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The Right that Returns - febnic16

When Twilight was taken from her original reality, she thought she would never return. Now she has. War is at Equestria's doorstep. Twilight will have to make a choice. When Twilight does, she’ll have a huge task ahead of her.

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The Lines at Dawn |under rewrite|

|under rewrite|

The Lines at Dawn.

“This should be easy....! Why am I so scared of what they might say? They should know that this is who I am really, but what if they hate me... But they said that they would always love me... No use stalling any longer, here goes nothing!” Silver spoon contemplated as she stood outside her parent’s bedroom door. She raised her hand and knocked.

With every second, Silver Spoon felt her heart race. She started to play with her braid to distract herself. Her mother then opened the door.

Perfect set looked at her daughter and saw that she was playing with her braid. She knew that her daughter only did that when she was nervous. “Is there something wrong sweetie?”

“No, but I do have something to tell both of you. Can I come in?” Silver spoon responded. Her mother moved aside and let Silver in.

Silver spoon looked around and saw her father Pure Ingot, at his desk. The clouds outside caught her attention. ”The weather report did say that there was going to be a severe thunderstorm from the Everfree Frost tonight.” Perfect Set got his attention and walked over to the couch's that were in the center of the room.

Silver spoon sat across from her parents. She was used to talking to her parents this way but this time it was a brand new feeling. Silver took a few breaths before speaking. “First, you both said that you will love me no matter what, right?” She inquired to both her parents.

They both shared a confused look. Pure Ingot looked at his daughter who was looking at the ground. “Of course, we will love you no matter what you have done or who you are.” He repeated like the last time she had asked the question.

Silver let out a sigh of relief. “I have been meaning to tell you this but I was scared of doing so.” Silver spoon took a moment to compose herself before saying what she had practiced for two whole weeks. “I have a special someone and...”
“That’s great news silver! I never thought I would live to see the day when you would get a boyfriend. Oh how you have grown up!” Perfect Set exclaimed.

“Well.” Silver stated but was then cut off by her father.

“So when do we get to meet this young man that has captured your heart? What is his name? What is his family like?” Pure Ingot questioned.

“They are really nice and they are a loving and kind family.” Silver spoon listed.

“They sound very humble and gentle. What does his mother and father do?” Pure Ingot pressed.

“Their Mother is a famous musician.” Silver stated.

“Who is it, do we know them? Also what for his father?” Perfect Set asked.

“You might know her. She play’s for the Canterlot royal Orchestra. She doesn’t have a father.” Silver responded not noticing that what she had said.

“What happened to His father?” Pure Ingot commanded.

“When I asked about her father she spaced out. For the record it’s her not him.” At that moment the room temperature dropped several degrees. Silver Spoon scratched the back of her neck and looked at her father.

“It’s really great that you approve about me dating her and accepting me for who I am.” Silver looked at her father expecting to receive a warm loving look. But instead she was met by a cold heartless stare. “No.”

The room’s silence was broken by the crackle of lighting. The rain started to pelt the windows. “Silver that's, well.” Perfect Set started to but was interrupted when Pure Ingot stood up.

“We did not raise you to be this way. It must have been her that corrupted you. Tell me her name!” Pure Ingot demanded.

“Why do you want her name?” Silver Spoon returned as she stood up.

“So that I can have her dealt with for corrupting my daughter. So tell me her name.”

“She has not done anything to corrupt me. In fact, I asked her to go out with me. This is who I am and you can’t change that. I have never like boys. I have always liked girls.” Silver spoon replied to her father.

“You have two choices. Your first choice leave that whore of a girl that you are involved with and live a normal life. Your second choice is to stay with her and become an orphan that no one will care for. The choice is yours.” Pure Ingot laid out her Silvers options.
Perfect Set was at a loss for words. She had just learned her daughter was in love with someone. Also that her Silver Spoon was a lesbian, and now she was faced with a choice between her family or the girl she loved.
Silver spoon was faced with one of the largest decisions of her life. Choose family and live by their rules and be married to a guy who’s family was wealthy. Or, choose the girl she loved and lose everything she had call home. Silver thought hard and finally made her choice “Father, I choose her over you.”

