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Any normal person would have stopped bothering by now.


Prince Blueblood, the last Prince of the Unicornian dynasty, winner of three consecutive beauty contests, patron of the arts, and a highly sought-over stallion, is, as described, vital to the political life of the Equestrian kingdom. Princess Celestia's secretary Raven, an overall unremarkable, barely present in any records, plain unicorn pony, is nothing in particular, and was most likely sent merely to make sure nobody at all troubles the brilliant mind that is Blueblood. The dozen engineers that operate their vehicle on the way to, and especially back from, the capital of the Frozen North, are simply lucky to have had a chance to share a trip with the sterling Prince.

That is the status quo all of them would like to believe, and it is definitely not going to stay intact over the 42 days it will take them to return.


Proofreading and minor assistance by Dark Avenger. Cover art by sean7700, although an eternal WiP after a few things went down.

Part of a prequel one-shot series to a much bigger fic, currently in the works. It is definitely more Dark than Comedy, so don't expect the usual Comedy fare. It was not the intent of the fic, more the outcome of putting these characters into these situations with this story in mind. TL;DR INCREDIBLY DARK, less incredibly comedic.

Same series as VIS_016.evi, Vermillion, Vis-a-Vis, Styx Enterprises and Nick and Penny.

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 24 )

This is super juicy. Loving it.

Why didn't they take the train or airship?


6228500 Right, good question, one I intended to answer in the story but figured it wasn't important enough and would take up space. You can gather the answer as it is, but to be direct, the vehicle they came riding in is a one-of-a-kind prototype, and they are supposed to return with it. Not an option to leave it behind. As for the everpresent "why don't they just teleport" - someone's going to bring that up... The North's already said, multiple times, to be a wild magic zone, and a rather more volatile one than Everfree. It's... not a good idea. If you like flesh. Or bones. Or flesh on bones.

In the description you forgot to mention everyday Mary Sue.

(I have nothing against the story, I just hate blueblood. ASSHAT)


6234495 Well, it is pretty much a long-winded euphemism for it, isn't it. And you may have something to like about this one then. Especially with where I think it's going.

You know... Blueblood is so much like Rarity, it's almost painful how well they could've worked if he'd just been a wee bit nicer.

Why is the Like/Dislike bar gray? I've seen it on other fics, and they prevent us from seeing how liked or disliked the fic in question is


6315917 It's grey until it breaches... 10 likes/dislikes, I think? It's to prevent bandwagoning and crab mentality. One of the few good ideas out of whoever runs this site at this point.

It's 9/\ 1\/, for the record. Can give you a screenshot.

6315980 Oh! So a fic has to have ten opinions through the bar before it reveals how liked or disliked it is


6316052 Well I'm not 100% sure. It just seems like the most logical thing to go with, any more than that is a bit too many. Regardless, I've little to fear, soon it'll be visible. Can't believe they did something smart.

Al-Walid was too fun in his short screentime. Sad he's gone but intrigued about waht comes next!

It's been over eight chapters. Now how long until this story is complete?


6675027 One and a half chapters (an epilogue). This was never meant to take so long, but, well, first I got out of control, and then life did. I intend to finish it before December. Probably won't happen, but that's the rough estimation.

This is an interesting story so far, confusing as Hell about what's happening around them, but still it is I can't wait to see how things will develop how that Blueblood is taking charge of himself. What happen to Raven to be so antagonistic about every pony around her from the vehicle? I understand that she is completely stress out and she is trying to keep everything under her control but what bring her doubting about the engineers of being any help to them? They are all on the same team right? Is it because the previous situation, with Blueblood being a wreck, their for was more favorable to her and that she see Blueblood a somepony that could undermined her authority in the group, which she equate to her own survival and doesn't trust anypony els lead?


6677580 It's a somewhat subtle thing, it's been building up throughout the chapters and pretty much culminated in this one. You've pretty much got it. The constant pressure and the inability to take matters into her own, as well as being outnumbered by the ponies who were only technically on her side, and being a perfectionist, it all took a toll on her. I showed that by having this entire chapter be from her perspective, for the first time. Previously, it would switch between her and Blueblood, but this one is all her, and, as such, shows what she really thinks and feels.

With the vague hints as to her backstory, you can understand it even better how all that's happened is making her break down. It's the fact that she isn't meant to be breaking down that's probably the worst. This chapter was meant to tie her story up, starting from when she was meant to just be a typical business-business secretary, nearly stereotypical, to being a borderline black ops agent who, despite having been through a lot already, is way out of their league. So this is her send-off, a chapter that's finally being truthful and reasonable as to the character who narrates it.

I'm... not completely sure what just happened.


6699031 Blueblood has really gotten into the spirit of the North, I suppose. Really gotten into it. The spirit, that is. He has.

I have one question in all of this...WHAT THE HELL WAS ALL THIS STORY ABOUT????:flutterrage: I mean it after all that has happen I can't make head or tails of all of this. It was a great read, but it is all confusing:rainbowhuh:. Blueblood is a wrath now and a puppet to a great forgotten Evil and I can't make any riming or reason to it. I hope their's going to be a sequel to all this so that I understand what has happen in all of this?


6706270 Well, first of all, I direct you to the description:

... Part of a prequel one-shot series to a much bigger fic, currently in the works. ...

In particular, to make a bit of a spoiler, the guy from the very last chapter is the protagonist of the bigger story that this leads into. Runa is the antagonist.

And second, a thing that I think I made overtly obvious in the last chapter.

Blueblood is an inherent failure, even if he's put in the spotlight when he can either be a hero or a villain. He ruins EVERYTHING, for everyone, and most of all for himself. It doesn't matter who or what you are, he will fail, because he's a fuck-up, and that's just how he works. This is what happens when someone this redundant and unnecessary gets tangled in very serious shit. So good luck to the ones who think that he's their best way of getting what they want. One already lost half a face over it.

But overall, the purpose of the fic was to not only have that shown and done, but to introduce people to how the Frozen North works in this verse. And, well, I'm pretty sure it does that alright. It should, anyway.

This wasn't a bad story, for something meant to introduce characters and such, but a lot of it jumped around like a Kangaroo on crack, or went on and on like a Tolkien novel only to explain exactly nothing, or what ended up coming across as nothing in the 'grand scheme' so to speak. The first few chapters didn't have this issue in abundance, thankfully, and were quite enjoyable, but as time went on, it became fairly.. convoluted, I guess, like too many ideas thrown into the writing blender at once.

Comment posted by ExTor deleted Feb 3rd, 2017

7909587 Honestly, I agree here. While my general idea was introducing shit, I ended up turning it into too much of its own thing, to the point where it's basically a story that can stand on its own. Ironically that's an issue. The one excuse I have is that most of what I wanted to introduce was the setting - a lot of its elements and rules and comaprisons to MLP as is were demonstrated. As for characters, we've got... two. And a half. Yipee.

Funny is also that the Tolkien comparison had been made to me before, outside of FimFic, though as a compliment. It wasn't intentional, that's for sure. For how much I disliked The Hobbit (the book), it's amusing how similar this ended up being. My inability to not spill into fuckloads of detail and complexity is probably one of my biggest problems, I still haven't been able to solve it. It's all the more glaring when I DO manage a bit of it for a few chapters, and then go downhill anyway.

And thanks for the comment, I'll assume that yours is the downvote as well. That was PROBABLY the first downvote with a comment attached of all of 2017?

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