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It's been a struggle for Fleetfoot lately. Everything seems utterly pointless to her and she's having a hard time expressing herself. Work and her social life have suffered. She now finds herself asking what it means to live? Fleetfoot tries to answer this question as she struggles to understand how those around her make it look so easy.

Preread by: Rainedash
Editing by: Princess of Edits

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This reminded me of some of the interpretations I've thought of concerning some members of the Wonderbolts, and I say that as a compliment. This story was amazing in my opinion. I loved how you handled Fleetfoot's depression, as it was melancholic, but also resonated well with me. I also love how you showed her relationship with Lightning Dust and how Fleetfoot helped get her on the right track. And the ending opens up a door of hope for Fleetfoot, and actually makes me eager to see a story where she's training the next generation of fliers.

Now, I did see some spelling and grammar mistakes, but there were only around one to two of those. Anyway, excellent work as usual, and I'm glad I read this story! Keep up the great work! :twilightsmile:

I like this. Have a like.

She's been shown to talk in the show, so I'm not sure why you would think she's mute.

Since Rainbow Falls. She has speaking lines in that episode. And even then, just because a character isn't speaking on screen doesn't mean they're mute.

Y'know, most depression stories lay it on really thick and grab for feels, but this one was very tastefully done. It doesn't try to make you feel sorry for Fleetfoot—that just kind of happens on its own—so bravo.

Oh, and I heard that your editor is a total babe.

I liked this email interpretation of Fleet. And her issues were tearfully handled. I really like how it wasn't resolved. That is not how real life works. It is a constant struggle.

6224244 Psh, total babe? I bet she doesn't even lift.

6223833 I knew you'd be here, bro. Fleetfoot is like your baby.


Good read. I feel like I can relate to a lot of what fleet foot is feeling, minus the big celebrity part. I struggle to find meaning in my life sometimes too.

Omg I started crying so beautiful

Exceptional. While you didn't tell the reader the definition of dysthymia, I think that showing us instead did wonders for this story. You encapsulated that feeling within this story and made it awfully apparent throughout, it being reminiscent of wading through water while being shrouded in a thick fog. I cannot praise this story enough. With how you handled Fleetfoot here, I'd say you did great at giving life to the lifeless, creating an interesting and inspirational character to an otherwise simple name on a character sheet.

Probably gonna add this to my review pile, so I don't want to say too much...

I liked this. A lot. And if I could Like it multiple times, I would. I can't though, so... hope you don't object to the little green upvote instead.

I love this.

Needs a sequel.

I reviewed this story as part of Read It Later #42.

My review can be found here.

This was a good read, always good to see different dynamics between the Wonderbolts, and the portrayal of Fleetfoot's state of mind and how that must feel was engaging and enlightening. Fantastic use of Lightning Dust and her past, too.

Thanks for writing!

Author Interviewer

Reading this story made me feel incredibly good.

I found this a strong emotional piece, and hit home for me on a personal level. Maybe not as strong as for someone sharing quite the same issues, but various elements there are pretty recognizable in my own experience. And I think it might be one of the better stories I've seen about what comes after someone makes the 'bolts and is on it for a while. Due to the frame we normally see it through, with Dash, it's much more of an end-state than something that happens along the line--or you see well post-retirement (and got a bit of that with the guy from "Rarity Investigates," too, I suppose).

Really glad that I found this story. Fleetfoot is my favourite character so Reading this made me love her even more. It's like an unseen part of a celebrity,of a well known pony...Awesome story!

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