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The Right that Returns - febnic16

When Twilight was taken from her original reality, she thought she would never return. Now she has. War is at Equestria's doorstep. Twilight will have to make a choice. When Twilight does, she’ll have a huge task ahead of her.

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Along Time Coming |under rewrite|

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A Long Time Coming

“So let me see if I have the facts right. Twilight was lost in the confusion of a magnitude 8 earthquake that hit Canterlot twenty-three years ago?” Shining armor questioned as he glared at his parents.

“Correct.” Night Light responded

“Then you spent three days looking for Twilight, but in the end you could not find hide or hair of her. You believed that she had died and decided that to bury an empty coffin. To have some closure?” Shining armor asked.

“Yes, that is what we did. But can you blame us?” Velvet responded.

“We don’t blame for wanting some form of closure. But why did you hide all evidence that she existed?” Cadence retorted.

Velvet looked over to Trixie then back to meet Cadence’s eyes again, “That does not justify covering up someone’s identity for 23 years, furthermore Trixie knows that she is adopted!” Cadence exclaimed.

“Cadence there is no need to yell at them for that. I understand why they chose to keep the fact I was adopted a secret. They want to make me feel loved and not a replacement,” Trixie said in a calming voice.

“When did you figure out you were adopted?” Night Light asked.

“Ten years ago, the same day we found that picture.” Trixie answered and point to the picture in Velvets grasp.

“We always hope that Twilight would return to us, but as the years went on we lost hope and decide to move on.” Velvet said all the while looking at the picture.

“Do you have anything else to say about what happen that or days that surrounded that earthquake?” Celestia asked getting the conversation back on track.

“I believe that is all I remember.” Night light said with an unsure look.

“Well then it's been a very interesting day, and I am sure that everyone wants to get some sleep.” Celestia stated.

Everyone agreed.

“Wait, I have something I want to say.” Trixie called out.

Celestia looked into her eyes and saw a fire of determination. She nodded her head.

Trixie got up and pulled Rarity out of her seat. Rarity gave her a very confused. Trixie took a deep breath and looked Rarity in the eye. “Rarity in the past 4 years you have stood by me more than everyone. When I hit rock bottom you were to help, when I was at my peak you stood by me to ensure that I would not let my power get to my head. You have shown me not to be selfish, but instead generous.” Trixie pause for a moment to reach into her pocket. “Now will you grant me this one selfish request?” Trixie went down on one knee and had a small white box in her hand. “Rarity will you marry me?” Trixie asked.

It took Rarity’s mind a moment to process what was asked. She looked down at Trixie and saw the girl that had open her heart with love and patience. “Yes! A thousand times yes!” Rarity exclaimed.

Trixie put the silver ring with a perfect blue sapphire on Rarity’s ring finger. Trixie stood up and rarity pulled into a passion kiss. Everyone clapped and cheered.

Celestia walked over to her and spoke “So that was the surprise that you asked me if you could do.”

“I was going to do it when I gave my speech after the coronation.” Trixie stated while she scratched the back of her head.

Celestia gave her a smile, “I am glad that you found love as well.” She stated as she pulled Fluttershy into a slide long hug.

Everyone was congratulating Trixie and Rarity. “That’s it!” Night light yelled. Everyone looked at in surprise.

“Sorry, I just remembered an important detail.” Night light said.

“Care to share what you remembered.” Cadence said.

“It was the day before the earthquake. I had finally translated a spell from before the time of the Two Princesses. “The call of the warrior has come. She will be called to another time to fulfill her destiny and when she does, she shall return. For it is the right calls her and the Right that turn returns her.” Everyone fell silent at what Night Light had spoken.

“So everything that happened the next day was because of that spell?” Pinkie questioned.

“I am not sure, but it's a good theory.” Night light stated

Velvet spoke next. “I have something else as well. A lifelong spell Called Mother’s Mark.”

“What in the hay is mothers mark?” Applejack asked.

“It is a spell that a mother who is Mage would cast on the children when they're born.” Rarity stated.

Applejack saw where this was going. “So if Twilight has Velvets mark, then without a doubt, that she is your long lost daughter.” She said while looking at Velvet. Velvet nodded her head as tears formed in her eyes.

“I wonder what other surprises could happen today?!” Pinkie exclaimed.


