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It's been three years since the incident, three years since Spike fled town, and three years of letters. Upon his return, just what does he have to say?

A dialogue only story between Spike and Apple Bloom.

Thank you to Ocean Stardust and Foals Errand for prereading!

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That was nice. Even if it had a few spelling mistakes.

However, it did feel like it was missing something. If it's a ship between Spike and Bloom, burning a chair made it feel like the romance tag was a bit lacking.

...I felt this story would have been far superior if there were descriptions and such in there. It seemed like the dialogue had to go out of it's way to paint the picture and, for me, it makes it hard to follow in some cases. I wish we had a flash back to maybe what happened between Spike and Rarity too, it feels as though it was just glanced over and it was suppose to be quite big moment in their lives and caused Spike to run away for 3 years! Plus, this didn't really feel like a ship fic, all they did was a teensy bit of snuggling. Friends snuggle sometimes...no? Just mine? Okay. :twilightblush:

On the plus side though I do love Spikebloom so I'mma favourite! :pinkiehappy:

6248234 First, DAMNIT, about the spelling mistakes. Secondly, I do understand the shipping is weak, but honestly, this is the strongest version I ever made of this story, as over a year ago I did try to write it like that. However, it never quite worked. There was always going to be so much to cover, so many things to do, and it always ended up too busy, so I had to scrap it. This was made spur of the moment two nights before publish, with me being triggered to do something weird. I couldn't gt it out of my head, so just before I fell asleep, I wrote.

So yes, this probably could have been done better, and the shipping could be stronger, but this was how I was inspired to do it, and I'm doubtful if it would have happened from me any other way. I am happy you were able to enjoy it though.

Ok, this was the one thing that kinda threw me:

“Please, stop pointing up.”


“Pretty please?”

Who is pointing up? And why?

6250070 Spike is pointing up to a rope.

6250491 It's supposed to be implied, and Spike had no reason to say it, so he didn't.

Interesting, all-dialogue. The picture's there, but it's a bit sparse. Still, I got what was going on well enough.

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