Pure Ingot thought he had made her choose so hard that his daughter would chose them over her. “Very well you have one hour to gather what you own and get out before I have you thrown out.” He stated as lightning struck again closer to the house.

“You can’t do that. I’m your daughter and you just said that you would love me no matter what.” She sniffed as tears formed in her eyes.

“Yes I did say that, to our daughter who is straight not a lesbian. You sadly are not her. You now have 59 minutes left before I have you thrown out.”


“GET OUT!” Pure Ingot Yelled.

Silver spoon dared not to wait around any longer. She rushed to her room and packed all that she could all the while she held her tears back. Time seemed to move more fast then slow, never staying constant.
After 30 mins of packing, Silver had all that she would need and looked around the place she had called home. She walked over to her dresser and picked a photo of her family. She felt sadness at first, then rage, then anger which took hold. She then threw the picture down at the wooden floor shattering the glass. On her way out Silver Spoon grabbed her raincoat and left slamming the door behind her.

She felt the downpour wash away her tears as she ran to where Scootaloo lived.


“Why is this so difficult? I have faced everything the world I was in that could throw at me. If I am not mistaken the last thing I did there, was hold off a Changeling army from reaching the portal. I am a Valkyrie and we know no fear. With that being said, why does my mom scares me shit-less." Twilight thought as everyone looked at her new light. Twilight looked around for the tenth time meeting the same look again and again. “It’s a long story and I don’t know where to begin.” Twilight sighed.

“If you don't know where to start, maybe you can start by answering our questions. First off, how are you even moving if you received a gunshot wound injury less than 20 hours ago?” Rainbow Dash demanded as she got in Twi’s face.

“That’s because of a pain suppressant spell. Also I have taken rounds larger the .44 Magnum.” Twilight replied while pushing Rainbow Dash back.

“What I want to know is why you’re looking at all of us weirdly?” Fluttershy chimed in.

“That was bound to turn up at some point. We will get this over with.” Twilight started to chose her next words carefully. “Well put it simply I feel like I am talking to ghosts.” Twilight wiped the sweat off her brow before she felt something wet pooling around her waist. “Crap. Looks like we are going to have this Q&A at a later time ok.” Twilight stated as she staggered forward dropping her helmet.

“Twilight what’s wrong?” Velvet asked as she hurried to her daughter’s side to support her.

“Time flux is a double edge sword. I need to get the infirmary now.” Twilight groaned.


“That should do it.” Doctor Tourniquet informed Twilight as he finished off the stitches. “You know I'm surprised that it was you who needed medical attention and not Lady Rarity. But you seem be keeping me on my toes.” He mentioned as he finished washing his hands. As he turnned back around “I recommend that you take it easy for a while. Don’t make this habit.”

“Don’t worry you won’t see me in here for a long time to come.” Twilight promised as she put her shirt on and put her vest back on and left the exam room. A few minutes later Twilight walked into the waiting room where she found her Parents, brother, friends and the Princess deep in conversation.

“So what do we do know?” Cadence asked as she looked a Celestia.

“I don’t know.” Celestia whispered.

Twilight had a good idea of what they had just discussed and decided to make her presence known. “I’m surprised that all of you waited for me to get stitched up again.” Everyone looked over to Twilight expecting a certain girl who was asleep. Before anyone could speak, she did. “I will answer all your questions tomorrow at breakfast. But I need to speak with the Princess privately.” Twilight stated quietly as she tried not to wake the room’s only occupant who was asleep.

Everyone left room except for Luna, Trixie, Cadence, Celestia and Fluttershy who was asleep in Celestia’s arms. “What did you wish to tell us Twilight?” Celestia questioned.

Twilight looked around and pushed away fear that she had. “Luna already knows what I am about to say. I am not a Pegasus, Mage or Earthbound.”

“So you’re saying that you are one of us?” Trixie hesitantly asked.

“Yes Trixie, I am an Alicorn. Allow me to introduce myself properly this time.” Twilight stood up straight and looked at four pairs of eyes and started. “I am Twilight Anna Sparkle Fifth Valkyrie and Fourth princess of Equestria.”

“That would explain how you were able to use Time Flux to save Rarity.” Cadence pointed out.
“What’s Time Flux?” Trixie questioned.

