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The Right that Returns - febnic16

When Twilight was taken from her original reality, she thought she would never return. Now she has. War is at Equestria's doorstep. Twilight will have to make a choice. When Twilight does, she’ll have a huge task ahead of her.

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The Storm that Takes Shape

The Storm that Takes Shape.

“So an Archangel and a Valkyrie are one in the same?” Pinkie Pie asked.

“Somewhat Pinkie While Archangel and Valkyrie are only similar in standing in the court. The ideals and tact’s are completely different in and out of conflict,” Celestia said. “Trixie, would you care to explain the role of an Archangel?”

Trixie nodded her head and spoke. “First off. Fluttershy, I’m sorry that I said what I said. I only said that because I was mad with events that took place today and the truth that I have learned. I should never say that you have proven that you have the skills and resources to do your duty. I hope that you find it in your heart to forgive me.” Trixie met Fluttershy’s eyes and a clam and kind look in them.

“Trixie, I forgive you. I won’t hold against you; we all know that you have your own faults, just like the rest of us.” Fluttershy jested to everyone seated at the table “We are only human, we all make mistakes from time to time. Having faults is a good thing, it means that we all have room to improve. Also, I could not stay mad at you for long, because without your help I would never have asked out Tia.” She gave a smile to Celestia, but it turned to a confused look and looked back to

Trixie. “You found out about the curse that all my carry, didn’t you?”

“The role of the Archangel is...” Trixie tried to change the subject.

But she was stopped by Rarity. “Sweetheart, you’re avoiding the question that Fluttershy asked. So what did you find?”

Trixie looked to her mentor for guidance, but found that she looked at Fluttershy. She let out a sigh. “Well, I guess now is a good enough time for all of you to find out.” She looked around the table at her friends and loved ones. She felt a slight pang of sadness from her heart as she looked at her friends. “As you know, Alicorns have the magic of all the Three Tribes. That is the reason why the Princesses govern the land.” Everyone nodded their heads. “Well as it is written into trade agreements or any business deal, an item must be given to gain another item.”

“How does trade agreements apply into this?” Rainbow asked in earnest

Trixie took a second to steady herself for what she was about to say. “When one becomes an Alicorn they must shed their mortal shackles.”

“What in the hay is that supposed to mean?” Applejack questioned.

Trixie was about to answer, but Fluttershy beat her to it. “It means that Trixie is immortal.” Applejack still had a confused look on her face. “Trixie cannot die of natural causes, and form the stories Alicorns are damn near impossible to kill as well.” Fluttershy replied.

“So all four of you will live forever.” Rainbow stated.

“Yes, we will.” Cadence affirmed.

“That is so cool, I wish I could live forever!” Rainbow exclaimed.

“Yes, living forever does have its high points, but at the cost of seeing friends, loved ones, and children grow old and die while you sit there and watch, never aging.” Luna said with much sorrow in her voice.

“This is the curse that we as Alicorns must carry. One that I am now burdened with for the rest of eternity.” Trixie said while looking down at her hands. Almost everyone except Shining Armor and Fluttershy looked down at what they had learned. “That’s partly why I snapped at Fluttershy earlier: If that girl is my sister she would grow old and die. She was gone for twenty three years and that’s twenty three years I will never get back.” Trixie said as she started to cry.
Rarity pulled Trixie into a loving embrace and whispered into her ear. “It will be all right love, you will overcome this obstacle when the time comes. I’m sure of it.” Slowly Trixie’s tears came to halt.

Rarity broke the hug and said “Now, I believe you were going to tell us about what an Archangel’s job is.”

Trixie nodded her head and spoke. “To understand what an Archangel is, you have to understand what they can do. Archangels are the right hand of Equestria. In the court they stand one step below royalty. They can propose bills that will undergo the process to become a law. They can vote on bills that are presented to the high court. That is just the political side of an Archangel. The do more than attend court and deal with the nobles. They also are commanders. History does not speak about the Angel’s Battalion until the 14th war with the Griffon Empire. It was that war that showed the world an Archangel is more than a title and a seat of power. At the time an earth bound named Tempest Wind was an Archangel. He led his Angels in the battle of Winds Divide. They held the line held for 3 months before the Imperial army broke through.”

Trixie stopped when Rainbow dash spoke. “So Archangel Tempest Wind got the first Angel’s Battalion. Why did he named it the 45th Angel’s Battalion?”

Trixie was about to speak, but Fluttershy spoke first. “Archangels have always had command of Angel’s Battalion. Tempest wind’s Battalion was the first time that people recognize their ability. As for the name, it came from the first Archangel, Morning Whisper; she named the group. Tempest Wind was the 45th Archangel, so he commanded the 45th generation of the Angel’s battalion. I am the 46th Archangel so I command the 46th Angel’s battalion.”