Twilight peaked over her cover and saw the field of the dead solders Changeling and Equestrian. She ducked back into cover and brought up the timer on her HUD and gave a small smile. 2:30:31 “Not long now. Just thirty more minutes. I could try to make it to the portal. NO! The Changeling army could steam roll straight through the portal and everyone else.” The red flashing light on Twilight’s HUD caught her attention. She looked at the light and the AIT screen popped up with “Caution: front plate is at 20% integrity!” Twilight dismissed the alert and looked back the timer 2:33:42. Twilight ejected her mag and put a new one, load a new one. “When her deed is done, she shall be given the right to return.” Twilight whispered as she closed her eyes and listened. It was quiet, then a snap of a twig on the ground.

Twilight vaulted over the wall she was using for cover and mid vault she pulled the trigger and killed the enemy changeling in one shot. Her feet touch the ground for a brief second before she rolled to her left dogging a hail of fire. With pinpoint precision, she took the other nine Changeling troopers down. “A Valkyrie knows no fear.” Twilight opened her eyes and charged forward to me the enemy head on. “We use any tactic to win a battle.” Twilight then jumped. She spread her wings to take flight up to a gray cloud, and pond reaching the cloud she kicked it, causing ice spikes to rain down on the advancing Changelings. “We are the light in the darkest nights.” She dove off the cloud right into the enemy’s ranks. “We are an unstoppable force, a one person army.” Twilight pulled her knife and stabbed the changeling to her right and then on to her left. She felt several bullets hit her.

“Waring: front plate armor 2% integrity, no ammo left. Suggesting a tactical withdrawal meant to repair armor and resupply.” Twilight’s on-board computer recommends. “A Valkyrie never yells they fight to the end.” Twilight reminded herself as she pushed on. At 2:56:34 the changelings stopped and backed away. Twilight, then saw why. Walking towards her with her honor guard was Queen Chrysalis. “Chrysalis about time you showed your face.” Twilight said.

“Give up Valkyrie Sparkle, it's over.” Chrysalis stated

“Not a snowballs chance in tartarus.” Twilight retorted

“If you surrender now I will spare your life.” Chrysalis offered.

“No deal.” Twilight replied.

“You can’t win this fight Twilight. Surrender and you will be allowed to live” Chrysalis pleaded.

“I can’t do that Chris. You forget what Valkyrie’s are about. We are the first and last of defense. All I have to do is hold that line.” Twilight stated.

“What do you mean b.” Chrysalis stated, but a lone violet flare caught everyone’s attention.

“Check and mate Chris.” Twilight said as she tapped her data pad a tremendous explosion occurred. They all watched at the spectacle and there was an opening. Twilight threw down her gun and charged at Chrysalis. When twilight was two meters away, she jumped at Chrysalis.

Chrysalis acted on instinct and pulled her.44 Magnum and fired at Twilight. Time seemed to stop as the bullet hit Twilight as a blue and purple shear enveloped her and disappeared.


Twilight opened her eyes, then let out a gasp as she sat up immediately retargeting that sudden movement. She clutched her gut and laid back down. Twilight slowly opened her eyes and look around the room. Her eye fell on a young woman that sat on the edge of the bed with a familiar face. “Who.” Was all twilight could manage before she broke into a coughing fit.

“Here this will help” the woman said as she handed her a glass of water. ”Better?” she asked

“Yes. Where am I?” Twilight replied after she downed the cup.

“You’re in the Canterlot Castle Infirmary. I know that you just woke up, but can you answers some questions?” She asked in a sweet voice.

Twilight nodded her head. “Very well, if it gets too much just say so and will stop.” She said as she snapped her fingers and a paper and a pen appeared. After a moment of her writing something on the paper she spoke. “First of all, what is your full name?”

“My full name is Twilight Anna Sparkle. What’s your name?” Twilight Responded.

“Oh sorry my name is Moon dancer. Now, Miss Sparkle how old are you?” Moon Dancer asked.

Twilight stared at “Moon Dancer” before answering her question “Not sure of my actual age, but if you give me the year it is I can estimate.”

“I see, the year is 1824 Miss Sparkle.” Moon Dancer said.

Twilight sat up much slower and looked into Moon Dancer's eyes and saw them flicker. “That’s impossible. Last I checked it was 18.... How, how did that happen?” Twilight rambled in a panic.

“Deep breaths Miss sparkle. Now what is your age” Moon Dancer said calming Twilight down.

“Given the year about 22-23. Also, just Twilight is fine” Twilight affirmed.

