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The Right that Returns - febnic16

When Twilight was taken from her original reality, she thought she would never return. Now she has. War is at Equestria's doorstep. Twilight will have to make a choice. When Twilight does, she’ll have a huge task ahead of her.

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The Wind that Carries the Moon

The Wind that Carries the Moon

“How can you say that you don’t know her?! She called your name without your title. No one would dispose of your title without your explicit permission! Not that it needs to be pointed out, but she ruined Trixie’s coronation day!” Luna cringed as Trixie yelled at her for stating the truth. She attempted to interject, but couldn’t form the words.

“Come on, out with it: why did you sabotage Trixie’s coronation day? Or so help Trixie, she will use the Elements to send you back to the moon!” All the while Trixie’s wings were extended fully, showing that she was quite pissed off at the events that had occurred.

Finally, Luna found the right words and tried to speak but someone else beat her to it “Trixie Lulamoon!” Trixie froze as Rarity said her full name. “That is no way to speak to a princess, even if you are technically one yourself. It is quite clear that Princess Luna is just as confused as we are.” Rarity then changed her tone to a more comforting one. “Now Trixie, I understand that you’re mad that your second biggest day was ruined, but Luna said that she has no idea who that girl is. So we have to believe her. Trixie, I want you to apologize to Luna for what you said and promise that you will never say it again.”

Trixie turned to Luna and spoke, “Trixie is sorry that she yelled at you and threatened to banish you to the moon again. She is really upset that her special day was ruined. Luna, can you find it in your heart to forgive her?”

Luna took a deep breath to regain her composure. “Apology accepted, Trixie. I truly have no idea what is going on, but let us speak on the subject somewhere private. I don’t believe the Heavens tea room is being used at the moment; let us continue this conversation there.”

Luna started to walk towards the doors, while the other followed and walked to the tea room. All the while Luna’s mind was abuzz with questions “Who is she? Where did she come from? Why did she call my name without my honorific? Do I know her? Is she descendant of someone I knew? What kind of armor was she wearing? What is with this pocket watch?”

Luna looked down at the pocket watch, clicked it open again looking at the inscription once again “I've loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night”.

“Luna what’s that you have there?” Tia asked.

“It’s a pocket watch that fell when the medics moved the girl to the stretcher.” Luna answered while passing the watch over to Tia.

Tia examined the watch “I must say, the craftsmanship is superb. I will have to ask that girl when she wakes up who made it.” Luna watched as Tia looked over the watch, trying to find the maker’s mark.

A few minutes later they arrived at the Heavens tea room. Luna loved the room as it overlooked the gardens and the illusion that covered the ceiling showed the heavens at night. Luna sat down at the table, and the others followed. After asking a servant to bring them tea and light snacks, the table then erupted into conversation.

“Luna, you got close to the girl, did you notice anything that could help us?” As Cadence asked the question the room fell silent.

“From what I saw she looked like she had been in a fight before she appeared out of thin air. The marks on her armor show evidence that that she was alone and outnumbered. Also her hair was dark indigo, with one pink and a purple stripe”.

“Well, not much to go on there, but something about that hair color is ringing a bell, but I can put my finger on it.” Cadence said. Shining, does it ring any bells to you?”

Shining Armor sat there quietly. “It does, actually.” At that everyone at the table had a confused look on their face. “It was about twenty-three years ago when my little sister disappeared without a trace. Cadence, it rings a bell because of this picture.” He pulled out his wallet, then took out a picture and passed it around.

“I thought Trixie was your sister.” Rainbow questioned.

“Trixie is my adopted sister. The girl in that photo is my biological sister.” Shining answered.

Everyone except Rarity and Shining look at Trixie. “Yes, Trixie is adopted.”

If it wasn’t dead silent after that revelation, they would have missed what Fluttershy said, “So that girl could be your long lost sister?”

Shining armor nodded his head, “That could be the case but I can’t say for sure."

“This means I can hold a welcome back party for her! Shine, what is her name?” Pinkie Pie asked while standing on the teapot that had just been put down by one of the servants, who was now wide-eyed at spectacle he was witnessing.

“I am sorry, Pinkie, I don’t know her name: my parents don’t really talk about her. All the proof I have of her existence is that one picture, and a gravestone that has my family name and a date that only spans one year.” At that the pink haired girl got off the teapot and sat down with a sad look on her face and her hair somehow deflated a bit.

