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Princess Celestia is the world's best economist, and Twilight Sparkle is her best student. Then Twilight is sent to Ponyville for the summer monetary festival. While she's there, the world keeps nearly ending.

With the science of economics (and a little magic of friendship), she can save the day. Probably. The day, as it were, mostly seems to save itself.

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This seems to be the start of the story. You might be better off leaving out the previous chapter.

"...Princess Celestia was not so much the ruler of her domain as its measuring tape, scale, and astrolabe."
"...Twilight took to managing things in much the same sense that a drug addict takes to cocaine, and being asked to manage the NGDP Targeting Festival by Princess Celestia herself was rather like a junkie being asked by Tony Montana to look after his stash for a while."

Have I mentioned how much I love your writing? Because I do.

Finally, a story that addresses my two great loves, economics and cartoon horses.

I love you.

Did this story already exist before and was taken down? The whole description and title image seems very familiar, but the date says it didn't exist until the end of December.


Oh my gosh, I learned more about economic theory and the last eight years from a fanfic about magic ponies than I did from every 'expert'.

This is a spectacular story, and continues to be so right up until a few thousand words after Nightmare Moon is defeated. As for the rest, I'm still not entirely clear on what it's for, exactly.

Great story nonetheless. Why did you upload the first chapter by itself, then every other chapter all at once over a week later?


Holy.... that was that threat seemed so lame at first and then just turned into a nightmare about three sentences in.


Consequentially, I think this is the first time I've ever seen anyone pull off a 'kill you with kindness' threat before.



I take it that RD's test was to find a way to get every pony across in the most efficient manner. I think her task was the easiest, no offense. Fluttershy though pretty much saved the day twice now. She's really proving to be most valuable pony on the team.

I've only the first chapter and I'm already happy Bad Horse sent me here.

6838147 And okay, yes, you should start as close to the action as possible... but maybe some stories that have a radically different take on the setting or characters (as this one does) can survive with a bit of short prologue.

And come on, it was short. It was short!

Wow. This chapter just earned you a fave. That was amazing and disturbing.

I remember this story before it was linked to Princess Cadance. Is Shining Armor's unforgivable crime that he abandoned Twilight to travel the world making a pencil?

This is the weirdest thing I've ever read.

And I love it.

> "All the animals wore black bands around one of their limbs, about where a wrist would be on a human."

⸘Humans‽ ¡Those mythical pony-eating apes! ¡Only foals believe in humans! ¡Next you will claim that planets orbit the Sun.

The Moral of this story is - Economics is similar to Thermodynamics in regards to the rules:

Zeroth: You must play the game.
First: You can't win.
Second: You can't break even.
Third: You can't quit the game.

When Princess Celestia raised the money supply, goods and services sold more easily. Income went up, and the ponies were slow to realize that each bit bought less than before. When Princess Luna lowered the money supply, goods sat on the shelves unsold. Ponies had fewer bits. That their bits now bought more did not impress them.

This is where the whole idea for this story started, wasn't it?


That was a different lover, now dead for many centuries. The relationship between Shining Armor, Princess Cadance, and Twilight Sparkle will be explored in the next two chapters to be published.


Value is not conserved. Furthermore, value can be and constantly is created.


After some study, my belief is that a story starts on the first page that makes you want to read the next page. I think what is currently the first chapter will accomplish that for many, although tastes will always differ. Diversity is, after all, the first lesson.


The Ponyville ponies were smarted than they looked



This process of exchange and calculation in the marketplace until an equilibrium free of gluts is achieved is mediated by money.

achieved and mediated?

“Your gratitude overflows. I am drowning in it.”

Such an amazing line.


Who can say from whence brilliance sprang?

Oh Pinkie.

Eldritch cake recipies are nothing to truffle with.

Second, buffaloes don’t believe in land ownership, so I don’t see how ponies could move onto their land. Third, hey, if buffaloes want them to go away, they can pay them to. They don’t, so they don’t.

Oh Twilight. Such an accidental imperialist.

Is Charley's granddad a leeching parasite in this version of the tale, too? Probably, if he takes a cut of the auction.

There is nothing as monstrous as a truly petty tyrant.

Why does anyone over the age of twelve enjoy monopoly?

You're trying to tell me something with these interviews, and I'm not canny enough to figure it out.

This is a truely heartwarming sequence.

And what does Twilight have to say about handcrafted gifts. The work that goes into them is the representation of the value of a relationship between two ponies, and if the gifts exchanged took similar amounts of time and effort to create, isn't that at least a net neutral?

Can you quantify the value of warm fuzzies?

Much of this I have read before, but it was refreshing reading it again.

Bad Horse has never let me down! Neither has Mylittleeconomy, or you, for that matter. Hmm.

Twilight Sparkle: Making Economics sexy


You can quantify the value of anything. This fact is of central importance in the next story arc.


I too remember (something like) this story and author. I wonder what happened to it.


That second law is only applicable to gaining value by arbitrage in an efficient market, i.e. the stock market (although it's not exactly efficient...). You can do much more than break even, and the first and third (same as the zeroth, and of course there's a way out) laws also ignore the fact that 'the game' is not actually zero-sum at all.

Good to see your work back online. I finally found a sufficiently long gap in my schedule to start reading.

I don't usually comment in the middles of stories, but this needs to be said:

“I’m the spirit of madness that haunts this dark town. Tee hee!”

Yes, but what's your costume?

I'm very glad that I finally read this story. It's at least as entertaining as it is informative, which is saying a lot. It is a bit concerning that economic crises seem to have become a monthly event for Equestria, but at least Twilight isn't expected to clean up after each and every one of them. Eagerly looking forward to more.

[2] Some other things happened afterward. He died. She built an empire. And so on. Science continued its work.

Stabbed through the eye by a hoof-crafted #2 pencil?

i got 1 no 2 questions ok

what are you smoking?

where can i get some?

This... This is amazing.

A perfect union of Friendship is Witchcraft and the later canon.

If only a Princess can stop Cadance's evil plans, then a Princess Twilight must become.

Edit: I just rewatched Foaly Matripony. Still just as hilarious as ever.

Is she going to refuse to choose and be left with nothing?

Would the mare be disappointed?

Failure to decide is in itself a decision. I tell that to my kids. They think I'm just crazy.

I love Francis Sparkle! If Twilight is investigating whether Cadance was really able to make Shining Armor fall in love with her, she needs to figure out if the Crystal Empress can fry a mean corndog and if she gave him the Element of Hunkiness.

flutters DAM gurl that was harsh true but still your a cold heartless bitch

I OUGHT to slap you for the 'Lord of The Rings' refrence

A well-named saga, this. The shovel mare stands outside of usual dealings... and until now, Twilight has stood by her. Even when swayed by the power of friendship, Twilight was still somewhat aloof and distant, viewing everything through the lens of economics. (Entirely appropriate, given that when using the Elements, she is a lens of economics.) But now? Now it's not just one person she stands to lose. Now it's five, and with them, an entire new life. This is definitely farewell for someone... or so I think. This is Twilight Sparkle we're talking about. If anypony can find the optimal solution, it's her.

Also, interesting to note that there was no rainboom in this timeline. Twilight seemed to fuel her mark-surge with wrath inspired by improper testing procedures. Or maybe there was a more subtle unifying principle that I had missed. Also, I would've really liked to have seen just what was so worrisome about those interest rates. The matter of Cadence remains tantalizingly ambiguous...


And yet my grant application for this fanfic was denied.

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