“Now, Miss Sparkle what is your race?” Moon dancer probed.

“I am Alicorn formally a mage.” Twilight stated.

“Are you feeling alright, Miss Sparkle? Do you want to get some more rest and continue at a later time?” Moon dancer asked.

“Yes, I am. What’s the problem?” Twilight answered calmly. But she was now more alert and casually looked around the room until her eyes fell on her backpack, more importantly the back side.

“You said that you were an Alicorn. But I can say with utmost certainty that you are not. Now what is your race?” Moon dancer asserted.

“What is the todays date?” Twilight inquired.

“The date is 6/1/1824 TC Miss Sparkle.” Moon danced announced.

Twilights eyes went wide as dinner plates she looked down. “Who was crowed princess today?” twilight questioned with a hint of sadness in her voice.

“Today Trixie Lulamoon was crowned the Fourth Princess of Equestria. Now what is your race Miss Sparkle?” Moon Dancer pestered.

“I am a Alicorn.” Twilight asserted.

“You must of hit your head harder than the doctor thought if you saying a Alicorn. When you are clearly Pegasi. Enough games Miss Spar.” Moon Dancer started.

“Enough with “Miss Sparkle” and just who are you?” Twilight yelled.

“Like I said my name is Moon, Dan...”

“Bullshit, you’re not Moon Dancer. I know that you have a glamor spell cast on you. I saw the ripple in occurs over your eyes when such a spell is in play. So cut the act who are you and where am I?” Twilight interrupted.

“You’re in the Canterlot Castle infirmary room 42 west wing. Yes, I have used a glamor spell, but you of all people should understand why. What would like me to call you?” Moon dancer replied.

“Call me Twilight. No, I don’t understand why you would need to use a glamor spell to talk to me. I pose no threat, given that my armor was removed I am sure you saw the patches that were on it.” Twilight stated.

Moon Dancer grinned at Twilight and snapped her fingers. The pen and paper disappeared as did the glamor spell. “Twilight you are indeed the most intriguing girl I have ever. Not only do you claim to be an Alicorn, but a Valkyrie as well. You also show greater understating of spells, more than a common Pegasi would. So I am inclined to believe you. But I would like to see you use magic.” The glamor spell had completely faded away, there sitting in front of Twilight was Princess Luna. Twilight felt a twinge of pain for yelling a Luna.

Twilight smirked “Very well Sovran.” She then raised her hand and with a simple telekinetic spell a knife was removed from the backside of her backpack and brought it towards them. Twilight gripped the knife and pulled it out of the sheaf and held it in between them.

The handle of the knife was black as night, but the blade was white like the full moon, haft way up the flat of the blade was a transaction. “For on the darkest of night a Valkyrie shall rise.” Twilight recited.

Luna looked into Twilight’s eyes “From the winter wind. The moon and her stars are what they are to protect.” At that moment Luna knew that Twilight was reciting the Valkyrie creed.

“All shall fear the agent of the night, for they will never yelled in battle. They fight to the end. For all that are asleep: so that their dreams be peaceful. For they shall never know my deeds.” Twilight counted as she looked Luna in her eyes.

“Twilight Sparkle, you have recited the creed of the Valkyrie. Now pledged your alliance to all that call Equestria home.” Luna said as she made a clear sphere appear. “Your princess of the night calls upon you to swear that you protect Equestria till the end of your time or till Equestria falls.” Luna flouted the sphere towards Twilight.

Twilight used her knife and cut her hand and place it on the spear “I Twilight Sparkle, hereby pledge my undying allegiance to Equestria and all that call it home.” Twilight looked over to the window and saw a blood red moon sitting in the night sky. She then got out of bed and kneeled in front of Luna and spoke. “Sovereign, your agent of the night has risen once again to serve you. What is your command?”

Luna stood up and looked at twilight. “Did I really just do make her a Valkyrie? Well scene the moon is now blood red instead of white then it true. Tia is going to have fit about this.” She took a breath and spoke “Twilight you may rise. You are rest till you are healed and then come find me.” Twilight rose off the ground and proceed to unwrap the bandage that covered her midsection. Luna looked to see a pink scar where a bullet wound once was.

“Sovereign, by your command.” Twilight stated as she brought her arm up to give Luna a saluted.

“Enough with the Sovran. Since you wished to be called Twilight, then I want you to call me Luna in private. Also, I will need your measurements to get you some popper attire.” Luna said with a smirk on her face.

