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An Orange Sky - Little Lollipop

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Orange Sky

Yes, this is a story that is about OCs. I like this story, I like the characters and therefore, I am going to post it! Thank you to Brizner for his adorable character and for Cutella for helping me out with the editing.

Orange Cream, Cherry and Lemon belong to me and Corsair Sky belongs to Brizner.

An Orange Sky

“C’mon Sky!”

The pale blue Pegasus watched as her friend ran ahead of her. Up the hill she bounded, her orange tail flying in the wind. Corsair Sky admired her friend for having so much energy. Instead of flying, Sky decided to walk up the hill behind Orange Cream. They reached the top where Cream’s parents, Cherry Cola and Lemon Lime, were waiting. They had already laid out a blanket with a picnic basket and plates.

“We’re here!” Orange announced, bounding towards her parents. “Is everything ready?”

“Sure is honey pie,” Cherry nuzzled her daughter. “Now you two just lay down and we’ll set everything out.”

“Okay!” Orange sat down and then patted a spot next to her. “C’mon Sky, sit next to me!”

Corsair smiled and sat down. She couldn’t help be excited too. A Wonderbolt performance! How exciting! She had lived in Cloudsdale all her life and had never seen them perform until now. It was enough to make her heart flip flop. Try as she might, she couldn’t stop herself from giggling.

“Hey, did you just giggle?” Orange looked at her friend.

“What? No!” Corsair huffed. “A pirate never, ever giggles!”

“But you did! You totally giggled!”

“I did not!”

“You did too!”

“Did not!” Corsair went on the defensive and rubbed her head against Orange’s side. “Take it back!”

“Aiee, stop!” Orange began to laugh. “You’re cheating!”

“Take it back ya land lubber!” Corsair continued to rub.

“Never!” Orange gasped. “Daddy, save me!”

“He can’t save you now!” Corsair declared.

“Oh, I can’t can I?”

“Uh oh.”

Lemon Lime swooped in, and with his hoof, began to tickle Corsair’s underbelly. The usually tomboyish Pegasus let out a girlish squeal. She fell to her side as Lemon continued to tickle her, her squeals becoming louder and louder. Orange jumped up, cheering on her father as he continued to torture Corsair.

“I give, I give!” She declared. “Uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle!”

“She yields!” Lemon removed his hoof.

“So much energy!” Cherry smiled. “I bet you girls worked up an appetite. Why don’t we bring out our dinner?”

The girls helped set the ‘table’ while Cherry brought out four bottles of her famous cherry soda. Lemon Lime got out the sandwiches and chips. Once the food was disturbed, they all sat down to enjoy. Corsair sometimes felt a bit in awe of Orange and her parents cooking ability. Being a swashbuckler, she never really got a chance to try to make something herself. When Orange went into the kitchen, she seemed to known exactly what was she was doing.

“I wonder who will be performing tonight,” Orange looked up at the sky. “I hope we get to see Soarin’.”

“You only want to see him because you think he’s cute.” Corsair nudged Orange.

“So? At least I’m honest.”

“Can’t you girls be interested in something besides boys?” Lemon asked.

“Daddy, I’m not a little girl anymore,” Orange pouted. “I’m fifteen! I’m allowed to be interested in boys, right Cor?”

“She’s right. It’s healthy for mares of our age to look at colts.” Corsair added.

“Okay but either of you can date until after you’re married.”

“DAD!” They both chorused.

“Okay, until you’re fifty.”

“MOM!” They turned to Cherry.

“Oh honey, stop that!” She batted her husband. “You can’t stop young love.”

“I can at least try.”

With their sandwiches done, Orange reached into the basket and brought out a pastry box. She set it on the blanket and then opened it up, revealing four orange cupcakes topped with frosting and orange slices. Corsair licked her lips. This was her all time favorite treat. Titled the Orange Dream Supreme, it was a best seller down at the sock hop. Orange Cream had made it herself on the day she had gotten her cutie mark and no one could make it better than her. Orange handed Corsair a plate.

“You first.” She said.

Corsair inspected each cupcake, not sure which one to pick. She finally decided on the one she thought had the most icing. She nudged it onto her plate and took a huge bite out of it.

“Mhm!” She swallowed. “Fantastic!”

“Really?” Orange smiled.

“Indeed! No one makes this dessert better than you matey!”

Orange Cream couldn’t contain her happiness. She hopped a few times before she scooped Corsair into a big bear hug and gave her a squeeze. Lemon and Cherry smiled.

Soon, the cupcakes were gone and the sky was becoming darker. Orange and Corsair sat next to each other, anxiously waiting for a sign of the Wonderbolts. Then, the crowd began to cheer. They both looked up to see five of the Wonderbolts streak by in formation. The two best friends squealed in delight. This is what they had been waiting for!

“Look, I see Spitfire!” Cor pointed as the yellow Pegasus flew in a circle.

“And there’s Soarin!” Squealed Orange as he did a double back flip in the air.

The night continued, the two girls beside themselves with joy. Slowly, as the sky became filled with stars, the two began to yawn and rub their eyes. But they stared into the sky, their eyes glued to the fantastic flyers. Once the show was over, there was a round of loud applause from crowd. However, two little ponies were fast asleep. Orange Cream and Corsair Sky were snuggled together, slumbering peacefully.

“Oh Lemon, look at them!” Cherry cooed. “They look like little angels.”

“Let’s not wake them up,” Lemon suggested. “I’ll get Sky while you get Orange.”

Lemon leaned down and carefully pushed his head under Sky. He then managed to get the Pegasus on his back. Cherry managed to do the same, and while Orange was somewhat heavy, she didn’t mind carrying her daughter home this one time. They headed down the hill towards their home with the two sleeping ponies. Once they reached it, they headed upstairs and placed the girls in the bed they share.

“I know she’s not really our daughter,” Cherry whispered as she pulled the blanket over them. “But I feel like Corsair was meant to be with us.”

“I know what you mean,” Lemon said as he turned off the lights. “It would be hard to imagine life without her.”

Once the door was closed, Orange Cream opened her eyes and looked at Cor who was still asleep. With a smile, she scooted closer and wrapped her hooves around her sleeping friend.

“It wouldn’t be much of a life at all.” She whispered before falling back asleep.

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Comments ( 4 )

And then they had the sex :rainbowwild: But seriously, write more! This is too good to leave off here! :rainbowdetermined2:

brizner makes a good point

Aww, such a sweet little story. I'm not normally one for them written about original characters, but this is just adorable. The only problem I see is that the constant indentations can be a bit distracting.

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