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The Villains of Equestria are all amateurs and need someone to show them how it's done. Don't send a pony to do an Overlord's job.

Rated T for Teen. Contains comic mischief, epic stories, an Overlord, diamond dogs, minotaurs, griffons, changelings and ponies. Can't forget the ponies.

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I have been looking for a good Overlord story for some time now. I just finished the first chapter and I am happy with it so far. Keep up the good work.

The first part really sounds like Gnarl. Keep up the good work!!!

This has a lot of potential. Love it.

I know that Queen Chrysalis is one nasty piece of work, and that she pretty much deserves Everything that happend, i still do feel sorry for her.

That aside, i do love me some Overlord "one of my top five fav games of all times" and MLP crossovers, and i have several ideas that i would love to put in a fanfic, sadly tough i kinda SUCK at Writing, so i find Comfort in glorius fic such as this!

They see him Overlordin, they hate him. They think that they gon catch him sittin on Chrysalis! XD good so far. Enjoying the idea that the Overlord had done little but swing a sword and throw someone while looking intimidating to rule an entire people. XD bloody hilarious Overlord.

I have never played Overlord. But I find this concept hilarious. I'll keep a lookout for this.

I played the whole Overlord 2 story three times.

I have seen 2 overlord stories on this sith. (Tjis one included) but i know noting abaut it. Whold someone here like to help?

Overlord is a game series where you play as a villain character for once. Basically you have to do the usual evil things such as conquer, pillage and smiting things. Besides being a powerful dark lord you also command little gremlin like creatures called minions. If you've ever played pikmin it's the same concept. Instead of little flower guys you get comical minions that do whatever you want as well as stupid stuff. There are 2 main series games and a couple spin off games that are currently out. You can watch videos of them on youtube or buy them on steam for real cheap.

Nice! I really liked how you replaced the minions with changelings in this fic, it was well written as well as well thought out, alos a nice touch at the end with how he replaced his old gem with the changeling crystal, it's makes it belivable with how he had trouble to communicate with the changelings in the beginning, with him being a ancient diffrent species and all, but later got linked up with them.

finaly a good overlord story been forever sense a good one comes out keep up the good work

OMG this is the best thing ever!

I like it. This is deffenitly what the overlord in the game would do and I always prefer manipulate over just plain mindless destruction not there is anything wrong with it. It's just hard to feed off love if there dead you know :heart::pinkiecrazy:

6330982 I culd not have said it better. Power comes in manny forms.:pinkiecrazy:

While the great and dark one may appear to be utterly ruthless "wich he most likley is" it would seem he has a weakness for Children, i mean, he did not hurt the changeling larva and he did save the filly whitout hesitation, so there appear to be some small traces of kindness left in him.

6295450 I Like this and you forgot the four types of minions The Browns basic melee, The Reds ranged and immune to fire, The Greens the Assassins and Poison immune , The Blues healers and resurrecters and they can swim.

1: Looks like someling want the dark one to raid her castele. If you know what I mean.:ajsmug:
2: smart move by the dark.:moustache:
3: Seems like the dark is going to have fun. Cant say the same for the dog. Not that thats a bad thing.:pinkiecrazy:

Yes! Pony worshippers! A must for every dark lord.

you know what i like about this overlord story? - the fact that it is SOOOO good/bad (evil),
the overlord is silent but terrifying as he should be.
he is not good but he only attacks and kills those necessary.
And no pony has been killed (yet) - important pony death makes me a sad panda :(

p.s. get the references?

Overlord:.......Oh *beep* me.

it sounds like the overlord summond the dragon.

The dark one is in for it now, really looking foward to see how he will get out of this situation.

I hope the surfer dude (Shining Armor) gets killed or mutilated or at least get kicked in the balls repeatedly . I hate him as an one dimensional character.

And nice story, it is a very realistic overlord.

Oh, I do so hope taht celestia realizes she is fucking with something older then herself when he gets there.

I hope that they don't try to teach the overlord the 'Magic of Friendship'

Aaaah, how Quick loving and cheering masses can turn against their heroes, and people wonder why there are so much evil in the World.

What the heck is this????

Comment posted by Necron Lord deleted Sep 23rd, 2015

Interesting.....a bit short tough.

I am so very sorry. I did not mean to publish this chapter. I must have accidentally hit the publish button by mistake. I humbly apologize if it upset you.

Well, this is embarrassing.

Well if you played Overlord 2 the overlord was bullied as a child and none of the villagers like him but there was a little girl who treated like a normal human being instead of a evil monster so maybe that has some thing to do with it

6448512 That's true, but let's not forget that he Went all terminator on the other Children in the village "exept for the ginger" so i don't know if that's the reason why he is fond of youngsters.

Remember this is the son of the Overlord from the second game.

6448755 Ah! Ok, now i remember, i completly forgot about that.

Yeah, that's about right for the blight upon the land. Down with the ponies

Updated comment: Great chapter, i like how you are keeping true to the Overlord character while still adding your own personal touch to him.

this is great! better then the last one..... hope you continue to update your story!

I'm glad it was just a mistake publishing that chapter way early, this one is so much better and i like how Luna lost to a memory/dream. :scootangel:

I love that the first thing he did when he got loose was to go after the Warden, vengance first, escape second.

YES! YES! DESTROY the damnedable little furry freaks!:pinkiecrazy: and then feed their carcasses to the dragons:scootangel:

"Not only is thee responsible for Brittlebuck's destruction but thou was seen accompanied by changelings. Thy companions art responsible for Canterlot's ransacking and thus art criminals."

Racist Fucking Ponies also minions are Badass.:pinkiehappy:

I dont like the fact that the overlord isnt killing, mutilating or doing anything gorish but still, im loving the story

Forgive me if I'm wrong but from what I can tell the drones are Browns the scouts are Greens and the casters are Reds/Blues. Not bad.

Most of the ponies, with notable exceptions, seem to be utter pricks. Looking forward to their just desserts.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

Going for the warden? No better time for some mind control magic, in my humble opinion.

calling the overlord a queen?

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