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Name's Ambi, I write fanfiction about animation. If you're ever interested in trying out for voiceover for animations, get in touch with me on Tumblr @ambientnightfall, I have big plans for my work.

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I enjoyed the use of alcohol. I enjoyed the use of a bit of swearing. I think this ship is interesting.
I did a reading of this fic, I hope someone enjoys it and it spurs you to create more.

(also the little makeout at the end made this entire chapter)

Oh my god I am so glad you liked it! I feel a bit honored to be honest. Thank you for the support and feedback. You did an awesome reading! I plan to continue this first chance I get! :pinkiehappy:

Excellent. Go forth and create!

Very awesome I can't wait for more

Will there be any scissoring between them???

Count on it in the next few chapters. I promise it will be out soon! This was my first smut anything, so I was extremely embarrassed writing it. Just let me get a better grip and these two will be having raunchier sex than porn stars.

I love your story so much so far, babe. :heart:

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This story has my sense of humor written all over it. But you officially broke me with this:

"Save me, Taco."

I wept tears of laughter so hard I physically I had to walk away from the laptop.

10/10 i1.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/770/914/390.jpg

Thank you! That really means a lot to me, you have no idea! Really, thank you so much! :pinkiehappy:
If you are interested I am working on the fourth chapter, which should be out sometime soon!

If my internet isn't shut off, that is.
But if it is it will be out after it turns back on!

Pretty good, could use a little tidying up though.
Also if you want more attention for your story, you should post it in groups.

There's no group, fanart, or anything on/for this ship. I created this, it seems. Any suggested groups?

6828520 The Shameless Self-Promotion Bureau, Equestria Girls Fics, Fingerbang: EqG/Humanized Clopfics, Adagio Dazzle, Sonata Dusk, and Aria Blaze are amazing, Spitfire Romance, Writer's Group After Dark.
There you go, a handful of groups that your story meets the criteria for.
If there is any other way I can help, just let me know.:twilightsmile:

Still suffering from that writers block, huh?

Yyyep. :eeyup:

But, I am going to force myself to write tomorrow!

I am stuck between two ideas, actually. Whether I should make them have public sex or wait. Either way, one of the next two chapters has Adagio as the dominant one with dirty things involved.

6841761 Go with the first, public is always exciting.

Message me more ideas about where and how please :rainbowlaugh:
Kinda new to smut-writing

6842098 you want me to pm them?
Keep it a surprise for everyone else.

Still absolutely loving the unapologetic use of swearwords and go-get-it attitude.
Definitely reading more of this. Probably recording it too. Eventually.
Good job.

I never apologize for how I write. If they are offended, so be it.
I don't beat around the bush with this ship, both of them have massive egos and I think the go-get-it attitude fits them.
And don't worry, Spitfire won't be nervous for much longer. :rainbowlaugh:

Thank you for the feedback, and I'll continue my work on this!
Spoiler alert:
Next chapter has sex

For those of you who don't know, "Dagi" is pronounced "Dah-jee" in this. :twilightsheepish:

H-O-T! >u< Anyway, awesome job!! I love it, "Pandora" :raritywink:

Poor Sonata. :fluttercry: What would Aria do?

Aria: Adagio stop that shit! It's the middle of the night! :rainbowlaugh:

Having been rather obsessed with Adagio for months, and Spitfire since yesterday, I am very glad this story exists. Interesting to see the famous one pursuing the not-famous one. Liked angry Adagio, very interested to see where this story goes. Good job!

This is by far the most in-character Adagio morning after scene I've ever read. Also the most fun.

Really liking the tone of this: The unhesitant but never tasteless swearing, the balance of humour, attraction and aggression, the way that even after slightly regretting her decision, Adagio went out to hand her the jacket and still didn't say anything in person.

Wondering very much what your take on the Wonderbolts in the Equestria Girls universe is, it's something I'm trying to figure out myself too. Spitfire implied that Adagio might have heard of her, and clearly has money to burn, but equally doesn't act massively famous. If she is, though, then I enjoyed the reversal of dominance roles even more when she found herself in the siren house, especially with Aria's casualness about Spitfire being prey.

Nice to see Spitfire acknowledging things!

7523159 One tries not to be a dick about these things and ask for authors to update, but I was seriously considering it here, before you said that. Pretty sure you're right that you invented this ship; it can't end here!

So that sounds brilliant. Tempted to try it myself, but pretty sure there are other things I'm meant to be doing instead.

7523258 Feel free to whenever. I will keep this alive as long as there is a fandom.
But this weekend I plan to hash out a pretty long chapter, hopefully!!

Sorry for slow updates, senior year is proving to take up a lot of my time. :applejackunsure:

7523210 I'm so happy you love this story!! It makes me really happy to see another person on the DagiFire boat. We put a lot of effort into making this ship seem plausible. We absolutely love it. It was weird how it came to be, but it happened. There's no going back. They seem to fit well together, and Nyx does a great job at showing that. So thank you for the support!! >u<

~Umbra :heart:

7523265 That is good to hear! But yeah, I hear you, real life has a way of doing that.

Having not seen Friendship Games myself, would you mind confirming or denying (if you've seen it) whether Spitfire is in it, without mentioning any other spoilers please? Thanks!

7523266 My pleasure! It's one of those weird pairings of characters who are separated only really by situation: They're both capable and confident, smart, leaders of both their own groups and their respective industries, and hungry for fame. Also surprisingly similar colours. It's just that randomly meeting in a nightclub is about the only situation where they'd come into contact with each other.

I LOVE MUSTANGS!! Everyone on my moms side of the family has at least 1 mustang. Including me and my dad!

You mentioned a 1978 Mustang. My cousin drives a 1974 mustang Mach 1 fastback.:twilightsmile:

I wonder what bothers Aria more, that it's her sister, or that it's Sonata? Loved Aria's line about the strike of now. Wonderful to see them sing again, of course. Great chapter, very interested and excited to see where this goes next :twilightsmile:

The beginning was a little unstructured, which you could solve by adding a simple establishing sentence, that puts the characters in their places before going into their conversation. It would make the whole chapter flow a lot smoother. Otherwise loving it sis, keep it up.

7580525 I like them a lot! Plus the make for good horse puns :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks bud. I love the support! I need it!

Thanks sis. I'm trying new writing styles each chapter. Sorry if it made it flow choppier.

7582138 You're very welcome. It's mostly just the beginning that's choppy, and even then, it's a pretty easy fix. On an entirely unrelated note, we need to find some time to work on that collaboration. I'll have nothing but time this weekend, if you're up for it.

7582156 I'll see if I'm free this weekend or not. I really want to do that collab. It needs to be done.

7582210 If you aren't, I could always try and squeeze some time in during the week.

7582138 My pleasure, glad to help encourage future Dagifire chapters! :yay:

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