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Hello, I Write and read fanficions for YouTube. My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu5lAbDlu4iith4TRSCQfqg Currently writing an epic action/adventure story and two clopfics.


This Idea was inspired by the episode Tanks For The Memories. After her friends fail to help Rainbow Dash out, you come to the rescue and try to be there for the Pegasus.
Uplifting cuddle fic told in the 2nd person.

Because, who doesn't like Pegasus cuddles?

Reading of this story available here

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i would like to see more of this :P

This was a really cute and adorable story :rainbowkiss:

Alrighty. It was interesting, but it was a tad all over the place. I highly suggest using the horizontal lines to make plot separations when necessary, like the instances between "You" and rainbow, and the other girls. Also, I feel as if this was a quickly done story, as if you were just trying to tell it and move on. When you tell stories like this, you really need to envelop the reader in it, and really make them feel apart of the story. You need to actively engage their imagination, ESPECIALLY if they're supposed to be literally apart of the story.

Other than that, the idea was pretty cute. Just like I said, work on that. I highly suggest getting an editor to fix the plot holes and scene changes. But, that's my criticism, what you do with it is up to you; it's your story.

Just trying to help :twilightsmile:

I like the idea, not bad.

You know I was there when you weren't as popular, I was there when you didn't have an ego... But I still love you the same. Me an' You, my place, tonight at 8... Well that's funny it's like one in the morning. Um question on my part do you have an editor by any chance, and if not you should consider one it's a good idea seeing how it makes a lot of stories better.

Comment posted by JoeInACup1 deleted Aug 30th, 2015
Comment posted by JoeInACup1 deleted Aug 30th, 2015

>>Naviskypegaus I was on a lot of ketamine:derpytongue2:
I dont know how to work this website (facepalm)

Thanks for 1000 views!

That was really cute. Well done.:twilightsmile:

Cute story! But the front picture of rainbow is so sad!!

Tanks For The Memories

So...Rainbow Dash used to be my favorite pony before this episode. In my educated opinion, she needs to realize that, unlike when something dies, she'll be able to see her F***ING Tortoise again. Whereas I will never be able to see the people that I lost to time again...
Which is why the only good that ever came out of that episode is the following thing:

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