“How come you never told us that you had a battalion?” Pinkie pie asked.

“You never asked,” Fluttershy stated.

“So how big is your Battalion?” Applejack asked.

“I have five hundred angles at my command,” Fluttershy said with confidence.

“Fluttershy, I am impressed that you have that large of a force. You have to show it to me sometime.” Shining Armor said.

“You can come with me when I meet with my commanders in a few hours, if you want to,” Fluttershy said.

“I will take you up on that offer,” Shining replied quickly.

“Darling, is that all that you have to say about what the Archangels are?” Rarity asked.

“Yes, those are the more important parts of Archangels. If you want the entire history of the Archangels then read “Morning tempest.” It covers the Archangels from Morning Whisper to Tempest Wind.” Trixie stated.

“I'll think about it, but I want to know what a Valkyrie does.” Rarity stated.

“As I said they have the same power and place in court and that where the similarity ends. If the Archangels are the right hand of Equestria. Then the Valkyrie is the left hand of Equestria. An Archangel use straight forward tactics and a large force to win a battle. A Valkyrie employees a different set of tactics. Instead of a battalion they form a team of Valors and fight in unconventional ways to win. A Valkyrie and their Valors are expected to learn, adapt and excel in every aspect of warfare.” Trixie answered.

“That’s it?” Rainbow asked

“That’s only real difference of I could interpret about the Valkyrie and their Valors. If you want move information ask Luna.” Trixie replied as she looked over to where Luna was sitting. But she was not there.

“Luna left with Doctor Tourniquet minute or two ago,” Celestia said while she was braiding Fluttershy’s hair. She stopped momentarily to ask a question. “Now that we are armed with information: does anyone have an idea of what we’re going to do about Twilight?”

Shining armor spoke first. “I think it would be in our best interest to keep Twilight around.”

Celestia gave him inquiring look and said “On what grounds do you make this choice, Shining Armor?”

“On the grounds that Twilight is a part of the Equestrian Armed Forces. I know Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Fluttershy will agree with me. In order to be in the EQAF you swear your life to Equestria and all who call it home,” Shining Armor stated.

“Well put, Captain Armor. What are your thoughts on this, Fluttershy?” Celestia asked to the girl on her lap.

Fluttershy took a minute to think then spoke. “I agree with Captain Armor. Once a soldier, always a soldier. I also have this feeling that she needs to be shown some kindness.”

Celestia nodded her head, then looked over to Cadence. ”Your thoughts on the subject?”
“I think it would be in our best interest to keep her, but it must be her choice. I do love the idea of having another sister in law. Also, I believe that Luna would like to have her around.” Cadence said with a smirk on her face.

“Oh, is that true?” Celestia said with a devious smile.

Cadence nodded her head and spoke. “My domain is love and I can tell when someone is in love.”

“So, Chief Master Sargent Rainbow Dash, where do you stand?” Celestia asked.

“I not sure of where to stand. My gut feeling says that we should not let her stay. The EQAF part of me believes that Twilight is a sister in arms. So I say we give her a test to see where her loyalty lies.” Rainbow said.

“To honest with y'all, I don't like that girl, something just feels off. But Ah’ agree with Dash’s idea. Even afterwards, we should keep our wits about us.” Applejack said, getting a few nods of approval.

“That seems very appropriate, Applejack.” Celestia said then turned to Rarity, who was in a daze. “Rarity? Rarity. Rarity!”
Rarity shook her head clearing away the fog, then spoke. “I'm really not sure what to think. On one hand Twilight is need of help and we should show her the generous nature of Equestria. On the other hand, we know next to nothing about her. So I can’t make a choice. What do you think, dear?”

All eyes turned to Trixie as she spoke. “It's a hard choice to make. But, I believe that we should keep her.” Everyone was shocked by what Trixie said.

“Are you sure that’s wise? What about her ruining your coronation day?” Celestia asked in a neutral tone.

Trixie smiled and said. “Don’t get me wrong, I am still mad, but if she is my sister then I will forgive her the option of keeping her is the smarter choice. If Twilight is truly a Valkyrie then she might be a tremendous asset to Equestria; especially with the current relations with the Griffin Empire. They were not happy when they found out about me becoming the fourth princess of Equestria. Also the title Archangel makes the most battle hardened Imperial soldiers flinch in fear, but say “Valkyrie” and they lose all composure. Now The Griffin Empire has declared war against Equestria fourteen times. Many things appeared in those fourteen wars, and at some point a story arose about the Valkyrie. From my extensive research I found many variants of the story. But one thing remained constant when they speak about the Valkyrie, “one must fear and respect the warrior that holds the tilde of Valkyrie.”

As Trixie finished talking, Applejack felt a shiver go down her spine. The only thing that she knew the Griffins feared and respected were dragons. She then spoke, “Does the Griffin Empire know what we have done?”