Everyone at the table looked down at what was stated when a lone voice spoke, “What if this girl is her and she didn’t die, and she has now found a way to make it back to your family."

“Yeah, just in time to ruin Trixie’s coronation day! Some sister she turnout to be.” Trixie yelled out.

“O-oh Trixie that’s not what I meant. I would be over the sun if she was my sister that finally returned after being lost for twenty three years.”

Trixie could not be control anger any longer. “Well some of us can’t be as weak and spineless as you, to the point where you let everyone walk all over you even with your position! A position that should have be given to someone stronger than you! Not to mention that you’re not strong enough to protect one you love and had to save by her when she was injured! Trixie couldn't care less what you think!”

Trixie looked up and away, then instantly regretted what she had said. She looked over at Fluttershy and saw the tears in her eyes starting to fall. Trixie looked down and tried to think of some way to apologize, but she was lost for words. The scraping of a chair came from across the table followed by the sound of hurried steps and a door opening but not closing. Trixie started to get up to go find Fluttershy and apologize to her.

“Trixie, sit down. I will go calm her down and we will talk about this later,” Celestia said in a stern and monotone voice. Then she got up to go find her sunrise. As Celestia closed the door the room’s temperature dropped ten degrees.

Applejack spoke first. “Trixie, Ah can’t believe you said that! Fluttershy has more than enough proven that she is capable of her position." Trixie looked to her right to get help from Rarity but was given a disappointed look. The room fell into silence.


Celestia walked through the halls of the Canterlot castle, making her way to the castle gardens. Reaching the gardens, she closed her eyes and listened. She noticed the birds chirping, the wind rustling the leaves on the trees, and then she heard it. The whisper quiet crying of the girl she loved to no end.

Celestia made her way over to a weeping willow and pushed past the branches to find Fluttershy on her knees with her face in her hands, crying. She approached carefully and quietly. Once close enough she let her presence be known. “Sonnenaufgang,” Celestia called out in a sweet and tender voice that could melt any heart of stone.

Fluttershy looked behind her and saw Celestia standing with open arms. She got up and ran into the embrace of the one who had shown her that kindness is strong. All she could do was cry, and cry she did.

Celestia hugged Fluttershy as she cried into her chest, using her wings to cocoon the pink haired girl from the world. She slowly made her way to the willow’s trunk and sat down. Fluttershy’s sobs slowly abated. Celestia looked down to see the young girl had fallen asleep, so she let her rest.

Celestia started to play with Fluttershy’s hair which in turn woke her up.

“Sorry!” Fluttershy squeaked and tried to break the embrace.

“It’s ok, Sonnenaufgang. It will be ok.” Celestia spoke in a clamming voice while tightening the embrace.

“No it's not! You’re not worthy of somebody like me to love you.” Fluttershy spoke. She grabbed her upper arm and pulled off a Velcro patch, handing it to Celestia. “Here, take this back. I’m not worthy.”

“That’s enough, Sonnenaufgang.” Celestia said, cutting off Fluttershy rant. She took a minute to pick the correct words to say. In a soft voice she said

“Fluttershy you are worthy of the position that you hold and I will not take it from you. Also, I am free to pick who I love, and I choose you. For what you don’t have in strength you have in your love and kindness.” She stopped to look at her sunrise and kiss her. “That’s why I love you.”

Celestia took the patch from Fluttershy’s hands and put back onto her arm. “Thank you.” Fluttershy said, moving in to kiss Celestia. She then started to extract herself from Celestia’s embrace.

“Any time, Sonnenaufgang, any time,” Celestia said as she stood. ”Shall we rejoin your friends?” she asked.

“Yes we shall. Also when you talk to Trixie go easy on her,” She said while they started walking back to the heaven's tea room.

“No promises,” Celestia said while Fluttershy giggled as they walked.



A knock at the door brought the 45 minutes of silence to an end. Luna then spoke, “Come in.” A man in a white lab coat entered and stood in front of the group. “Dr. Tourniquet, to what do we owe to this pleasure?”

The man stood straight up and spoke clearly “I received an order from Captain Armor to investigate the girl that was brought in, and I am here to report my findings.”

