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PHR #1 · Jul 25th, 2015 · · 4 ·

What's that, you say? Big Mac x Trenderhoof, with Discord "helping"?


And this glorious fic hath arrived! (Now to submit mine... Lol)

What's this but just two mere comments on a story written by our dear Marshal Twilight, why I'm flabbergasted! Anyway lets get on with the niceties-something something good story something something heard it all before-,so whilst I was delving into this little slice of heaven I came upon a small grammatical mistake in the middle of my throes of pleasure. I don't quite remember where it was exactly but the word "Once" was mistaken with "One". Alright that's all!

(P.S. 10/10 would fap again, or clop I dunno :eeyup: )

That was quite the story involving penis on penis action. I very much so enjoyed reading it and would definitely read it again in the future.

Aww, poor sensitive Trenderhoof. This story is so sweet and sad and sexy at the same time.

6245260 I am as well given this story was really well written what is annoying me is that some ass is downvoting all the comments.

there's a pretty good comic i saw a couple months ago where discord did the same thing for another oc for fluttershy....

“Oh, and if you ever want another ride on the Disco Stick, all you have to do is ask!”

Disco Stick


6262196 O_O and where can i find that said comic ? *sly grin*

6297483 sent you a gay pm....

6311784 hehe yup....

Now go on, screw each other silly! After all, there’s no better way to show affection than shoving hard objects into orifices!”

I'm done *flips table*

6297583 cud I hath sum that gey pourn

6297583 Can I haz too??????

7005952 that's a long time ago , let's see....
ok took me a minute , sending it now.....

Forgetting Discord's not unreasonable disdain for the idea that there HAS to be roles in the bedroom, it's like Trenderhoof's never heard of a switch before.

See, from the art on the cover I thought it was going to be a threesome, but I’m pretty content with what happened here. Very nice job!

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