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It's a shipping story between Princess Luna and cellist pony Octavia, touching the theme of mortality versus immortality. What would go through your heart when you can't age but you see your loved one aging before your eyes?

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#1 · Jul 21st, 2011 · · ·

Stopped right before Four.
I see where this is going, and I've no doubt I'll bawl my eyes out when I finish. Just not now.
Imma try to keep the happy romantic stuff in my head and have my heart broken later. ;)
Doesn't change the fact that this is a FANTASTIC story, and you are a great author, man. Keep it up.

Oh. My. GOD! Fantastic writing! Fantastic story! A few typos and past/present mistakes, but it is drowned by the sheer fantisticness of the story. Kudos, kudos.

Wanderer D

So, if there was a Maredrid there's a Prancelona?

Your story is amazing and the atmosphere of the narrative is great! It was a pleasure to read from beginning to end.

Definitivamente merece cinco estrellas. Sigue escribiendo más historias! Aquí, al menos, tienes a un lector que seguro las leerá!


Muchas gracias colega :-) Tengo otras cuatro historias planeadas, así que estate al loro :3


Thank you!

I still have miles left before I get to the level I want, but I like to think I am doing progress. Thanks a lot for your comment!

#6 · Jul 22nd, 2011 · · ·

Bloody hell, man. A masterpiece.
I want to see movies made of your stories, man. Don't stop. Ever.

I read every word, I hung on every word. This is probably one of the best stories Ive read in a very long time. I knew what was coming and I dreaded its approach but your weaving kept my attention and was satisfied inside. Even as I write this comment, I feel myself sorrowful and tears well in my eyes; you've simultaneously made my night terribly depressed and yet encompassed me in a warm blanket that true love can still exist. Its brought me to the realization that even my meager attempts at music should be shelved and not destroyed in the hopes that maybe, as remote as the chance may be, that someone will appreciate them some day even well after my bones have turned to dust.

#8 · Jul 25th, 2011 · · ·

Im a thirteen year old brony, and by the end i can't stop crying:fluttercry: i could not stop reading.... Not at all, im atualy crying right now:pinkiesad2: thank you for this masterpiece.

Absolutely fantastic, a work of art. So many emotions flowed through me as I read. I was hesitant at first seeing what it was about, but as soon as I started reading I just couldn't stop.
This may sound cheesy but I found myself holding my iPod (which is what I read on) in fluttercry pose through the last half of the story. :fluttercry:
Overall this is a wonderfully written fanfiction and is most defanetly in my top three favorites.
Keep up the good work and I hope to read more from you in the future.

:fluttercry: Simply beautiful.

#11 · Aug 2nd, 2011 · · ·

Lovely but sad fic,really made me want to cry at the end(19 year old brony) :fluttercry:

Dont really like sad endings but this turned to something good at the end :derpytongue2:

this was the saddest yet one of the best fanfics I have ever read FIVE STARS sir bravo. :fluttercry:

Utterly amazing, thank you so much.

#14 · Sep 6th, 2011 · · ·

Thank you for reminding everypony that the memories are what counts.

Brilliant story, lad. It had me in tears of sorrow, and joy. I know the feeling well of losing a loved one, but this story helped me cope with it.

I'll be reading more of your stories now, I sure hope they are all this good!

Never stop writing. ~

I've never cried so much since the death of my grandma...
this was the best thing I ever read in my entire life...
I am speechless... I just don't know what to say... 6/5

This story is absolutely stunning. The character depth and the skill in which you bring out the emotions of these two ponies is, in an understated word, breathtaking. Very, very few stories have moved me to tears but I am not ashamed to admit that I cried like a baby near the end. Truly fantastic work! :yay: I look forward to reading more of your works in the future.:twilightsmile:

This was beautiful. Your story has sent me to the hospital with a bad case of the FEEL. Keep it up man :fluttercry:

I've been on the verge of tears many times before with stories. This is the first time I have ever actually shed one for a story. This was the most bittersweet and touching fanfic I've ever read.

