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Welcome, to Canterlot Castle! Enjoy your stay! Oh, watch out for the dead men coming for you...HAHAHAHA!!
NOTE: For the record I will make this story's' chapters short. For the time being however, the next story will be everyone's, I'm guessing third, favorite map...ASCENSION!
NOTE 2: In the next story will be: Dempsey, Richtofen, Nikolai, Takeo, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 19 )

nazi zombies + ponys = badassness

Decent character selection to fill the roles.

But I think Shinning Armour or Twilight would've been better suitors for Spikes role. :twilightsmile:

Ah well, I'd be nice to see what Spikes got. :moustache:

Oh, dont worry everyone. EVERYTHING will be clear...:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Much as I'd love to love this fic, it's just too fake. I mean c'mon. Power Ups? Paying points? Guns?!? Get some imagination! Also, even if ponies do have guns (which they might) why would the most magical beings in Equestria need them?

688207 First of all its a spin off of Nazi Zombies from Black Ops, Second HUMANS DONT HAVE POWERS and 79 I trying sorta to stay original with power ups...

688915 Okay I'm now all sorts of confused. Since you never stated or made any attempt to say they were human, i thought they were ponies and the human tag was for the zombies. As for your "it's a spin off" so was Fallout Equestria. Arguably one of the greatest and most original fics of all time. It incorporated all the things we know and love from Fallout, but in a way that made sense. This looks like you copied and pasted a page right out of Treyarch's playbook. A better route would be to put the zombies cast into regular Equestria, create entire new dialogue, and have them slowly learn about their powers as ponies. Perhaps every now and again Dempsey could cat a spell that gave everyone the ability to use insta-kill. Just a thought for you to use.

689639 Well this is part is taking place in Canterlot Castle not the accuall "Five" Map, second ANYONE AND EVERYONE THAT IS A PONY IS A HUMAN! I cannot make that more clear!

721010 Thanks I'm working on the next story If you saw in the description the next story takes place in Ascention! So stay tuned :raritywink:

682964 Accually about that, Shining is Going to be in Call of The Dead along with a few others
The roles go:
Shining: Rooker
BlueBlood: Danny Trejo
Photo Finsh: Sara Machelle Geller
Soarin': Robert Englund
Iron Will: Romaro

I just read the title and said, 'Nixon.'

Friends, neighbors, ladies, gentlemen,
if you're feeling underpowered,
I'll help you make ammends,
stick your weapon inthe slot,
and let it change your luck,
few things in life are gauranteed,
but I promise this wont suck
Punch your fists into the air,
and raise a rebel yell!
There's lotsa baduns out there
you need to send to hell.
With Pack-A-Punch I have a hunch,
your problems will be gone,
but if you end up on the ground,
sing a country western song.
Pack-A-Punch (everybody!),
Pack-A-Punch (yee-haw!),
Pack-A-Punch (everybody!),
Pack-A-Punch (yee-haw!),
Pack-A-Punch (WOOOOWOO!)

688207 Well I'm sorry, but last time I checked, Nazi Zombies had guns, points and power-ups.

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