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Yeah, no.


During a freak accident at night, Twlight's friendship reports go up in flames. Is friendship really that fragile?

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This. Just this.

So IC.

*Clap, clap, clap*
That was pretty obvious but still beautiful.

Odd, I thought Celestia kept copies of the reports, too.

Beautiful. Excellent job.

My interpretation was that Twilight requested her originials reports back from Celestia. With the original set, there is more feeling/memories behind them. There might be copies somewhere, but losing the originals is pretty heartbreaking.

Well, at first I was a little iffy. I mean, a Sadfic? But this was beautiful. Saw the one error with Pinkie that I told you about, but besides that, it was very well written. :yay:

now im curious what started the fire did twi forget to put out the fire place (well probably one of the paper ruffling flew into the fire and started a chain reaction)

rather short and kind of obvious...but I still enjoyed it

The loss of the library was sad but the message wasn't really sad at all, the original copies of her friendship reports aren't what hold the lessons taught, it's the hearts and minds of Twilight and her friends.

Dude this was not sad more like slice of life. I almost did not read it because the Sad tag almost made me sad. Anyways It a nice short story.

640472 Added the Slice of Life tag. I wish there was a 'happy sad' tag or something like that.

640494 yeah i feel you. but hey we have to work with what we got you know?

ver well done :scootangel:

Either I've read this before elsewhere or some other author used the same pic. I feel like I've read it somewhere else.

Anyway, well done. This deserves my fave, upvote and a brohoof.


Really good. Simple and straight to the point. I like it

This is good but it still might have been good to explain exactly what sarted the fire. :applejackunsure:

Did she forget spike in the library because he disappears after the teleport part. :unsuresweetie:

Predictable finish, but good concept nonetheless. You managed to write it out well. :twilightsmile:

I liked it. It was good and all that. I'm going to point out some errors though. (I SHALL BE NITPICKY)

Right near the beginning Twilight said, “'I still can't believe Fluttershy stood up to that dragon.'” And then the "return" key was is pressed once before it says "Her eyes wandered over to the clock on her wall." This is really only a error in the format. (It doesn't fit with the format you have for the rest of the story.) I would assume that the two parts would be in the same paragraph.

Bad word choice in this one. "From the gap underneath the door frame she could spot smoke was flooding into the room." The word "spot" doesn't work in this sentence. You could change "spot" to "see" and strikeout "was" making it "From the gap underneath the door frame she could spot [see] smoke was flooding into the room.". Or you could put the word "that" after "smoke" making it "From the gap underneath the door frame she could spot smoke [that] was flooding into the room."

(This one is probably me just being nitpicky.) When you put “'Spike! The library is on fire! There is no way out!'” you bolded (and I assume stressed) "is" (and most people italicize to stress but I don't think that there's any actual rules for it.) that mean that you stressing the fact that "You are correct , good sir. The library indeed is on fire." not the fact that "OH MY GOD! THE LIBRARY IS ON FIRE!" In the end the only harm it does it disrupt the flow when reading it. Getting rid of the stress would also fix the problem. If this was your intention then don't mind my nitpickyness.

"They had come from her heart and [she] believed every single one of them to be true," In this one without the [she] that I added in (or an equivalent) the sentence doesn't work right. Add in a she (or an equivalent).

If anything I put was wrong then please tell what it was and why. If I'm wrong then I would like to know so that i wouldn't be wrong in the future.

(NOTE TO SELF: Format your comments better.)

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