Twilight looked down and saw that she just in her underwear, blush formed across her face. But Twilight did not lose her composure. ”well that’s just great she not even my Luna.” Twilight mentally kicked herself as walked over to her bag on the table and opened it.

Luna watched as twilight pulled out a set of clothes and shoes all colored black. After twilight had put on the clothes she went back to her backpack and pulled a vest and helmet out and put them on. For one last time she went into her backpack, then pulled out two black pistols that Luna had never seen. “Twilight what kind of revolver is that?” Luna inquired, getting a strange look from Twilight.

“This is my 18-27 semi-auto pistol, not a revolver. My personal choice of side arm to bring into combat.” Twilight stated.

“Never heard of that kind of side arm, when was it created?” Luna questioned as she drew closer to Twilight.

“What the 18-27 semi-auto pistol has been standard issue for the lunar guard for years. Oh wait its 1824, this pistol will not be made for another 3 years.” Twilight thought how to explain the pistol to Luna, who was standing a little too close to her but it was not unwelcomed. “Well, that’s because it hasn’t been created yet. It will be 3 years before the first version of this sidearm appears.” Twilight finally stated.

“So take it that all that you have is more advanced than what we currently have.” Luna inferred.

“I can’t say for sure. Tell me, do the Lunar Guard where ballistic vests or have they not created yet?” Twilight asked.

“No, they don’t. I take it that the vest you are wearing is a Ballistic vest.” Luna stated.

“Yes, it’s a class VI Ballistic vest.” Twilight replied. Luna gave her a confused but intrigued look. “Don’t worry about what that means and I won’t be sharing how to make them.” Twilight said as she put her patches back on her shoulder, then her bracelet. As twilight turned around, her stomach let out a growl, she felt her cheeks grow in warmth.

“Well, I do believe that our first order of business is dinner. Will you accompany me to the private dining room?” Luna smiled as Twilight nodded her head and walked to the door.


Applejack walked down the deathly silent halls. That was just a few hours ago; they were filled with people getting ready for the conation day. Now were void of life except for the royal guard every 10 meters or so.

As Applejack walked past another guard, he saluted her. Applejack didn’t bother to return the salute. “It’s been what five years since I joined the EQAF. I was so close to deploying again, but now I am an element of harmony. I guess mha family doesn’t have to worry anymore. That I can handle, what I can’t handle is many of mha comrades treating me like I some kind of delicate flower.” Applejack let out a sigh.

As she drew closer to her room, she felt that something was off. She looked around and saw that the hallway was empty and her door to her room was slightly ajar. Applejack then knew that something was off.

Applejack reached to her backside and pulled out a combat knife. She let her training take control as she got ready to breach the door to the room that she was staying in. She visually scanned the door to see if it had been rigged to blow. After seeing no such signs of the door being rigged she thought over her options. “I have two options. 1 go in loud and hit them hard, or 2 use the element of surprise to get the upper hand.” She chose the second option as it would be better if there were multiple enemies in the room.

Applejack cautiously opened the door as she peered around the door frame. The room was dark and void of life. She moved quickly and quietly to the bathroom and found it just like the other room. Just before applejack let down her guard, she felt a slight breeze. She turned around and saw a shadow that was casted on the current that covered the door to the balcony. She took a few steps back and charged with all her might at whoever was on the balcony.


A Pegues leaned on a balcony and let their mind wander as she looked up at the stars “Sometimes it is great just to enjoy the moment. The stars look great tonight. I wish that Jackie was here right now.” Their thoughts were brought to a full stop, as someone tackled them.


Applejack was lucky to catch them, whoever they were off guard. She was now sitting on top of the woman that she tackled with a knife to her throat. “Jackie!” she looked down and saw her girlfriend.

Applejack back pedaled off of Fi once cleared of her, she dropped her knife it fell to the ground with a sickening ping. She kept backing up till she bumped into the wall. Then she slid down till she hugged her knees and cried.

Fi had gotten up and walked over to her distraught girlfriend. She dropped to her knees and pulled applejack into a hug. Applejack cried into her chest as Fi whispered to her, like a mother would do to calm a child after a nightmare. “It’s OK Jackie.”

“No it's not!”

“Yes, it is.”

“But I was back there and I... I don’t want to think of what I was about to do.”

“Then let it go.”


Applejack’s next statement was stopped by a kiss. “Jackie, we will get through this. That last mission was fucked up from the start and there was nothing you could have done about it.” Fi said as she looked into Applejack’s emerald green eyes.

