personality anyway, but yeah.

“If I want myself to stay like this, though, then first I gotta power down a bit,” she continued, her smile fading. “If I don’t, then I’m going to feel more and more restless, and eventually, I’m gonna be forced out of my Super form. Basically, I’m going to run out of energy.”

“Really? Huh, that’s interesting, indeed…” Twilight said, looking fascinated again. “…And yet, not so interesting as well. From what you said, it sounds like even your transformation is prone to stressing out. The more you do something at a continuous rate, the more you’ll tire yourself out.”

“Hmm, something like that, I guess. But yeah. So if I want to stay like this, I must do this.”

Dash unfolded her large wings and proceeded to concentrate, calming herself. Soon, her aura began to fade away, stopping the emission of particles from her body. Then, her wings began to shrink themselves, shrinking back to their normal size.

“…Huh. Just as using more power changes your appearance, so does using less until you are normal again,” Twilight said, seeing her.

“Yeah. Now I don’t feel restless anymore like this. I’m obviously still Super, though, and I’m still pretty strong and fast. Just not at the same level as before. And honestly, I think I can still take bad guys out at this level,” Dash said, smiling.

“Heh, perhaps. And if they’re stronger than expected…”

“…then I can power myself up to their level. Yep. Hopefully, they’re not too strong for me to handle. Heh heh… Alrighty, I don’t think I have anything else to say or show you until I start training, so…”

“Right,” Twilight said, nodding and smiling. “I shall let you go now. Thanks for taking the time to let me observe you, Rainbow Dash. It was, as much as I’ve said it already, very fascinating.”

The pegasus chuckled. “No prob. It’s always awesome to allow somepony to witness my new Super form.”

Folding her wings, she jumped into the air and floated a few feet above the ground.

“I’ll let you know when I start training, Twilight. Then, you’ll get to see what I can really do.”

“Alright. Looking forward to it.”

Raising her hoof upward, bringing it down, and looking like she was making a fist, grinning and nodding, Dash then turned towards one of the open windows of the tree library. She propelled herself towards that direction and flew out of the library with her hooves out in front.

Watching her fly out, still with a smile, Twilight sighed.

“So unexpected, indeed. Well, that’s what life tends to throw at you, I guess.”

With Dash gone, the unicorn turned towards her desk. In the lower left corner of the desk, there was another book placed there, and on top of it was a piece of paper. A letter to her, it was, and seeing it, she remembered what it said when she first read it this morning.

“’He was never able to get it right,’” she recited. “…Hmm.”

Using her horn, she lifted the book up from underneath the letter. Turning around and taking the book along, she opened it and began to walk around, reading it at the same time.

“From one to another, another to one. A mark of one’s destiny singled out alone, fulfilled.”


Having just left the Golden Oak Library, Dash was now flying a few feet above the streets of Ponyville, flying on her own without the use of her wings and at a slow cruising speed. She didn’t want to fly fast at this height, since she could easily knock over things with her super speed.

The white pegasus was heading towards a large building ahead of her. This building was no ordinary one, though, for it seemed to be themed around bakery and confectionaries. The very top of the building appeared to have the shape and the motif of a cupcake, with lit candles on top of it and a window in the middle of its “wrapper.” The main roof of the building appeared to be covered with gingerbread all over, outlined with bluish-white frosting all over, and there was a lone flower pot on the right of the roof with a flower that was leaning over. To the left and right of the main door were candy cane-themed poles that were holding up the entrance part of the frosted gingerbread roof.

This building was the home of Ponyville’s bakery shop, Sugarcube Corner, and it was also the home of one of the Element wielders.

Descending towards the door, Dash landed in front of it and opened it, walking in. With the sight of a countertop ahead that contained various confectionary and baking goods, she walked further and looked around, stopping in front of the countertop.

“Pinkie Pie, I’m here,” Dash called, smiling. “You said you baked some cupcakes for me, so…”

A quick second later, the pink pony herself suddenly popped up from the other side of the countertop, startling the pegasus a bit. She placed her hooves on top of the counter.

“Yes sirree, you got that right, Rainbow Da---!“ she exclaimed, interrupted by the sight of Dash being in her Super form. She then looked surprised. “…Ohhhhhhhh! I mean… Super Rainbow Dashie! Hehehehe! Here they are, then!”

Ducking under the countertop, the pink pony then quickly reemerged, this time holding a tray of twelve cupcakes and then placing it on the counter. With a white wrapper surrounding them, the cupcakes’ base was of the usual golden color, with a large swirl of vanilla frosting on top of it. Several rainbow sprinkles were scattered all over, and in the very center of the frosting was a fondant decoration that resembled Super Dash’s storm grey cutie mark.

“See what I did here? I themed them after your awesome white Super self!” Pinkie exclaimed. “’Cause it’s the most awesomest thing in the whole wide world right now!”

“Really?” Dash asked, chuckling while looking a bit shy. “I wouldn’t treat it as the most awesome thing in the world right now, actually. But yeah, it’s definitely up there, that’s for sure.”

Raising her body upward and now floating slightly above in a bipedal position, the white pegasus picked up a cupcake with her hooves. Unwrapping one with her right hoof, she then took a bite out of it.

“…Mmm! I swear, you make the best cupcakes in the world, Pinkie Pie,” she said, smiling with a look of joy as she chewed, taking another bite afterward.

The pink pony giggled. “Well, it’s one of my specialties after all! One of the pieces of the pie that makes people happy!”

“Hehe, yep.”

Finishing up the cupcake and throwing the wrapper away, Dash then picked the entire tray of cupcakes up with both hooves.

“Thanks as always, Pinkie,” she said. “I’m gonna go share the rest of these with everypony now.”

“Yeah, go ahead if you want. And if they like them, I can always bake more if they want!”

Dash nodded. She turned around and proceeded for the door, exiting the shop.

Pinkie sighed happily, watching the white pegasus leave with a look of love on her face.

“Soooo awesome… Huh?”

Suddenly, she noticed something flash white to her left and behind, making her look. There was nothing she saw that caused the flash.

“What was that just now…? Huh?!”

She then saw a glimpse of something that was on her own body. The pink pony looked, and what she saw shocked her with wide open eyes.

“Wh-what?! My cutie mark!”

The cutie mark on her was suddenly not her three yellow-and-blue balloons mark. Instead, it was that of three crystal-blue diamonds.