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This story is complete! Sequel is posted!

Opacare Prose had it all. He was an accomplished writer, noted storyteller, and acclaimed novelist. He had fame and fortune at his beck and call, and it seemed that no other stallion was so well off.

So when he mysteriously vanishes off the face of Equestria with no warning, it comes as a shock for the nation. His disappearance sparks an uproar of panic and confusion. Ponies and cities alike are put on the watch, looking for him endlessly...

As this is going on, an enigmatic, new pony suddenly arrives in Ponyville. His clothing and belongings look like they've been in several fights, and he looks ready to pass out. However, when ponies question where he came from, he refuses to answer. It seems he has a secret, a dark one, eliciting suspicion against him. He secludes himself at the edge of town, seemingly hiding away from civilization...

The Cutie Mark Crusaders are intrigued, and set off to somehow break through that stallion's cold exterior. Yet, they will inadvertently embark on their own, grand tale, filled with mystery, intrigue, and a troubled past. Will they manage to make it through and understand just who this mysterious stallion is; and what he is hiding?

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Comments ( 40 )

Don't let the thumbs down stop you, Jarvy, you're a talented writer!

Excellent Story, nice job.

A really good start, I'll have to continue reading.

Comment posted by Arctofire deleted Aug 14th, 2015

If nobody knows what he looks like, how the FUCK do they know that he's gone missing?

I'm not reading this story anymore, it's just really boring and fails to keep my interest, mostly due to the immense amount of flaws it has.

6277468 thank you for the feedback! Sorry that it hasn't been all that great; I'll be editing it immensely, I promise.


Like, once Scootaloo found out that Rainbow Dash really liked his books and that he writes adventure stories as well as romance novels, why was she still angry towards him instead of giving his books a chance. The CMC come across as Internet haters who hate everything that's popular.

Angry? I don't recall making her sound angry. It's more like she's still confused as to why he's such a big deal. To her, he's just an author; someone who writes books. And Equestria has tons of authors, so having one of them singled out is confusing to her. Also, she's not interested in reading any of Prose's books at the moment, as she doesn't find them appealing.

Maybe that was too subtle? :twilightoops:

A great start for this story. It got me curious to know more.

Another great chapter. I guess that it must be horrible when a great writer you follow disappear without leaving a trace.

Great to have Steve Magnet back. Him and his funny accent :rainbowlaugh: !

I like Dusk personality. I really do :pinkiehappy: !

6365133 I do too. I like the mysterious smart aleck.

I based his personality, as you saw in my blog, on the INTJ personality type, as well as several INTJ like characters (such as BBC's Sherlock)

Out of curiosity: will Prose be shipped with somepony?

6374561 Unlikely. I like him alone.

The first chapter was a good introduction. (spoiler)I liked how you had Prose's quote at the top, then explained it further through the eyes of the CMCs. The characterization, especially in the Cutie Mark Crusaders, was spot on. My like and follow has been earned, by you!

6468395 Thank you very much! I hope you enjoy the rest of the story! :pinkiehappy:

Once again, spot-on characterization. Especially this line:

“I was just about to invite him to Ponyville to throw him a ‘Huge Success’ party!”

How very Pinkie.

I have to say that after reading up to this point in the story its rather well done, it holds me just enough to keep me wanting to read it, while at the same time it doesn't seem to give up enough of what's going on so I don't figure anything out too soon. Well done, very well done.

6599163 Thank you for your feedback! I hope you enjoy continuing reading it!

Cuntbow Dash strikes again

I'm intrigued already, and I haven't even finished reading the DESCRIPTION!

6657976 Well, I would advise reading from the beginning... but thanks for the comment and favorite!

You know, I wish the villains in MLP where like Boss rather than the ones which looks, acting and plans shout at the tops of their loungs "WE ARE EVIL!". Sometimes (If not most of the times) the most dangerous people are the ones who believes what they are doing is good.

Milkshake war? Well, is useless to cry over spilled milk...

Prose did the right thing. Diamond Tiara is a cunt.

The writing is soo good that it helped me overcame the writers block! :yay:

6966715 Glad I could have been of assistance!

I'm siding with Prosa here. Diamond Tiara needs to the teached a lesson!

Flithy Rich... More like Filthy PRICK!

After a while I've actually managed to complete this amazing story. Maybe is not action-packed as others, but is incredibly well written and has a great OC. Now it's time to pass to the next chapter: Streets of Sin!

7027399 Thank you for reading and enjoying it! I hope its sequel will find your favor just as well! :twilightsmile:

Ah, hell.

I always enjoy fics – or stories in general – in which, the main character is a writer. I guess I just go silly with the meta.

Welp. Time to dive in.

This review was brought to you by The Syndicate Reviews

I look back on the last…. Four or five months it took me to get around to reviewing this story like I was fucking suppose to back during the week or the fucking month it got requested, but I busy with college shit and slamming my head into a brick wall over and over again like I feel like doing right about now. If Jarvey Jared has hard feelings towards me for not doing as I was asked back then I can totally understand that and if he doesn’t hold a grudge for long than he I might ask for his recommendation if someone ever wants a funny hard truth review.

I think I might be right on that precipice of fuck-that-shit-I’m-not-gonna-try-anymore when it comes to my Comp. I class that my professor has no sodding idea how to teach, or whether she has no commitment to teaching at all, seeing as how all her instructions are fucking vague and it almost makes me want to slam her head into a keyboard until her cunting face is comprised of blackened-grey plastic and lettered keys.


Well, fuck me in the ass cause that cathartic release felt scrum-diddley-umptious. It reminds me why I started reviewing in the first place. To put some fucking classy shit out there and help the fucking fandom actually have some nice things. We don’t have very many nice things, only two by my count FiM and FimFiction. We should all lick Knighty’s holy ballsack and thank god for him as if he were Jim fucking Sterling.

A Prose by all means, is something I’m quite fearful when it comes to reviewing. It’s dark and mysterious and it means I’ll inevitably be disappointed in the end. And by Job, was I right as always. Maybe you people should thank god for me too, as if I am Jim fucking Sterling son.

A Prose One Way and a Verse the Other is about the tragic events unfolding after the disappearance of the famous author of Manehattan, Something Prose… or Prose Something. During which entire country of Equestria loses their shit and starts a country wide manhunt, for the pony equivalent of Nicholas Sparks. Cause you know we need more of that bollocks. Simultaneously, a new mysterious stranger, by the name of Dusk Prosa, enters Ponyville with a solemn sigh and a troubled past as he seeks solitude and… well that’s about it now isn’t it?

An Anaphora for the Night seems to be the thing I feared the most, I wanted it and now I completely lost interest. It sparkles brightly in the early stages and once we peel back the golden cock wrap it’s not but a bland three inch ride. They say the spice of life is variety and maybe a bit more would nice President Trump! We can’t keep muslims out of the U.S. only with the terrorist bastards schtick. How about something other than depressing atmosphere and angst up the ass? Is that too much to ask?!?

Okay this confuses me greatly why would prosa have people call him that it's a huge giveaway to who he actually his. Part of his name is dusk which is not at all related to his pen name. It just seems counterintuitive to tell everyone who you actually are when your trying not to be found.

How could Prosa be injecting himself if all of his needles were empty?

8029986 In their worry over the mere presence of there being needles, the Mane Six forgot that that was another factor that should have been considered.

I despise kangaroo courts. Theirs is emotional justice, not lawful.

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