“No, they don’t. But with Twilight’s appearance, we might want to start some rumors about you six,” Celestia said with a smile.

Then a knock at the door caught their attention. A guard opened the door and spoke. “Your Highness, the parents of Princess Trixie and Captain Armor are here, shall I let them in?” Celestia nodded her head and the guard opened the door to allow Twilight Velvet and Night light to enter.

The room was quiet until the door closed. Twilight Velvet spoke. “If you call that keeping your relationship a secret, Celestia, then you might as well tell all the nobility,” she said, getting a smile out of Celestia.

“You know that they will do something rash if they find out about my current relationship. But if they try to make a law prohibiting same sex relationships, I stop it immediately and reveal that I swing both ways,” Celestia retorted.

The atmosphere in the room was so tense that you could cut a piece of paper. Eventually, Cadence started to laugh, then slowly everyone joined in. As the laughter died down, Cadence spoke. “For a minute I had believed that you opposed same sex relations.”
“I hate having to do that. I don’t understand why they are so against the idea, but it’s good to know that all the princess' approve of same sex relationships.” Night light said.

Shining Armor, Cadence, and Trixie got up and gave their parents a hug. As Night Light hugged Trixie, he whispered “Did you ask?”

“No: a complication arose, but I still plan to,” Trixie whispered back.

They had another chair brought in and they took their seats. “Well, today has certainly been interesting. So who was that girl?” Twilight Velvet questioned.
“Well, we were hoping that both of you could shed some light on that,” Celestia replied.

“Sorry to disappoint, but we don't have any idea who that girl is. If you think we had something to do with us, you're wrong,” Night Light said, putting off further questions.

Until Shining stated, “First off: we hadn't said anything. Secondly, the girl has a name: it’s Twilight.” At the moment the girl’s name was mentioned, both Night Light and Twilight Velvet went rigid, so Shining Armor pressed on. “We need to know who this girl in this picture is.” Shining slid the picture down to his parents.

“Where did you get this?” Velvet asked.

“That's not what is important right now. What we want to know is what happened to my biological sister twenty three years ago, and if Twilight is her,” Shining answered.

Velvet looked down at the picture and at Trixie, who nodded her head. “Ok. It was twenty three years ago when we lost your baby sister, Twilight Anna Sparkle.”


Luna walked down the hall after quietly excusing herself and Doctor Tourniquet. “So was there anything else that you found out?”

“Yes, she has a bag. We, however, cannot open it because it is enchanted to only lets certain people do so,” Dr. Tourniquet said as they walked to the infirmary.

“She is in room forty two, if you wish to see her.”

“I was just about to ask. Also, I don’t have to remind you, but I will. What you heard in the tea room is not to be repeated. Do I make myself clear?” Luna said as she stopped the Doctor.

“Crystal clear Princess. Now by your leave, I have rounds to do.” Dr. Tourniquet said leaving Luna alone.

Luna continued on to room 42. When she turned a corner, she saw two lunar guards standing outside the room in question. As she approached the door the two guards saluted her; Luna returned the salute. “I am going to speak with the girl and I am not to be interrupted, unless it’s an emergency. Understood?”

“Yes, Sovereign!” the two guards replied.

Luna entered through the door, closing it behind her. After she had placed an anti-sound barrier around the room, she looked around the room until her eyes fell on to Twilight, who was fast asleep. The only illumination in the room was the setting sun beaming through the windows. Luna sighed. “She looks so beautiful when she’s peaceful. Wait--I’ve only seen her one other time and that was at ten-thirty hundred hours. What time is it now anyways?” Luna clicked open her pocket watch. “Nineteen hundred hours; I’ve been up for twenty four hours!” Luna exclaimed, then immediately looked over to see if she had woken Twilight. Luckily Twilight was still asleep. Luna casted her magic to double check that the girl was indeed asleep. An orb appeared gave a soft blue light that the girl was asleep “Good: she is still asleep. I wonder what she is dreaming about.”

Luna walked over to the full size bed, sat on the edge and called upon her magic again. The orb in Luna’s hand turned white. She closed her eyes. The orb pulsed and a line of magic energy snaked its way to Twilight’s forehead. Right as the line of magical energy touched her if it was forced back all the way to the orb. “A mental barrier designed to stop dream magic. Twilight, you’re full of surprises.” Luna whispered to herself with a smirk on her face.

Luna looked around again and saw Twilight’s bag, walking towards it. “The doctor said they could not open it due to the enchantment. It can probably only be opened by her but, there’s no harm in trying. At worst the bag remains closed.” Luna stopped in front of the bag and instead of trying to open it, reached down into her purse and pulled out Twilight’s dog-tags, bracelet, and her patches. She placed them gently on the table. Then she turned her attention to the bag. Right before Luna’s hand touched the zipper, something flashed. Luna turned around and saw that the orb was now hovering around Twilight and no longer the light blue, but instead deep shade of red. Luna knew what that shade of red meant; the girl in front of her was having a night terror, and she was powerless to do anything. Luna walked over to the bed and sat on the edge to watch as Twilight tossed and turned. She felt tears form in her eyes, but did nothing to stop them.


