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After falling for yet another one of her sister's unrelenting pranks, Princess Luna decides that enough is enough. It's high time she got her own back, and with the help of the oldest gag in the book and the Canterlot Castle Bathrooms, she might just manage it.

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Fun. I liked it. Have a fav.


6658921 Thanks very much for the fav! :pinkiehappy: I'm glad you enjoyed it! ^w^

Ha! Well done. Great writing and very..uh..."interesting" comedy choice. I admit, though, it was a fun read.


6659056 Thanks very much, Aven! :D Hehe, "interesting" in a good-ish way, I hope. xD Glad you enjoyed it.:twilightsmile:

Trolluna is best moon butt.


Wait, why didn't Celestia teleport out or blast the door down?


6664805 Luna had cast a spell that stopped Celestia's alicorn magic from working.

This was funny, but I found the setup for Luna's revenge somewhat lacking. If Luna had revealed the whoopee cushion to her company, she would have been able to take full charge of the situation and look much more mature than Celestia. If, for instance, she had suggested that one of the servants had planted it (feigning ignorance, though Tia would have known Luna knew the truth), she would have been able to keep Celestia squirming the whole time. This would possibly lead to Tia making nervous blunders and humiliating herself, as for the rest of the tour Luna would hold the truth of the prank over her head, ready to reveal it at any moment. But that's enough of that; I must admit that I'm not above a little toilet humor and did find myself enjoying the rest of the story.

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