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Stories in 2nd person, Stories about feet, Stories about tickling, and stories about you tickling feet. Probably better known as 2ShyShy.


(2nd Person Story)

You were starstruck by her. It's like you were under a magical love spell. But there's no way you can tell her your feelings. I mean, eventually she'll move to perform in another town, and you'll forget all about her.


Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 32 )

what's the worst that could happen
Oh no... cliche jinx... i'm now intrigued

epic wing boner bro
Oh great :ajsleepy: Trixie has more than she bargained for now

Aw yeah, Trixie's shipping! Looks like pegasus popped a wingie here, lol. Can't wait to see moar love for our favourite showmare! :trixieshiftright:

a wingie poping up that's some 1st impresion:facehoof:

but still good story would like more if it's ok with you:twilightsmile:

I NEED MOAR! This is a great Trixie shipping so far! Keep up the good work :pinkiehappy:

That's good to hear. I'm enjoying this story, can't wait to read on. I don't often see stories from this perspective.

Awesome chapter! I would love to see how Trixie is going to react next chapter, can't wait for the next one.

I was wondering when it will update

like allway's the "drunk" save's the day

Heh, remember the last time I updated this? That was last year!

Good stuff, I had almost forgotten about this story. Glad you updated it.

369382 Heh, I clicked on it in the UPDATES section, and went 'hold on a moment, what do you mean I already read th- oooooh!'

Nice chapter. I'm glad you finally updated this

Trixies of the Trade-Now with even more inconsistent chapter upload rates!

Not bad work, but you make a cardinal writing sin in the first few paragraphs:

"Thou shalt not have more than one person speaking in any given paragraph"

Okay, maybe it's not that serious of a problem, but it still bugs me a bit.:twilightblush:

I see you have a tickling fetish. May i get an explanation, your view on why in PM?

Afraid you missed one:

“Trixie, is the show ready to start?” You sighed. “Just about, Trixie will start it right now. Stay there and don’t go on stage until Trixie calls you out.”

Either way, nice to see you updating this.

I swear, I will finish this and work on A Due before the end of this month.

That was a nice sweet story, curious about how there relationship goes from there but it is not a bad ending at all.:ajsmug:

The ending kinda feels like cut off, calling for one or two more chapters - a sequel maybe, but fine anyways.

Like + fav.

What's the worst that could happen? Ohhhh shit here we go. :ajbemused:

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