“Ma’am, the Changeling army just broke through our third defensive line,” a Corporal reported to Twilight.

“Give the order to fall back to the second defensive line. Corporal Sentry, what is the status of the evacuation?” Twilight requested as she picked up scar-h and loaded a mag.

“Ma’am, the civilian evacuation is eighty-five percent complete,” Corporal Sentry replied.

“Good: we’re almost done. We just have to hold out a little bit longer.” Twilight whispered as she looked down at the bracelet on her wrist. “It doesn’t matter where life leads us, because one day, we will meet again,” Twilight thought as she made her way out of the command tent. Twilight stopped and closed her eyes to hear the world resound with the cries of civilians as they fled from the ensuing battle. The sounds of battle reached her ear next. The distant report of gunfire, the sounds of explosions. Twilight reached for her radio and spoke, “This is Valor squad moving out to the second defensive line.”

Forty minutes later Valor squad arrived at the second defensive and had no time to rest as a firefight had just started. Twilight didn’t wait, she acted. She had learned the hard way that sometimes it was better not to have a drawn out plan, but at the cost both Applejack’s and Pinkie’s lives. Twilight took cover against a sandbag wall, flicked the fire selector to semi from full and leaned out of cover and took aim. She caught a Changeling trooper in her cross hairs and pulled the trigger twice. She acted with no hesitation, because the one time she hesitated she lost both Rarity and Rainbow.

The fight raged for hours, but it finally ended. Twilight ejected her mag to make a visual check of the ammo left. Just as her heads up display had told her she had two rounds left: one chambered and one in the mag. Twilight put the mag back into her rifle and surveyed the area. They had lost the second defensive line three hours ago along with the members of her squad. “Why in hell does every time something goes right in the world piss on me?” Twilight asked quietly, then grabbed her radio. ”E-Vac point, this is Valkyrie Twilight. What is your status?”

“Ma’am, we have thirty more civilians left until we start getting our wounded through.” A woman said over the radio.

“How much longer do you need?” Twilight asked.

A few moments of silence, then the voice spoke again. ”We need at least three hours to complete our E-Vac, ma’am.” Twilight knew that they had less than an hour and a half.

“All units fall back to the last defensive line. General Gale, you now have command of the remaining forces,” Twilight said.

“Valkyrie Sparkle, You out rank me. Why am I getting the command?” General Gale asked.

Twilight let out a sigh and then spoke. “Because, General Gale, we need three hours to get everyone out. We have less than 90 minutes until The Changeling army reaches the portal.” Twilight stopped for a second to realize what she was about to say. “So I am going to buy us those ninety minutes myself and you can’t change my mind.” Twilight felt the weight of her choice hit her like a train.

“Ma’am, I can’t let you do that, its suicide. We will find another way to buy more time.” General Gale said.
Twilight shook her head “General Gale, you know that this is the only option. As the fourth princess of Equestria I hereby enact protocol heavens night.” All the com chatter stopped.

“Understood, Ma’am.” General Gale said in a sad voice.

Twilight spoke again after changing the channel on her radio. “Winter Gale, I have a few last requests. First off, be the last one through the portal, and before you enter, fire a flare. Secondly, tell Luna that I am sorry that I broke our promise and to find someone else to love like she had with me. Finally, don’t blame yourself for this. It’s my choice just like it was your mother’s. Fluttershy would have been proud of you. If you want to say anything to me, say it now, because I ditching my radio.” Twilight was having trouble talking through holding back her tears.

The line was quiet for a bit before Gale spoke. “I will do all that you have asked. I was going to tell you this later, Aunty Twi, but I guess I have to tell you now.” Sigh.
”I am pregnant with twins.” Twilight let her tears flow freely.

“That’s great news, Winter. I am truly happy for you. Now if your twins are to have a peaceful future, I have to go,” Twilight said with pain in her voice. She then took off her helmet and changed the channel once again. “This is Twilight Sparkle Fourth Princess and the Fifth Valkyrie of Equestria, Signing out for the last time.”

She stopped before calling out “Glory and honor to the land of Equestria!”

“May the winter wind guide you, Valkyrie,” Gale said.
Twilight replied with “and may the summer’s breeze be your saving grace.” Twilight took her headset off and put her helmet back on. She reached into her pocket and pulled a photo with her and seven others. “One last adventure to go on. Right girls,” Twilight said to no one. She put the picture away and started to run toward the enemy, knowing what would happen but continuing on anyway, just as Fluttershy had done a year ago.

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