I'm the first to admit that I can be overly emotional, especially when I'm sick (which I am) but the last time I cried this much was at my Grandmothers funeral. Your writing has this way of invoking such strong emotions that I feel like I experienced the loss that Luna did. This was one of the cutest, sweetest, saddest stories I've ever read.

And I loved it!


A great story.

Really good fanfic.

I cried then.

It's really touching.

Now for the part where I criticize something. I'd rather not, but these things have been bugging me.

1. Luna and Celestia are -Goddesses-. They could easily make Octavia ageless, healthy, and restore her voice.

2. Pony lifespan on Equestria is the same as human lifespan on Earth is. Octavia should have lived the same amont of years as a human would.

3. Even if Octavia is dead, Luna and Celestia could have resurrected her... hello -Goddesses-.

Another wonderful and heart wrenching story from the romance and sadness department, focusing on my own personal fear of losing everything important to you to the demon that is time.

The story itself was very well written with only a few spelling errors, which I can easily overlook due to the quality of your writing.

Great story. javascript:smilie(':rainbowkiss:');

i totally lost every manlyness right now.
this fic is THE meaning of tragedy as a genre...

My only regret is that I have but one thumbs-up to give. So sad, but bravo! Amazing writing!

I just wanted to say this was one of the first fics I read. It was also showed me I need to be careful what I read...Sad fics make me very sad.

All of your depictions are magnificent, and the pain of imortality evident. :fluttercry:


You. Mother. Fucker. You just HAD to make it that sad didn't ya! I just HAD to read this when two of my roommates were in the room so i couldn't shed any more than one tear huh! Had i known it woulda hurt this much to hold in those feels i woulda waited, but nooooooo! i'm gonna remember this friend. OOOH yes, i will remember this. This is gonna go right into my favorites just you watch, then i'm gonna read it ALONE and cry like the little filly i am. That'll show ya!

(srrsly though that was utterly fantastic. if it can make me almost cry then you earn some kinda ribbon.)

I cried. What else to say? Between this and August Rush what's not to love. This is also my new favorite shipping, replacing Octavia and Vinyl Scratch.

*claps slowly*

I will keep my comment simple: This was beautiful; not just good, beautiful.

many manly tears where shed reading this, and you sir are a true master of the art. you deserve every award, ribbon and pat-on-the-back for this. this made my day :raritycry:':raritydespair:':applecry:'

Masterful. Absolutely masterful. Pulled all of the right heartstrings. Left me feeling like this: :pinkiesad2:

Oh boy this story is awesome! I cry every time I read it, talking about reading it... :trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright:
I sense tears coming again :raritycry:

Beautifully written! It's one of those stories that is so sad, but also so happy, excellent work!

Why is it that every Luna and Octavia romance fic I read ends up with Luna saddened and Octavia deceased? Every single one, I end up crying in the end.:raritycry:

The only fanfiction that has ever mad me cry was My Little Dashie but now ill have add this to that list. Thank You for this wonderful peice of art.:pinkiesad2:

27502 I felt I needed to comment just for your criticisms.

1. That's a bit assumption don't you think? Canon has never shown them having such powers that they can regenerate tissue or make someone immortal.

2. says who? It could easily be the length of equine life. As well time does pass throughout the story.

3. See point 1

Basically I feel like your criticisms are more due to the story not fitting your biases. :trixieshiftleft:


Wow... this story left me amazed, shed many tears reading the end... great job.

I loved it really truly loved it

What a wonderful way to make me cry myself to sleep:fluttercry: this tragedy could rival that of Shakespeare!

This...is...fantastic! This rightfully deserve more attention, so therefore I'm going to place this into groups and recommending to my friends.

Good job!


OK dude. I have to let you know, this fic was a massive inspiration for me when I was writing my own. The Octavia that is in mine takes a lot of her attributes from yours, though not all (especially as things turn out quite differently for her).

Likewise, I borrowed a lot of elements of your music room when I wrote that in mine.