“It’s a very powerful spell that was found in the Castell Empire library a few days ago. The archivist are still trying to identify what class of magic it belongs too.” Cadence replied.

“I'll save you the trouble. It’s a tear 1 time illusion spell.” Twilight sated. The four other in the room stood slacked jawed. “I’m right aren’t I Luna?”

“You're partially right twilight, if you go by civilian terms. Time Flux is a tear 2 combat time illusion spell.” Luna said with a smirk on her face.

“Let’s not get off track here. Twilight you claim that you are an Alicorn. While I saw you use the time flux spell to save Rarity. I still can’t fully believe that you are an Alicorn. Due to the fact the spells can be embedded on gems and used at will.” Celestia stated as she moved to make Fluttershy more comfortable.

Trixie stayed quiet letting all that was said. She decided to test twilight “If you are a true Alicorn then you know what you have to give up?”

“For one to be an Alicorn one must shed their mortal gift and accept the curse that we all must carry.” Twilight replied sour-fully. Twilight reached into one of the many pockets she had and pulled out a picture and handed it to Trixie. “Tell me what you see?”

“Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, A girl with red and yellow hair, you and me.” Trixie said as she looked the picture over and over again. They all were in black uniforms and carried different and strange rifles that were all black as well. They also had a patch on their arms that were similar expect for twilights and Fluttershy.

“You, Sunset and I are the only left alive in that picture.” Twilight pointed out as she took the picture and handed it to Celestia who gave a confused look when she heard Sunsets name. She then handed it to Candace.

“Is this why you said that you felt like you were talking to ghosts?” Candace asked.

“Yeah.” Twilight replied as she looked away and felt tears well up to the surface. Luna walked over to Twilight and pulled her into a hug. Twilight finally was able to grieve for her friends and that she did. Twilight’s body shook as she Sobbed. For she was able to let pain and sorrow that had built up over the 6 years out.

Luna stood their held Twilight. "What trials has this poor girl gone through so much. How can I help her?"

Twilight's sods started to subside. “Thank you.” Twilight whispered as she broke the hug.

“So what are we going to tell the nobility?” a soft voice asked.

“Oh Fluttershy. I am sorry that we woke you up. I don’t have a clue what we’re going to say to them.” Celestia sighed. “Wait, how long have you been awake?” she asked in a stern voice.

“The whole time. Sorry.” Fluttershy whispered as she tried to hide herself behind her hair.

Before Celestia could reprimand Twilight did. “I knew she was when I started to talk. Besides she was going to find out eventually. As for the nobles I couldn’t give a fuck less what they think. Just to be safe I will defer my right as an alicorn to be a princess.”

“You do know that only last for three hundred years. Then afterwards you have to become a princess.” Celestia stated.

“I am well aware of the rules that surround the Magnum index.” Twilight responded.

“Very well. Twilight Anna Sparkle in compliance with rules set forth in the index your right to be a princess of Equestria has been waived for 3 centuries.” Celestia proclaimed.

“I fully understand what has been laid out the Magnum index and I accept the terms and conditions.” Twilight replied.

“So what will you do now?” Candace inquired as she looked at twilight.

Twilight thought for a moment and then replied. “I don’t have a long term plan. I guess that I could find a place to live and call home. Then assemble a new Valor squad.” As she pondered more, she started to feel the day’s toil hit. “But right now I would really like to go to sleep.” Twilight yawned and fell forward, but was caught by Luna.

Everyone else had look of concern as they looked at twilight. “Do not fret she is merely asleep. I will take her to her quarters and watch over her.” Luna declared. As she gazed over twilight.

“You know for a badass warrior, she is extremely cute when she is asleep. If I wasn’t married to shining I would indulge on other side of the fence.” Cadence sated with a wicked smile.

“Back off I saw her first.” Luna blurted out, without a second thought. She felt her cheeks grow red and resented what had been said.

“Aww looks like little Lulu has a huge crush on the new girl.” Celestia teased while Candace and Trixie laughed. While Fluttershy smirked slightly.

“Soror I prorsus si qua vos. Nisi te scire volo eam.” (Sister I would be quiet if I where you. Unless you want her to find out.) Luna replied as she lifted Twilight up and cared her bridal style to her quarters.

