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Bass Canon

Greetings, fellow bronies! My alias for writing is Bass Canon, and she is my own creation. I tend to go from the family friendly slice-of-life stories to very fetishy adult stories.

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I has see you for while where you ben?

6226950 Around, trying my best to get back to writing. Here is to that!

6226961 ok so when are you going to make a new chapters of The Beat, Mistress Butterfly and The Forbidden Fruit going to be?

6227013 I am trying to make it happen, but if I make a date, I'll just break it. In due time, shall we say?

6227034 so when are you going to been ready?

Very neat story. Wouldn't mind having it be 'extended' through the course of.. say.. two days maybe. Nonetheless, was a neat and fun little ride.

6227070 New chapter, additional addendum to the main story, either way, it's a fun story. I dunno, I guess I'm just a fan of processy things, that subtly/nudge the character's mental transformation (And even physical) ones over the course of an extended period of time. S'just me though. The story as is, is fine! Don't get me wrong!

6227082 Well I am waiting to see what the feedback would be. So far I am included to give Twilight those socks, we will see.

This looks like something I would see in a one-shot, but it says incomplete...

Weird. I am going to keep an eye on this.

This would be awesome if it had another chapter! I'd love to read another!

Oh i remember this picture, i always wanted to see a story about it.

6228515 I hope this scratches that itch well enough :twilightblush:

I was actually expecting something a little more... in-depth. Like, the longer Luna wore the socks, the more she gradually starts to behave like "Molly" as the Socklestias slowly expand to cover her, until eventually she's more Molly than Luna (but still a little bit Luna, because I like Luna).

And then she went to sleep and it all went "No Luna, you are the socks.:twistnerd:" And that left me kinda disappointed.:unsuresweetie:

6229269 Well, since the socks are still on the table, and Twi is coming over, I sense more Luna in the future... :ajsmug:

Hopefully it won't end with Twilight being the Socks, because I happen to like her too.:twilightsmile:

6229461 Always room for more pairs of socks, and who knows, maybe Trixie likes purple...

This could definitely use some editing.

6232395 If you feel like it, be my guest. Usually when I arrange editing it takes too much time and coordination and I did not feel like doing it this time.

No latex? Bass Canon! I'm disappointed in you! :trollestia:

It did scratch it. Good work, apart of the grammar, could use a edit or 2
I enjoyed it though, can't wait for the sequel.

WTF, the end is just screwed up

I have mixed feelings about this. Mind control, corruption, and sinking into depravity all hit my fetishes, and I like your writing (still eagerly waiting for the sequel to Black Pearl) but Molestia's character here doesn't sit right with me. Even in the early days of Molestia where she was creepy and disturbed she still looked out for Equestria's best interests, loved her sister, and had a semi-healthy relationship with ponies she was around regularly.

Even with the excuse of the torment she endured from the curse, her actions are way too callous, especially with what she considered doing with Luna's socks. All of the others seem mostly in-character, but Molly behaves like nothing is precious to her anymore and is a significantly worse pony than she ever was shown or implied to be in the original blog. And I don't feel that her lengthy imprisonment would cause that either because the blog implies that she had originally went mad around the time Discord went evil and has been coping with these issues since then.

I really liked Molly's character in the blogs, especially since she still did her best for her ponies and showed that she still had a conscience while she lived with her personal problems. Given how she's represented here, I'm not sure I can give this story a like no matter how many fetishes it hits.

6232484 Sometimes to gift a friend you have to stick to his/her fetishes, and not yours. I can't say it was easy though. :pinkiecrazy:

6235756 Those are all valid points, but in order to the story to play out as it did, I had to make her that way. Any other personality would have wavered in that situation, so I had to go with the ruthless option, even if that makes Molly very OOC. I had to make a sacrifice in the canon of the blog one way or the other, and I chose the one that made more sense, even if both options were bad for the canon versions of the characters.

6235215 Can't argue with that, I hope it has that Twilight Zone feel, and not because Twilight is mentioned in it.

Graaghhhh :pinkiecrazy:
All of your stories are so good! Please finish this one! (as well as 'The Biggest Fans', 'The Forbidden Fruit' and 'Mistress Butterfly')

Very interesting, I like the concept of Molly transforming into/taking over Luna while Luna transforms into a pair of socks. Could've been a bit longer though, but it was still very good. How about writing the next chapter from the perspective of Luna/the socks? Wouldn't it be interesting to see the other side as well? Or maybe mix both perspectives, since Twilight's thoughts would also be interesting.

6274602 The idea of seeing how Luna becomes such a pony that would enjoy taking over Twilight does have promise. I will take that into consideration.

This is a rather interesting idea, a pair of cursed trapped socks that trap the one that wears them and in turns releases the one that was trapped in them. So it makes me wonder if after Luna she gives them to somepony who releases Twilight. I mean you could daisy chain the main six into this. Depending on how dark you want to get it where say some random pony is trapped after one of the main six is released, Then Rarity finds said socks and alters them. Which makes me wonder, what would happen to said pony in the socks? Would they alter along with them? Would a stallion suddenly when released be a mare? Would a good natured pony be the biggest pervert? Maybe it becomes a matter of age? All interesting avenues to go down with this story. All the while Molly keeps an eye on the progress of the socks. But if I had to vote for the pony that get's altered, I would say Blueblood. Just to turn that pony into a mare, maybe one stuck in a forever heat. >_> course that's just one idea.

6376999 It does give me the chance for sure. Hopefully I find the drive to actually write something soon.

I remember reading this a while ago, and while it was weird, it wasn't a bad story. I'm throwing this into my fav's for better retrieval if I want to re-read something silly.

Nice story and a cool concept. Too bad Tia turned on Lulu like that... but years of sexual torture like she said would indeed change someone

For half a year now, her sister Molly was gone

Her mind remembered how every second in the sock prison is a year of sexual denial

So that means Molly endured 15 million years of sexual denial.


I dare say so indeed! But can one calculate how long till this story continues?

Wait, you mean there's a dim chance this┬┐ll ever get continued?

Please have luna get twilights body next

Please keep going with this, I would love to see a second (or third!) chapter.

Holy... an update! I thought this piece of garment fetish amusement has been forgotten for good. Hope the next one wouldn't have to wait that long.

So is Twilight going to be transform into Luna in next few chapters?

Niiice. Well, see you in 2025 :derpytongue2:

At least the hype will be intense by then.

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