• Published 20th Jul 2015
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Socks to be you - Bass Canon

With her sister Molly gone for six months now, Luna tries her best to act calm and collected. But during Heartwarming Eve, it is really hard. Then, a present from Molly arrives, in form a pair of socks, that look very familiar, and oddly foreboding.

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Comments ( 10 )

Hell froze. Have chapter 2.

Holy... an update! I thought this piece of garment fetish amusement has been forgotten for good. Hope the next one wouldn't have to wait that long.

So is Twilight going to be transform into Luna in next few chapters?

Niiice. Well, see you in 2025 :derpytongue2:

At least the hype will be intense by then.

Wow welcome back i too hppe we don't have to wait long for another chapter

I have waited 5 years for the continuation of this story; It was worth it. Very pleased you decided to expand on the concept in a new direction. Brings some anticipation and eagerness to seeing what new turns and tricks you come up with next. Luna’s drastic change makes me intimately curious as to what exactly transpired to corrupt her so utterly. Truly the sock dimension is a frightening place. Your prose is engaging and creatively descriptive as ever. Truly a treat, many thanks for sharing.

Hopefully awaiting your next work.

Wish you well... and welcome back.

Love this please continue ^^

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