Applejack pushed Fi away and sighed. “NO! It was a simple mission, go and get the object then get out. Then I fucked up. They trusted me with their lives and I was the only one that didn’t come back not in a box. To top it off, I was given the Equinox medal while the rest got lower awards.” She looked back into her girlfriend's eyes.

“Like I said it was a bad mission that was set up by a man who was out for revenge. You know that once I found out, I had him arrested and brought up on charges of first degree murder. In the end he lost everything and you gained me.” Fi stated, she then pulled Applejack in and kissed with more passion.

Fi broke the kiss first. “I love you Jackie, now and forever.”

Applejack pulled her glove off and reached her hand up to Fi’s face. In the moonlight her silver ring glistened. “And I will love you for all of eternity, Spitfire.” she then drew Spitfire in for another kiss.

Spitfire help applejack off the ground and led her back inside for the night.


Trixie and Rarity walked hand in hand to the room they were staying in. The mood in the hall was that of Love. Rarity walked closer to Trixie and leaned on her. she looked around and found the hallway devoid of life, and took the opportunity to kiss Rarity again. Trixie broke the kiss and looked down at her fiancée “Today has been one of the greatest days of my life and it’s all thanks to you.”

“Well, how could not say yes, we have been going out for quite some time. I still remember when I met you 4 years ago and fell in love.” Rarity giggled as recalled her first impressions of Trixie.

“I still can’t believe that we all met three years before we all became the Elements of Harmony. That was one of the greatest blessings that I have ever had.” Trixie declared as she started to walk again.

They reached Trixie’s room, then they walked in. Trixie closed the door quietly as to not disrupt anybody who was asleep in the other rooms. She turned around to find that Rarity had walked into the bathroom to remove her makeup. “So do you have any ideas of what kind of wedding you want?” Trixie asked as she went to her suitcase to get her pajamas. She got no response from Rarity. “I was thinking a small wedding with close friends and family. What do you think?” Trixie called out. All she got was silence once again. She got up from her suitcase and walked over to the bathroom door. Right as Trixie got to the door, she heard something shattering on the tile floor of the bathroom. She tried to open the door, but found it locked. “Rarity are you ok?! What fell?” Trixie yelled through the door. Still no response came.

Trixie raised her hand to the door. The Integrate patterns on her arm glowed as she charged a breached spell. She released the spell and the door was reduced to splinters and forced in. Trixie saw Rarity’s makeup bag on the floor as she reached to pick it up, she was stuck backwards towards the bedroom. As she recovered from the hit . She saw several figures, one of them holding Rarity who was bound and gagged. Trixie, changed to another spell.

“If you want your “fiancée” to live then I suggest that you cancel that spell.” Trixie heeded his words. “Now listen and listen well if you want to have her back then you shall convince your other princesses to release control of their thorns and give Equestria to The Gryphon Empire.” The Gryphon demeaned. Trixie started to laugh. “What’s so funny?” the Gryphon asked.

“I don’t know, maybe is your ridicules demanded or the fact you believed that I canceled my spell.” Trixie smirked.

“What do you mean, I saw you.” The Gryphon was stopped as a siren was heard. The Gryphon went over to the window and looked out. The castle that was decent and quiet was now alive with guards rushing towards the location.

“You Gryphons really have no.” Trixie stopped mid stance as the butt of a rifle hit the side of her face. “Sir, we need to leave now.” Another Gryphon stated. The group ran out of the room and down the hallway with Rarity in tow.


The situation did not bow well with Caption Armor. The kidnapers where corned in the castle gardens. But the problem was that they had Rarity and there was no doubt in Shining Armor’s mind that if a firefight broke out Rarity would be caught in the crossfire.

“Captain, Armor what is the progress of the situation?” Celestia inquired as she and Luna walked out on the balcony. The balcony had the best vantage point of the current problem and was safely out of range if a fight broke out.

“Not good, Ma’am. Trixie informed me of the Gryphons demands when Fluttershy and I arrived at her room. Apparently they want you to give up our country in exchange for Rarity’s life.” Shining Armor replied.

“There is no way that we’re giving up our country, but we cannot sacrifice Lady Rarity. We could try to take out the Gryphons, but Rarity might be hit in the crossfire.” Celestia sighed as she looked up to the moon as noticed it was red. “Oh how fitting that the moon should be red tonight. Wait. The next lunar eclipse isn’t till another 5 months.” Celestia looked over to Luna, who was focusing on the problem at hand.