“What language was that and what did she say?” Fluttershy asked innocently.

“I will tell you in the morning.” Celestia replied as she took Fluttershy’s hand and lead her back to her private chambers.

Candace smirked and walked to her room.


Light filtered through the window of the Apple family barn. On two young girls that were nestled in a pile of hay. Apple bloom stirred as the sun hit her. Ever since she was old enough to work on the farm, she had begun to wake with the sun. She opened her eyes and sat up. She then slightly panicked when she realized that she was not in her bed. Then the events of the other night hit her.


Apple bloom was washing the dishes after dinner. She then looked out the window at the sunset. Her thoughts drifted to her friend who was going to tell her parents about her relationship as she was concerned of the outcome. She felt a warm hug from behind. Apple Bloom leaned back into the embrace and all other thoughts were pushed way.

"Do you want to go on a evening stroll after you finish the dishes?" a sweet voice asked from behind Apple Bloom.

"I would like that. Give me 5 minutes to finish up and then we can go." Apple Bloom stated as she returned to finish the dishes.

Five minutes later Apple Bloom and her friend walked hand in hand through the orchard. The heat from the hot summer sun had started to taper off. A cool breeze had blown through the orchard and carried the scents of the apples. Apple Bloom felt her friend hug her arm. "Do you want to go back and grab a jacket?" Apple Bloom offered.

"No I am fine. Plus we're almost where I wanted to take you." The girl said as they reached the foot of the hill. As they crested the hill they caught the last rays of the sun. "Apfelblüte?"(apple blossom)

"What's wrong Diamant? AB moved closer to her friend and took both her hands in hers.

"You need to understand why I got close to you in the first place before we continue in our relationship. " Diamant didn't meet AB's eyes.

"Hey." Apple bloom released Diamant's left hand. She reached up and turned her friend's head till their eyes met. "You know that you can tell me anything."

Diamant nodded her head. "I know, but you have to promise me that you'll let me explain everything, before you say anything." Apple bloom nodded her head.

"You asked me why I started to hang out with you, and the truth is that my dad said too. Your family has the largest amount of land in Ponyville and he wants it. But only an apple can have the land. So he wanted me to get close to you and get you to fall in love with and marry me. Then have us divorce. Then he could get his hand on land. The reason behind it all is the fact that the soil here is so fertile." Diamant stopped for a minute to catch her breath.

"When I started, it was for him and what he wanted but, I saw how hard the five of you work on this farm. My dad said that it was due to the land just being rich that's why your family does so well. I now know that he is wrong." Diamant pulled away and walked over to the lone tree on the top of the hill and looked out over the land.

Apple Bloom joined Diamant . "At first I thought of you as someone I could use to get what I want." She turned to Apple Bloom" But I then started to help work the farm and have meals with your family. I slowly realized that this is the life that I want. I don't care for money or fame. All I want is a real family like you have. And somewhere along the way I truly fell in love. Ich liebe dich Apfelblüte.” (I love you apple blossom)" Diamant then kissed her Apfelblüte.

The air stood still as Apple Bloom's mind tried to understand what she was told. When no words arose she did the next best thing. She pulled Diamant into kiss. Afterwards they laid down on the ground and watched the stars as they appeared.

They started to walk back to the house but then it started to downpour. The two young girls b-lined it to the barn to take cover for the rain and ended up falling asleep in each other's arms.


Apple bloom recalled as she moved the blanket off herself. “Wait where did this blanket come from?” Apple Bloom looked down at the blanket and found a golden feather.

She looked to right and found her love next to her and nudged her. “Just five more minutes.” The girl wined and pulled the blanket over her head.

“Come on Diamant it's time get up, we have a long day ahead of us.” Apple Bloom replied and tried to pull the blanket way but to no avail.

Diamant turned away from the light to catch some more sleep. “If you don’t get up now then you will force me to that.” Apple bloom whispered into Diamant ear.

Diamant sat up and looked Apple Bloom in the eyes “You wouldn’t dare.”

“Oh I would” Apple Boom gleefully replied as she tackled Diamant and started to tickle her.