“It seems that we have returned at the right time,” a voice said from behind him. Standing behind him was Celestia and behind her clinging on to her dress like a child was Fluttershy. Celestia walked over to a chair and sat down, pulling Fluttershy onto her lap. “Now Dr. Tourniquet, will you share what you found?”

“Very well, after we cut her out of her armor to see the extent of her wounds, we found out that she is a Pegasus."

The group looked over to Shining Armor who shook his head. “My sister was a Mage. Please continue, Doctor.”

Dr. Tourniquet cleared his throat “Her injury was a bullet wound to her lower left abdomen. She also is severely dehydrated. Further examination of her reviled 20 other scars spread around her body. Some of the scars are about 20 years old. Her mark is a six pointed lavender star with five other white stars. Blood type O-.” He then stopped to see if there were any questions.

He flipped his paper till he found what he was looking for and spoke once more. “When we were removing her armor these fell off.” He put several patches down in the center of the table. The first one read “blood type O-” and the second one portrayed six gems on a pedestal, all grayed out except the center one. The third was the emblem of the Equestrian armed forces. The last was something that no one had expected to see.

“Why did that girl have Fluttershy’s Archangel Patch?” Pinkie asked. Luna looked at Celestia and she nodded her head to silent question.

Luna stood and took a breath then spoke. “Fluttershy, could I have your patch? I promise that I will give it back in minute.”

“Sure.” Fluttershy reached for her patch that on her upper arm and removed it, then handed it to Luna.

“Thank you, Fluttershy.” Luna said as she took the patch from her.

Luna levitated both patches in her magic and set them to revolve. “Although the patches look similar, they are different. Fluttershy’s patch has a white wing crossing over a blue wing with a yellow Recurve bow, the symbol for an Archangel. while the mystery girl’s patch has a blue wing crossing over a white wing with a lavender colored halberd, which is the symbol for the Valkyrie.” Luna floated Fluttershy’s patch back over to her.

“Princess Luna, why have I never heard of Valkyries before? And where does a Valkyrie stand compared to an Archangel?” Shining armor asked.

“The rank of Valkyrie has not been given to someone in over two thousand years, Caption armor. If that girl is indead a Valkyrie then she holds the same rank as Fluttershy.” Luna said. Everyone had confused looks on their faces.

“Tia, is their anything that the Valkyrie shares with me other than rank?” Fluttershy asked.

“Fluttershy, Valkyrie and Archangel are two sides of the same coin. All it means is that you and she are equals in the court.” Celestia said.

“Oh, ok,” Fluttershy responded.

Dr. Tourniquet then placed two items on the table. The first object was a set of dog tags, the second was a silver bracelet with six different shaped gems. “She had these on her person. One has a single word that that sounds like her name, but it’s in another language that we can’t identify. The second dog tag has quote on it and reads as such: “as the evening twilight fades away the sky is filled with stars, invisible by day.”

Luna went wild-eyed she picked the tags to read the first one.

“So what does it say?” Rainbow dash asked.

“It reads ‘crepusculum,’” Luna read.

“What language is that?” Rainbow asked in a confused tone.

“Her name is in Latin. It is a language that hasn’t been spoken in about eight thousand years. Crepusculum translates to Twilight in your tongue.”

Trixie then spoke, “So what does this new information tell us?”

“We know who Twilight reports to.” Luna said.

“That would be who?” Trixie asked timidly.

Celestia looked at Luna and gave and nodded her head. Celestia let out a sigh then spoke, “On the patch the blue wing is above the white one, her name is in Latin and the other tag reads “as the evening twilight fades away the sky is filled with stars, invisible by day.” This means Twilight is the Valkyrie of the Stars, and answers to Luna.”

Author's Note:

let's talk about race since they're portrayed as humans in this story.
Unicorns are called Mage. they use their hands to control their magic
Earth Ponies are called Earthbound. Live longer than any of the lesser races and are usually stronger.
Pegasus are still called Pegasus. They have wings on their back and they can still walk on clouds and manipulate them.
Alicorns are still called Alicorns. All Alicorns are immortal. They have wings on their back, can use magic, and are extremely strong.

Sonnenaufgang is German for sunrise
Crepuscula is latin for Twilight
If this wrong please tell me.

This quote "as the evening twilight fades away the sky is filled with stars, invisible by day.” is by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Thank you to my editor Stone_Mason
ps. the first chapter is updated as well.