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A rather silly citrus you can address as Lemon Lass, bringing the fandom some of the most thought-provoking cartoon equine fanfictions since 2012.


I don't know anymore. I think something happens. I'm also pretty sure it has a start, middle and an end, too. And it's over 1000 words, so it has that going for it.
Now with more audio readings.

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Comments ( 65 )

Is that pic the orion nebula?

I accidentally stuff :derpytongue2:

Yes. Yes you did.


Mmm, Spam! Delicious on rice, or on a sandwich!

This looks like a pretty happening story. I feel like there are actual events that take place in it.
Spike exploaded twice? Can you do that? THIS STUFF IS HAPPENING!

997344 'We dine well here in Camelot. We eat ham and jam and spam-a-lot!'

This stuff is totally happening: right here, right now.

I cried, and laughed, and wept, and jumped in joy, 15/10, best episode

I'll take that as some sort of compliment or something, so... thanks.

no one understands my jokes

Sigh... I don't understand anything.
Except I think crying and weeping are the same thing.

Everything makes sense now.

(oh and yes, it was a compliment)

Stuff and things stuff lots of stuff where stuff sufs the stuff while stuff stuffs stuff intoo suff.


You just had to go and figure it all out, didn't you? You couldn't leave bloody well enough alone. Well, now you've doomed us all!
- Stuff


This story... Is beautiful... Beyond words...

I wanted to express an epic and emotional storyline with but two pivotal words; stuff and happens.
Then I scrapped the idea and wrote this.
Thanks anyway.
- Weatherstorm


Is there anyone that can write a summary to this story? I wonder what it would say?

I wouldn't recommend it. It may be hazardous to your mental well-being.

How this fic script was written (and by whom:)


The stuff that happened to the stuff in this story is some happening stuff. I wish I could write a story where stuff happens with the quality of the stuff that happens in this fic where stuff happens. The stuff in this fic is some genius stuff, and I wished it was happening to more stuff. Overall, this story is totally happening, and stuff.

At this point, stuff looks so strange, because of the stuff that happened tonight. Too much stuff happened. My friend went through some hard stuff, and I'm glad it's no longer happening.

This... was... weird. Which is what is was suppose to be.

This really is not what I expected going in. I felt that the joke was pretty funny to start with but as it dragged on it kind of got a little stale. Fortunately, it was a short fic, so it worked out.

Why do I see like the War of the Worlds style stuff happening all because of Derpy? I don't know if that's actually how it is suppose to go, but I see that in my mind.

Not much to say about this one. It was pretty funny. A few grammar mistakes that I spotted. But enjoyable. Thanks for letting me read it and I will catch you later. Take care. :pinkiehappy:

I mean: :derpyderp1: what just happened?

Stuff. I thought that was obvious.

But did :derpyderp1: or did :derpyderp2: happen.

Fedroas are cool. That's my answer.

This was beautiful. :pinkiegasp:

4210983 You, sir, have good taste.
Then you ruined it by liking this story.

4212721 Heh, not everything has to be near-shakespearean to be enjoyed. :pinkiehappy:

A quick death.
Also, cookies and milk.

Would do stuff.

Don't, you fool! Stuff has serious ramifications!

Wait. The link took me here? I already read this! Just goes to show you that you should always listen to a lemon.

Ahaha! I have read this story! In your face, lemon! :yay:

This story was good. This proves that you should always trust lemons.:rainbowkiss:

"...And Jesus wept." Three crosses. At Golgotha. +++

Three men hung on crosses, one turned to the other and said, "There's no way you can save us!"
The one in the middle replied, "Yahweh."

Also, one of them went to hell.

I-I-I-I don't-t-t-t...

Time to throw logic out of the window.

Oh wait, I am logic, so I have to throw myself out of the window.

The story has fulfilled its intended purpose.

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