• Published 6th Aug 2015
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The Right that Returns - febnic16

When Twilight was taken from her original reality, she thought she would never return. Now she has. War is at Equestria's doorstep. Twilight will have to make a choice. When Twilight does, she’ll have a huge task ahead of her.

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The Star that Shines in the Night Sky

The Star that Shines in the Night Sky

The room was still, and the only sounds were coming from the two forms fast asleep on the queen size bed. The light from the setting sun peeked through the curtains illuminating the dark room just enough to wake the taller of the two sleep forms.

The seemingly ageless young woman got out of the bed with the extreme caution and precision of an expert sergeant, so as not to wake the other sleeping form. The goddess with dark blue hair walked over to the curtains and pulled them open a slight bit more allowing her walk out onto the balcony.
Looking out upon her kingdom with joy and sadness she let out a sigh. Just before her sight was finished, she was embraced by two strong yet gentle arms. “Luna mea, what’s bothering you?” the shorter of the two asked.

“Crepusculum, it’s just…. I can’t…” Luna’s thoughts were that of a jumbled mess and full of doubt. But all were put to rest when she felt her lovers embrace tighten. Taking a deep breath to clear her mind.

“Crepusculum, I feel that this is all a dream and when I truly awake, you will be gone.” Luna was turned around suddenly and was pulled into a passionate kiss.

“Luna, you are the Regis Filia of the night, dreams, and illusions. So tell me was that kiss real?” Luna stood their stunned for what felt like hours, but then answered her question with a kiss that would make Cadence blush. “I will take that kiss as a yes.” Luna smiled at the other girl and looked into her amethyst colored eyes and said.

“I love you, Twilight Sparkle.” She pulled twilight in to a sidelong hug and said “Come, let us raise the Moon and Her Stars.” As Luna lifted her hand, she called upon her magic and to bring out the moon and stars.

Once the moon was in the night sky, she looked down at the love of her life. As Luna led Twilight to back into the room to get ready for the night. Luna’s mind started to wander to the day she appeared in her life.


It was ten o’clock in the morning and Luna was still up. She had not gone to sleep yet, because today was a day that would go into the history books and stories would be told to children for generations to come. Today Equestria would crown a new princess.
As Luna was fixing the sleeve of her dress to make sure that her dagger was hidden, her thoughts were of Celestia’s most faithful student. “Her accomplishments in life are astounding. She has proved that she could be a leader that can take appropriate risks, but.”

“Sister, are you all right?” Celestia asked Luna, snapping her from the thought.

“I am fine sister, just pensive.” Luna replied. Celestia gave her a quizzical look.

“Luna, is there something wrong with the dress? Or is something on your mind?” Celestia questioned.

“It’s just, your student, she’s well, you know.”

Celestia laughed a little “Yes, I know how she can be pretentious at times, but you know that she has earned this; just as Cadence has. Come, it's time.”

Both sisters started walking to the throne room. Halfway there they were joined by Cadence and Shining Armor. As they drew closer, the other five Elements of Harmony joined them. They arranged themselves so that when they were walking, Celestia was in the center, Luna on her right, Cadence and Shining Armor were to her left, and bringing up the rear of the group were the five others two paces behind. They approached the doors to the ceremonial Hall with a nod. The solar guard then opened the doors.

As they entered the throne room, the royal honor guard snapped to attention. When they all were on the platform, Celestia spoke. “Today we are gathered here in celebration, my most faithful student has performed many great feats through her time in Ponyville, including reuniting me with my sister, Princess Luna. Now she accomplished something that not even the great Mage Star Swirl the bearded could not do. She has created new magic, proving that she is without out a doubt ready to be crowned Equestria’s newest Princess. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present for the very first time: Princess Trixie Lulamoon!”

As the doors opened, in a walked Trixie with her head held high and proud, wearing an elegant light blue dress with purple accents that was made without a doubt by her girlfriend.

She walked down the aisle toward where the royals and her five friends stood to Cadence’s right, as the honor guard and flag bearers sang.
When she got to the platform, she turned around to face the audience. Celestia used her magic to grab Trixie’s crown. Just as she was about to place the crown on Trixie’s head, a massive sphere of purple and blue magic energy appeared above the center of the room. Then something (or rather someone) came out of it and landed face down on the white marble floor.

The room fell silent as the clang of knife resonated through the room and with the magical sphere disappeared. All that was left was a person in black armor, not moving. They then started to slowly move, getting up in a dazed fashion but was able to pick up their knife that had fallen near by and sheif it. When they got to their feet, and finally look around and they stopped on the four Alicorn’s and said “Luna?” Her voice so beautiful that one could say it belonged to an angel. She took a step forward but stopped as she grabbed her side and fell to the marble floor once more.

Luna’s mind was set abuzz with questions “What just happened? Did I just think her voice was beautiful? Wait, her? Is that blood?” sure enough, there was a small crimson red pool forming around her.

Luna walked towards the hurt girl with caution. The closer Luna got to the girl’s the more apparent the damage her armor had taken. The armor was twisted, had gouges of it missing and partially melted. The only thing Luna could describe the armor was that wreck of crashed airship.

Luna was in front of the girl she stretched her hand and touched what she thought was the faceplate to lift it up but found immovable glass. She ran her hand along the helmet and triggered something. The helmet let out quiet hiss, glass turn form the opaque to crystal clear and cracked. Luna spoke “Guards, get a medic in here now! Call the Royal physician and tell that he has a critically wounded girl headed his way.”

The Lunar guards had a medic and a stretcher there within minutes. Meanwhile the Royal guards were actively clearing the room and making a path for the medics.

The rest of what happened became a blur in Luna’s mind when the medics removed her helmet. Her face was that of a goddess, perfect in every way, her hair was mostly dark indigo, with one pink and purple stripe, and was done up in a French braid. The medics were from the lunar guard and knew that she had to be stable before they even tried to move her.

When the medics were certain she could be moved safely to the stretcher they did so. When they were moving her from the floor to the stretcher a single noise caught Luna’s attention. it was a simple ping as something metallic hit the floor. Luna looked down to see a silver pocket watch. She picked the watch up to look at the design on the front. It was a waning crescent moon over a large lavender colored six pointed star and five white stars. Luna clicked the watch open. The time was off by 6 hours, she then saw an inscription on the back of the front faceplate. “I've loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night”.

Luna felt tears well up in her eyes, and for the first time in over a thousand years she offered a silent prayer for the girl who stole her heart. “Luna, do you know who that girl was?” Celestia asked as she approached.

Luna shook her head. “No, Tia, I don’t.”

Author's Note:

Some words are in Latin and here are their translations
Crepusculum = Twilight
Luna mea = My Moon
Regis Filia = King's daughter = Princess

If I use the wrong latin words or phrases tell me and I will fix it. Please note that I have not spoken latin in 8-10 years so I am little out of practice

This quote “I've loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night” is by Sarah Williams
hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

Thank you to my editor Stone_Mason