“Yeah were stuck between a rock and a hard place.” Shining armor inferred

“That may not be the case Captain, Armor.” Celestia Smirked

“Princess what do you mean?” Shining Armor asked.

“Tell me, have you heard of what the red moon means?” Celestia inquired. Shining armor shook his head. “Well, that’s to be expected. They're four points in a year that a lunar eclipsed happens. These eclipses are not random, but a tribute to the guardians of the moon.” Shining Armor still failed to connect the dots. “The guardians of the moon go by a different name. They are called Valkyrie.” Celestia explained as she looked at the moon.

“That is indeed interesting, but how does that help us now?” Shining Armor asked.

“The moon is red tonight, dear captain. The next lunar eclipse was not supposed to happen until another five months. So the summers calling has been answered be the winters echo.” Celestia turned towards Luna. “Isn’t that right, dear sister?”

“You are correct sister. Will you allow me to show you her power?” Luna responded.

“Do you believe that she can save Lady Rarity without her being harmed?” Celestia quipped.

“I know she can.” Luna stated.

“Very well she may act.” Celestia said as she turned her attention back to the garden.

Luna casted a spell that called forth her agent of the night. A slight breeze was all everyone felt before a voice was heard. “By your command Sovran.” A girl said as she was kneeling on one knee.

“I assume that you are aware of the situation?” Luna stated

“I am Sovran. What is your command?” Twilight requested.

“You are to eliminate the Gryphons and save Lady Rarity.” Luna instructed.

“Consider it done Sovran.” Twilight affirmed as she disappeared with the wind.

Twilight repaired 20 meters away of the line of guards that soured the 10 Gryphon and Rarity. They were set up in a 5-1 formation. Twilight knew time was of the essence as the Gryphons were growing more agitated by the minute. Twilight charged a spell in peroration for her attack. She drew her two side arms and flicked the safeties off. “Time flux.” Twilight said as the world around her slowed down. Twilight ran as fast as her body let her and a meter away from the Royal Guard Twilight vaulted over them and kicked off the wall to gain some height. Twilight sailed over the nine that surrounding the tenth. While in flight, she fired her twin .45 Cal pistols, five times each. Twilight holstered her 18-27 pistols as she got close to the last Gryphon. Twilight drew her knife as she skidded on the ground and the perfect moment she stood up and backstabbed the last Gryphon. She walked forward a few steps and snapped her fingers ending the time flux.


Trixie watched in awe as person clad in black pulled off some of the most impressive feet that she has ever seen. What had been a four hour long standoff had been resolved in under a minute by one person. Who was untying Rarity. Trixie rushed past the guards with her parents hot on her heels. The person was helping Rarity stand up by the time she got there. Trixie pulled Rarity into a hug and kissed her not caring who saw. After a few minutes of tears Trixie broke the hug and approached the Person in Black. “Thank you for saving Rarity she means a lot to me.” Trixie said as she offered her hand.

The person in black took Trixie’s hand and shook it. “It wasn’t a problem Ma’am for I am sworn to protect all that moon watches over.”

Rarity walked over and Trixie pulled her into a sidelong hug. “Is there anything that I can do to repay you for saving me?” Rarity asked.

“There’s no need for that it’s all part of my job.” she replied.

“You’re very humble. But can I know the name of my savior?” Rarity requested

“That is not a problem.” the girl in black stated as she took off her helmet and balaclava. “My name is Twilight, the Fifth Valkyrie of Equestria.” Twilight proclaimed.

Velvet saw she had a chance casted Mother’s Mark. A gem appeared floating above Velvet’s hand. She then spoke Twilight’s full name and the gem changed shape and turned blue. Velvet walked calmly as she could. When she was a foot away, she grabbed Twilight's hand and spoke “A mother’s love surpasses time and space.” Then a gem appeared above Twilight’s hand. It was the same shape and color as the one that was Velvet had in front of her.

Twilight froze as she saw the gems of mother’s marks. She could not find the words she had long to say. Twilight looked around to see the world that had come form for the first time in over 63 years. More people gathered around her. Her mentor, brother, father, friends that were gone, and Luna. There was silence as everyone got closer to Twilight.

“Twilight Anna Sparkle, You have 23 years of explaining to do!” Velvet yelled breaking the silence.