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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic/Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth crossover.

Nobody quite knows what happened during the Great Mistake. Some say it was a nuclear war. Some say it was meltdowns of nuclear power plants. Records from that time are spotty at best, but now? Now is the time for the people of Earth to unite to send off their best and brightest that these chosen can secure the future of humanity.

Their destination isn't as empty as expected, however.

History records a process of change for everyone recorded. This is the story of such a change, both in character, and physically.

Chapters (21)
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Comments ( 180 )

Very interesting and well written first chapter, you've earned a like and a follow...

That trailer always makes me cry....I don't know why.....don't judge....

Anyways, a good start to a wondrous thing.....I need a tissue....

6245223 "This show is recorded in front of a live audience of the mentally infirm."

6245794 "As per studio standards, of course."

Fascinating. I will be watching.

I like this. It has potential.

"Apud" governs the accusative, not the ablative. It should be "Apud Stellas"


You should chat up my friend who so graciously provided the latin for the title, because I don't know.

... A Civ:BE crossover?


Why couldn't I like or dislike your story yesterday?

6248457 What does Civ:BE stand for?

There was one other story on this site with this idea, but it seems to have died after 2 chapters.

This looks okay, I just hope it's not a story with one side being clearly "superior" in one or more ways.

6248752 Civiliazation: Beyond Earth.

Harmony,Purity or Supremacy which one?


This is a really great start to a first contact story (extra points for for Civ: Beyond Earth).

I hope you can keep up the pacing and mystery, especially for those who have had no exposure to the game. For that reason, I hope you won't worry too much about following the tech routes of Civ: BE (which really doesn't lend itself to storytelling), and rather follow a loose structure for first contact.

Good chapter, although a bit too much... Bleh!

Also... First :rainbowkiss:

Wow, this chapter hit hard with the story of Civ:BE and do so playing on the emotional strings of the heart, from the viewpoint of the ponies, and by the message, the humans.

I must say i'm more than pleased with this chapter and if there be one thing i could say is bad, that it's shortness, but that mere just a speck compared the good.

We MUST have more :raritystarry:

Anticipation intensifies.

More please bud. This is just getting good.:rainbowdetermined2:

I would appreciate it if this story would continue.
so please make more chapters :D
Waiting intesifies.

Supremacy, Purity, or Harmony?

The right answer being Supremacy of course. Previous versions of Ponydom will no longer be supported!

Nice to see this update again :ajsmug:

Please let ponies see what high edn civilzation in beyond Earth is capable of doing. Sure it's nower near as scary like this stuff in Master of Orion or Alpha Centauri but it's powerful enough to make anybody in Equestria isnginicfecnt.

Strangely when I saw the cover art I immediately thought of Warhammer 40k is that bad

6810041 You're not the only one. Big eagle symbol with a Latin title, it was the first thing to come to mind. Glad to see this story isn't quite dead yet though.

Sounds like quite a bit of Humanity didn't want to quietly go into the dark as it were; to be expected really but no less sad...

Woohoo another update a little bit hopes for harmony but it looks like I should expect supremacy. So far at least...

Well... I can't say I was expecting a fuel bomb to be dropped on the Griffs. Still, great, yet short, chapter. Looking to see more!

Ouch, I don't expect the survivors to have much longer to live either. The fuel in those weapons tend to be toxic in the extreme.

"The [blast] kill mechanism against living targets is unique–and unpleasant.... What kills is the pressure wave, and more importantly, the subsequent rarefaction [vacuum], which ruptures the lungs.... If the fuel deflagrates but does not detonate, victims will be severely burned and will probably also inhale the burning fuel. Since the most common FAE fuels, ethylene oxide and propylene oxide, are highly toxic, undetonated FAE should prove as lethal to personnel caught within the cloud as most chemical agents."

Ah the Fuel-Air bomb, loved using that as much as I can back in CnC Generals, they're the cheap alternatives to nuclear weapons and other superweapons.

We are Mankind.

We stand on two legs, and we grasp things with our arms, with hands that have ten fingers.

Five. Five fingers.

Hi my name is Happy and I like rice.

Tux, my boy. I am proud.

This story is so very interesting, and I eagerly await more of it.

However, you did forget to close the centered text halfway into this chapter. Tiny mistake, really.

7276999 So? mayonnaise + wasabi with rice?

I'm surprised at the lack of guards demanding they bow. Not many authors take into account Medieval Foreign Etiquette.


That would probably not be wise, or representative of the show. Besides, Equestria is in an industrial stage.

7277972 They are still a Monarchy and Foreign Etiquette didn't really change that much.


Does the guard of the queen of english want like foreign prezes to bow?

To Twilight's surprise, Princess Celestia herself climbed out of the carriage

Surprise? Who was she expecting then? Some in unknown known delegate from Neigh Jersey? I can understand if she felt relief, but surpris? She is the primary leader of the ponies, it's kind of expected for her to be present for something as earth shattering as meeting aliens...

Besides, nopony willingly orchestrates their own destruction. You of all ponies must know that.

Kind of cold hearted, don't you think?

We cannot compare our standards to their mistakes

I think you meant "we cannot judge their mistakes by our standards"

Ok, I this chapter you showed that celestial obviously thinks of the humans as friends, but why?haven't showed any interactions with them, all you have basically told us I that they came, they had a state off with the ponies, somewhere in between they formed some kind of treaty, they are building a CITY, they have an in known but possibly tragic past, and now celestial thinks of them highly enough to head into battle for them...

what happened in between? What happened during their first meeting? What caused celestial to want to protect them enough to march straight into a conflict?

You also haven't elaborate on the humans, and we as the readers can't feel anything emotionally for them because you haven't told us anything about them. Who are they? Why should we care about them? In your version, how do the humans act? Are they selfless and benevolenyadvance aliens wanting to share their gifts? Do they have a superiority complex and just waiting to have some place to settle down?

Another issue I have is that there is no main character on the human side. This is specifically, seeing the story thru the eyes of an individual, is necessary in order to connect with the species in general. Is the main human character a battle hardened soldier that only got into the ship because he was guarding it? Was he a poor orphan boy that snuk into the camp and accidentally, and luckily got chosen ? How about a rich girl who got her ticket payed by her rich and dying uncle as a promise to his sister, to always protect his niece, but now she is having trouble adapting because she didn't need to lift a finger before in her life? Or how about a pregnant woman who brokenheartedly had to leave her husband behind to die with the rest of the planet? We need someone to connect with.


Catch up on the story before posting questions, please.

7278710 No, that's not Foreign Etiquette. You don't bow to someone who you don't hold Allegiance to.

the escalation of violence had caused Celestia to spirit away the leaders of both the alien colony and Griffonia to Canterlot

Escalation of conflict seems to me like a topic you would want to go over in more detail

The human vehicles arrived a short while after the Griffon King and his escort did

I thought he had been exiled.

And the entire conflict was resolved WAY too quickly, it went along the lines of "I want peace, but you have to destroy those weapons first" and the humans basically just said "ok, sure"

On that note, you know precious little of us as well. You have been extremely curious as to how we have been able to communicate, and all your questions will be answered in good time.

Wouldn't that be one of the first things the would have discussed during their first contact meeting? They are already making noticeable progress on building a city, and it didn't occur to them to ask or even demand to know how they where communicating? I would think that the possibility of mind reading, mind control, or any cognitive tampering would be a big enough incentive to ask...

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