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What happens when the most powerful residents of Equestria get bored at night and decide to have a voice chat together? Something like this...

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You really need to say who's speaking. Example:

"I really LOVE books!" Twilight exclaimed.

I got really confused, and eventually lost track of this fic.

I have multiple feelings about this fic, too. It was good, it was pretty rushed, it was funny, it was confusing. Because of this emotions, I won't upvote, nor downvote. But I did think it was kind of cute. :twilightsmile:

Good luck on your next fics!


6242206 Thanks for reading it and commenting what you think of it! :D Yeah, I can see how it could get confusing, I was trying to make it like you only had access to their mics and so you would have to assume who was speaking. So thank you for telling me! :) I wanted to hear what you all think.

You're welcome! I can be a proofreader for your next fics, if you would like that. :twilightsmile:

If you have the option for different font colors, using them to represent different voices would help considerably. Otherwise, you could always show either their real or account names, like they do in text chat rooms:

NightGamer: I'd rather have coffee....
TeaCakes: WHAT?! But everypony likes tea!
redhoof12: Hahahaha!
crystalove: Oh, Tia.....


6243871 That would be awesome! If you're up for it then, yeah! :pinkiehappy:


6243958 ooh I like the idea of the font colours! That would make it a lot easier to read. Fimfiction doesn't accept chat room styled fics though, I don't think.

Yeah, they won't. I read the story guidelines.


6244091 Awesome! :D Yeah, I looked back at them as well (the guidelines).


6243958 Do you think I'd be able to go and add the coloured text to the story, or is too late now that it's up? I agree with you that it would make it a lot easier to read.

I really liked it! It was quite funny! But it was kind of hard to figure out who was talking.


6244746 Thanks! :D Glad you enjoyed it! I'm thinking to put the text in different colours depending on who's speaking to make it a bit clearer, but I don't know if its too late or not...

Heh, I quite enjoyed this little idea!

Personally, I agree with other said. At some points, it's a bit difficult to understand who's talking. I'd definitely agree with the different colors, as was said earlier.

Oh, and you can use double quotations for speaking here, too. My inner Grammar Nazi wanted to mention that.

But I love the idea nonetheless! 'Twas awesomely humorous. :raritywink:


6244910 I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) Yeah so I think I'll go with the colours idea, then. It will make it easier to read :) Hehe, double quotations? Are single quotations not acceptable too? ;P

6244852 That's a good idea.


So I've added in the colours, everyone! Hopefully it makes it easier to see who's saying what, now :twilightsmile:

6244949 You could do single quotations if you really wanted to, but there's not really any reason to use them over double quotations.

Especially because they're typically for "quote in a quote" situations.
…Most of me wants to say they're used exclusively for that, but it's been a while.


6248292 I wouldn't think its vital for me to change them all to double quotations, though, although I will remember to use them next time :twilightsmile:

6249762 True, true. I know I'd be too lazy to do that, despite everything. Thanks for considering, though! :pinkiesmile:

Everypony has bad connection!

A few spelling mistakes, but I really liked the story!:rainbowlaugh:

I see some people commented it's hard to see who's talking, but I think that's kinda genius, because it's exactly how it is in real calls too!:trollestia:

But yeah, good story! I really like your writing!:pinkiehappy:


6560328 Hehe, that might be because I'm British, and so write in British English and not American. :rainbowwild:

Thank you a lot! :pinkiehappy: I'm really pleased that you like what I've written, it's there to be enjoyed, so yeah! Thanks! :twilightsmile:

6560457 Oh not that kind of mistakes, English is my third language so I would have no idea:rainbowlaugh: I meant like this:

'I've already bought you you're gift, sister...'



6560525 Oh... my... god... did I seriously do that?...

Paint my face red, I hate seeing people make that mistake and am always the first one to point it out. XD

Huh... I guess it's karma... :twilightsheepish:

6560558 :rainbowlaugh: Nah, everyone makes mistakes. But it doesn't matter much, cause the story was awesome!:twilightsmile:


6560598 Awww gee, thanks! :pinkiesad2: Shade, you're too good to me. :rainbowlaugh:

6560606 No problem, just stating my opinion:rainbowlaugh: And thanks for the follow!:pinkiehappy:

OMG! I loved this! Tirek was HILARIOUS! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:


6679887 Hehe, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile: Tirek would probably be my favourite in this, too. xD

That was hilarious. Needs more Chryssie, though.

Your story was entertaining! It was a little confusing with the different colors representing the ponies, but I thought the colors also made the story more fun.


7308498 I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for commenting your thoughts! :twilightsmile:

My guess is that Chrysalis had a virus and joining the chat spread it to the others, hence why they all started dropping out when she joined.

“Discoooooord, I’m howling at the moon! And sleeping in the middle of a summer afternoon!”

This was a fun fic. It was pretty funny.

This was really funny!

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