After a few minutes Diamant gave up. “Alright alright. I’m up.” Diamant laughed. Apple Bloom stood up and offered Diamant a hand up. “Thank you for everything.” she said as took Apple Bloom’s hand.

“Come on, breakfast is probably on the table.” Apple Bloom stated as she pulled her along.

When they got to the door Diamant pulled AB around and kissed her. “Ich liebe dich Apfelblüte.” (I love you apple blossom)

“I love you too Diamond Tiara.” And returned the kiss. She then opened the door to go inside.


On the east side of the Canterlot Castle you can find the Princess’s personal quarters. In one of these rooms you can find a rare site. That site is Princess Celestia at pace with her love.

Fluttershy had awoken and looked at Celestia as she slept. “She works herself to the bone for this country. I wish she let me help her. But she always tries to be the strong one in our relationship and shield’s me from the horrors that are the nobles and their attempts to gain more power.” The heat shared between Celestia and Fluttershy had increased just enough for Fluttershy's eyes to grow heavy again. She snuggled further into Celestia’s warm embrace and fell back asleep with a smile on her face.

“Oh dear I made her worry again.” Celestia noted as she felt Fluttershy toss and turn. She casted a simple spell that increased the warmth of the bed just enough to coax Fluttershy back to sleep.
Tia felt her love snuggle back into her embrace and fell back asleep. “Oh Fluttershy what am I going to do with you.” Celestia sighed and fell back to sleep herself.

A few hours later Celestia awoke. She sat on the edge of the bed and stretched her arms. Before she could stretch her wings she felt two small arms wrap around her. “Good morning Fluttershy. Did you sleep well?” and all she got in reply was Fluttershy nodding her head against her back.

Celestia tried to stand but found Fluttershy clinging to her tighter. “Fluttershy dear, I need to raise the sun and then we have to get ready for the day. I have a hunch that it will be a long one at that.” Celestia felt Fluttershy’s arms release her and she stood up only to be pulled into a passionate kiss. To which she returned.

“I will love you till the end of time.” Fluttershy confessed as she broke the kiss.

Celestia’s smile dropped at what Fluttershy had said. “I guess now is the best time to ask her.” Celestia looked at her . “Fluttershy if you could stay with me for eternity would you?”

Fluttershy was unsure how to answer Tia’s question. She loved her more than anything and she did want to spend all the time she had with her and more. She thought back to when she confessed her love to Tia. Tia had rejected her at first. For one reason only, she could not lose another person that she loved.

After the diplomatic mission went to hell, Celestia was recused by Fluttershy. Celestia finally accepted her love on the airship back to Equestria. “I would love to spend the rest of time with you.” Fluttershy finally decided.

Celestia smiled “Go start the shower and I will join you when I am finished raising the sun.” With that she walked over to the balcony and waited till she heard the shower start.
“Discord.” Celestia called out.

“What is it dear Celestia?” Discord mocked her as he appeared sitting in a chair that balanced on the edge of her balcony railing.

“She said yes.” Celestia replied

“You know that once I do this, it can be undone.” Discord repeated what he had told her a few days ago.

“Just do it.” Celestia deadpanned as she started to raise the sun.

Discord snapped his fingers “It is done.”

Celestia nodded her head as she went back inside to join Fluttershy.


Breakfast was full of questions of who she was and what the other time was like. Twilight found herself in a weird but familiar position, the feeling was not unwelcomed. The frequency of the questions started to die down and all was business as usual.

“Oh! Fluttershy I was thinking about what you said about “Alicorns are damn near impossible to kill.” Does that mean they’re just ageless?” Rainbow asked catching everyone’s attention.

“Well we don’t know ourselves. I know that I have taken some fatal injuries over the years, but I would receive medical aid almost immediately or restively shortly.” Celestia recounted her past.

“The worst injury I have ever received I believe was a 20mm sabow round that passed through my armor and the right side my chest. I was down for a good 5 hours before I could get back into the fight.” Twilight stated nonchalantly as she ate her oatmeal, and did not realize that she just blew her cover.

“What?!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed. Which caused Twilight to realize that she had screwed up big time, because she had let herself slip into that old feeling.

“So, Twilight are you enjoying your meal?” Rarity asked breaking the uncomfortable silence that had adjoined the Breakfast table.

