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as my name states, I'm a huge Derpy Hooves fan, Derpy is so cool too!

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i love it a lot great job :pinkiehappy:

I prefer My Little Dashie over this, and that's saying something because I didn't really like that one very much either.

Could have been a bit longer. FiM Flam Filosophy can fit more detail in half the time I took to read this.

But none the less, I'm looking forward to a sequel :pinkiehappy:

Okay, sorry. But this felt a bit rushed. There was nowhere near the emotionally engagement as mld gives. On top of that, daisy kept turning into Kathy or the other way round multiple times.

plus, how would dinky have had the power to teleport between worlds? If they'd arrived in. The doctor's TARDIS, yeah maybe, but dinky doing that seemed way off.

Finally, not only did celestia seem too willing to accept their being in equestria right of the bat, but daisy/Kathy turned into an alicorn while the guy turned into an ordinary Pegasus. She's gonna have to watch her husband, derpy and dinky all grow old and die. Talk about being harsh.

I wanted to enjoy this Fic, I really did, but it just didn't work. Too rushed and not enough time pulling the reader in, and you had the dad get married to someone who also accepted derpy. That went so fast if seemed totally unrealistic, and we're talking about a carton pony being raised in the human world, but the unrealistic part isn't that. How does that happen?

When ever I'm depressed, I turn on my computer and watch the episodes.

Then he's not really depressed. Cartoons don't cure depression, thereapy does

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