So allow me to express a massive, massive thank you for creating such a wonderful piece. It brought sincere tears to my eyes when I first read it, and I have recommended it each and every time people have asked me what's a good fic to read, citing that it inspired me a lot.

Hope you keep creating more amazing works, and I shall be sure to have a read of the others you've posted some time soon, especially if they're of the same grade as this!

Oh wow, thank you for checking my story!
I am very glad to know I inspired you to create yours, that means a lot to me, so thanks a lot man :raritystarry:
I am, however, not that big into the fanfic writing world. I wrote three fics (four if we count one unfortunate sequel to one unfortunate fanfic) and then decided to stop and focus on drawing.
I'll leave you the link to my Ask Blog here http://askmovieslate.tumblr.com/ so you can check out what I've been up to recently :raritywink:


Haha, no way! That's you as well!? I've already been following that for a while now! :) Small world!

Hahaha, small fandom!
We may be spread all over but we are all kind of close to each other. The internet, it's what it does.
Thanks for following Movie Slate too, that means a lot as well! :raritystarry:


It's a pretty neat idea, and I like her design :) That and seeing her reactions to the films is pretty hilarious at times XD I've been keeping an eye out for updates, specially to see if one I suggested gets used as it was a really touching film.

Oh and while we're on the topic of Ask blogs, I actually am involved in one as well: Ask Britannia, blog for the mascot of BUCK (Brony UK Con) at askbritannia.tumblr.com. Take a peek some time :)

And if you happen to find time, I'd love it if you took a peek at my writing seeing as your work played a none-too-small part in its inspiration. Though I do have to say if you find time, because the fic in question is very long - about 172k words. XD

I think I must have it around here somewhere. Did you send it with Britannia's blog?
I will give you a follow there too.
I'm on Skype, if you add me we can chat more often. Add me at Jamesy_Corck
I will try and find time to read your fanfic ;) I have such a backlog of everything (reading fics, making comissions, writing reviews) that it's getting ridiculous.

Out of all the relationships there are in the MLP universe, I have to say that Octavia and Luna's relationship is one of the most in-depth. I am truly amazed at how effectively it evokes the malestorm of emotions that I could not even begin to describe, no matter how hard I may try. So thank you... thank you for such a wonderful story of a couple whom I shall always remember with great fondness.


So, after all this time, the story stand here intact.

Such a long amount of time has passed since I first read this story.
Such golden moments to be had back during the S1 Luna era.
For me, I adore this character interpretation. A Luna that was cute, cuddly, and not at all boisterous, unlike her later counterpart.

Now barely a soul remembers what she was like during the olden times.
Never again shall I see little Luna here with her fanciful gaze of adorableness.
Never again shall I see Luna depicted like her fanon self.
Never again shall anyone want to write her fanon interpretation the way it was again.

Such nostalgia hurts sometimes. I merely wish for her to coexist with her canon counterpart.
But the fandom has spoken and placed judgement. This form is destined to be forgotten and left to disappear under the sands of time. Buried beneath the Earth's crust, only to be viewed as an artifact from a time long gone.

Still, I shall remain loyal and devoted to remembering this form, even if no one else shall care to remember. I shall stick solid and true, never forgotten, never gone in my memories and heart.
For I shall keep a piece of her here within thy spirit.

Oh cherished memories gone forevermore.


Late to the party I know...

But the urge to reply is strong within me.

1. Luna and Celestia are -Goddesses-. They could easily make Octavia ageless, healthy, and restore her voice.

2. Pony lifespan on Equestria is the same as human lifespan on Earth is. Octavia should have lived the same amont of years as a human would.

3. Even if Octavia is dead, Luna and Celestia could have resurrected her... hello -Goddesses-.

All of this is your personal fanon. Hate to tell you, but barely anyone could give two shits about what you think. Especially with the advent of the recent episodes.



In order to balance all the praise this story is getting, I must say I found what I read of it to be wooden and overly wordy. Nothing wrong with the concept but I think it needs some rewriting and slimming down. :eeyup:

Plus, the description of Octavia's accident sounds like a car crash. I don't recall any non-train vehicle in the series having glass.

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