“It’s been the best breakfast I had in over two years.” Twilight replied while focused on her food. The room returned to silence.

“So we’re all going to avoid the elephant in the room?!” Rainbow Dash yelled clearly being pissed off.

“Rainbow Dash. Do not yell at the table.” Rarity replied with a stern stare.

“Well I am sorry. But how can all of you be calm after what Twilight said? We were all present at tact con and we all saw what a 40mm APCR round can do to 10cm armor. Now think about what would happen if a Human… The only way she could survive a hit like that is if Twilight is Alicorn” Rainbow concluded. Everyone except five of them looked dumbfounded at Rainbow’s statement.

“Well I guess the cat is out of the bag. As for how I survived that shot is complicated. The factors that allowed me to survive were speed of the round, my armor at the time and the fact I am an Alicorn. Before any of you ask, know that I am not a princess.” Twilight stated as she looked at Rarity.

“But how are you not. You’re an Alicorn and all Alicorn’s are princesses. Oh I could plan your coronation for you and I won’t take no for answer. After all you did save my life last night.” Rarity gushed.

Twilight felt aggravated at Rarity but realized she did not explain what she had meant properly. “Rarity thank you but that won’t be necessary.” Twilight calmly replied.

“What do mean that won’t be necessary? You’re going to have a coronation won’t you?” Rarity asked in a confused manner.

“I will, but not in your lifetime.” Twilight clarified. She watched as Rarity’s smile dropped. “But you can design my dress now, I swear that I will wear it on my coronation day.” At that Rarity’s smile returned.

“Oh one more thing and you all have to Pinkie Promise me that you will not reveal what I am to anyone or what I do. Understood?” Everyone at the table recited the Pinky promise. They returned to their meals with new questions for Twilight.


One many pains that come with being a Princess is that they had to deal with Nobles and Their problems.

Twilight groaned quietly as she watched from the rafters as two Nobles fought over some random place of land on the outskirts of Ponyville. It had been four hours since open court had started and they were still on the first petitioner.

“As you can see Your Highness, the land has been in family my for 6 generations and that’s why I should have custody over it.” Star blaze pointed out as he presented his family photos to the princess.

“That hardly can be considered evidence when the Blaze house has been deeply rooted in the photography business. As such they could have fabricated these pictures.” Golden Skies detected as she went on how they should remove the pictures from the evidence.

Twilight let out a sigh again as both nobles continued to argue over every last little thing. Then it hit her. Twilight quickly conjured up a piece of paper and a pen. “Sovran. The only reason that this has become a problem is due to Trixie living in Ponyville. Nod your head if you get what their trying to do.” She then sent it to Luna.

Twilight waited for Luna to acknowledge her note. She nodded her head right before Star Blaze finished his point.

Before Golden Skies could make her next statement Luna stood. “We have heard enough and we shall now decide our verdict.” With that she walked over to Celestia’s chair. Trixie and Cadence followed suit.

“Why did you call this so early? They just got to the fifth piece of evidence.” Trixie asked while she looked at Luna.

“Well for starters they would go on for hours if one of us did not call it. Also a certain shadow has informed me that this a ploy so that one of them can get closer to you Trixie. But I can’t tell who is speaking the truth.” Luna responded while she looked over to Celestia.

“So what do we say?” Trixie inquired.

Celestia did not answer but instead she walked forward. “Can either of you show me one shred of documentation that you own the land?” Celestia stopped right in front of them. They looked through all they had brought but turned up with nothing.

“Very well as there is no legal documentation of ownership of the land and in accordance with the written laws under property disputes section E-4 page 235. The crown shall take custody of the land.” Celestia recited from memory.

Star blaze resided in the fact that the crown had gotten it in the end instead of Golden skies. He bowed and thanked thank the princess's for their time and left.

Golden Skies was not as humble. “You have no right to take away what is rightfully mine. I demand that you return that this instance.” She tried to chase after Celestia but was stopped by a bow that had been extended out.

She glanced to her right and saw the 46th Archangel in all her glory. Golden skies locked eyes with her and regretted it. After a long minute she backed off and stormed out of the room.

