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Many years have passed. Rainbow Dash left Ponyville to join the Wonderbolts. The Cutie Mark Crusaders are all grown up and now Scootaloo is following in Rainbow Dash's hoofsteps albeit with her own personal twist.

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This was my first ever completed fanfic, as well as my first ever completed short story. It was inspired by the picture I've used as the preview image, with permission.

I really do love this story, it has been the recipient of both vast praise and painful critique, such as not having enough emotional investment. I don't quite know what that would even entail, but I cried while writing this so I felt plenty emotionally invested.

However, due to all the praise, I have begun work on other stories following the same continuity of time established by this one. The Herd asked for more so I will give them more.


We need moar!

ya i thinks there should be a sequal:rainbowkiss:

Oh yah very very inspiring. you got the personalities of the ponies down on the mark

BEST. STORY. EVER. Is this on Equestria Daily? The only thing is that there are 2 spelling mistakes.










Sequel Pleez! very nice short ;P

That was an amazing shot story, Bravo!

Absolutely correct. This could even make an actual episode!

if it was an episode it would be legen, wait for it... DARY! it is really inspiring as well!:rainbowdetermined2::scootangel:

This is a great story i'm reading it while at work:scootangel:

That was great, can't wait for more! :3

Small world huh? I stumbled upon this by chance and didn't completely realize it was you until I finished it. FANTASTIC!

I loved every bit of it! =D

I really enjoyed it! :3:rainbowkiss:

This was a nice little short-fic. I'm always interested to see how others think the CMC will be when older.

Author Interviewer

I actually remember reading this once, a longlong time ago. :O

I like it. It's short and sweet. :pinkiehappy:

nice.:ajsmug: Can you make a sequel? I really want to know what else scootallo does as a wonderbolt. Please?:scootangel::yay::raritystarry::rainbowdetermined2::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

This was brilliant.

You make sequel now.

I think the part where rainbow and scoots were talking should be longer

I'll be honest: I read this story at least in part because I was curious about how well such an old story would stand up. I had fairly mixed views: on the one hand, there doesn't seem to be a great deal of conflict; Scoots utterly succeeds in absolutely everything. You do reach the point at which you wonder whether she's going to be made an alicorn as well! On the plus side, having her adopted by the Apples instead of Dash was a great twist, as was having her cutie mark making her the "Atmospheric Artisan". One or two stylistic quibbles, eg the use of "gonna" outside direct speech jars slightly. A bit wordy, but then that's a fault I have as well! I'd probably class this as a decent story: not one I'll remember for years to come but by no means bad.

It was really good, I just wish there was more. Great story, keep writing more

Very nicely done. Bravo.:pinkiesmile:


It's amusing to see what qualified for quality fiction when we first started out.
-Bad characterization.
-Bad structure.
-Bad pacing.
-Bad grammar.
-/+okay idea/premise.



...Your username is worse than anything in this story..

Amazing! seven quaddrillion stars!
-great job following the charector personalities
-great storiline
I would LOVE to see more!

This is one AWESOME story! :rainbowdetermined2:

Woohoo, go Scootaloo, you're awesome :scootangel:!

Umm, yeah, good fanfic.

She looked around, confused. It seemed she had suddenly been whisked to another equally old part of the interwebs, that fancy technological marvel that let humans talk with friends and watch cats and watch... other stuff, and write Teen Titans Go fanfiction, and pirate textbooks, and, well, do pretty much anything. But why was she here?

it's short clean, easy to do
kinda like your mom:trollestia:

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