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I may not be good at neither art, nor writing, but--with your help--I intend to become the best I can possibly be. All I need is a bit of guidance.


Has anypony ever been better than you at something? Of course, we all know that the obvious answer to that is "Yes"; so let's be more specific. Has anypony been better than you at the one thing you thought you did best? You know, that one very special talent you designed your entire career off of. Have you ever met a competitor that completely blew you away in the competition. Did he take your job? Your pride? Your Friends? Everything?

How did that make you feel? Worthless? Inspired? A little bit of both? Well, either way, when a competitor that's just plane better than you comes along, It's going to put you in some form of distress. Your going to try to do everything in your power to be as good as them, and be blind to any notable developments. The depression coming from being meager will eventually catch up to you; and you'll feel like giving up. But... what would happen if you did?

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so...is Pinkie gonna be charged with robbery?

6223213 Well... Technacally she didnt steal anything... But she did break and enter XD

6223288 and took certain items without consent; in short ROBBERY!!

6223464 But she's not takeing them from moonshy, shes bringing them to him XD

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