Celestia nodded her head to Quick Quill. “The next petitioner is Duo Heart.”

Duo Heart walked forward and bowed before speaking. “Your highness I am here to propose a new law.”

“What is it this time Sir Duo Heart?” Celestia rolled her eyes.

“I stand here today representing the Affluent Community not myself. The Affluent Community Group has decided on a new project. As I am sure your aware the Affluent Community Group’s last project was to improve school all across our country and it was resounding success.” Duo Heart rambled for a bit.

“Yes I am a where of your last project, now what is this new project that Affluent Community Group has decided on?” Celestia asked as she sat up straight.

“Right. The Affluent Community Group has noticed a problem that has been growing for quite some time. After hours of looking over are opinions we have decided this was the best option to deal with same sex couples. That is make it illegal. We have already written up the necessary paperwork all you need to do is sign it into law. We have decided to name this project, Covent.” Duo Heart stated as he pulled out 4 copies out of his bag and handed it over to Quick Quell who passed them along to the four princess's.

Cadence waited a good minute before she spoke. “As the Alicorn of LOVE I cannot allow this law to be passed.”

“Princess Cadence, we all know of your tide. But you surely know that two people of the same gender can’t possibly love each other like Man and a Woman can.” Duo Heart interrupted.

“How would you deal with people that already in a relationship with the same gender? Who will enforce this law? What if there of the nobility?” Celestia inquired while she stared at Duo Heart.

“That is simple we forcefully move them to opposite sides of the country and have a no contact order placed on them. The Guards, police, and all offices of the law will enforce this law. I know for a fact that all of the nobility and the princess have always been in heterosexual relationships.” Duo Heart stated proudly.

“What if they find someone else of the same gender to love in their new location?” Luna prodded.

“They won’t have a chance to, because they will be paired up with the respected gender and they will attend a meeting every week.” Duo Heart replied with a smirk.

“And if they do?” Trixie proposed.

“They shall be dealt with.” Duo Heart dead panded.

“I see. I hear by reject this proposed law.” Trixie snared.

“I agree with Princess Cadance and Trixie.” Luna followed.

Duo Heart started to feel that he had made the biggest mistake of his life. He had knew that Cadence would reject his law. But Luna's and Trixie's decisions he had not seen that coming. All that was left was Celestia’s vote. If he got just one vote, the law would go to the House of the Commons if pass there, it would continue to Nobel Chairs.

Celestia looked over the law although she already knew her answer. After a good few minutes she decided to give her answer. While Celestia was “thinking” of her answer everyone had started to whisper. But that stopped as Celestia stood and walked to towards Duo heart.

She stood two meters away with Fluttershy by her side. “Duo Heart after careful thought I have decided to reject law that you have proposed.” Celestia held out her copy of the Law and ignited in her hands.

Duo Heart took a moment to realize what just happened. “I only anticipated that Princess Cadence would reject the law. Not all four of you. How can you support those things? They are degenerates, scum.”

Celestia sighed as Duo heart ranted and quite frankly she had enough of him. “Celestia are you even listening to me?!” Duo Heart Shouted.

“I wonder if that will shut him up.” Celestia looked to her right and tilted her head. She caught Fluttershy’s eyes and relayed her quiet message to which she nodded her head.

“Please rethink your decision Princess. This is for the good of all Equestria.” Duo Stated as he reached into his bag and pulled out another copy of the proposed law. He looked back up at Celestia just in time to see her kiss Fluttershy. “Your one of them. No. No. It’s clear that she has done this. You could of never fallen for such a.” He was stopped short when Celestia had slapped him.

“Your wrong Duo Heart for love knows no bounds. You are a mere 35 years old, as where I have lived for over 4,000 years. In that time I dated, married and LOVED both Female and Male.” Duo heart tried to speak but Celestia continued. “I rejected you 15 years ago because you sought to gain power by using me. You are hereby dismissed and you are barred from entering open court for 1 year.”

Duo Heart, felt distance he had lost his love to a girl and he was the laughing stock of the entire nobility. “Well if Celestia is willing to rob me of my love than I shall do the same.” He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out his revolver and aimed it at Fluttershy.

Time seemed to slow down as a trigger was pulled and single noise enveloped the room.

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