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I have no idea what I'm doing.

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This is why I need to stop reading fanfics. All the detail, I ask myself why? And I get no response.

Quite a few spelling mistakes and I was hoping for some cumflation in there(there may have been, but it wasn't very descriptive), but still pretty good.

Seems like about the standard "guy with tits" fic. Off he description, seems like it got a cumdump female with no self-regard or needs (in what they actually end up with/aim to get) and one or more selfish guys using/abusing said female for their own gain :P

Least it heavily seems implied to just be about getting guys off and oversized dicks xD The "terrible humor" might slightly set it apart from the standard cookie cutter formula though :3 (granted, it might not be run of the mill, but considering around 90-95 %+ of the futa fics are about that, the chances are not stacked it favor for much else xP)

6218772 This is actually a ponyfied rewrite of an RP I had with a girl who actually liked being degraded. I heavily edited it, so the degrading isn't nearly as bad as it was originally.

Why did Applejack have a penis?

6220269 Because futa.

It was just part of the original RP I based this on.

To be fair, I did leave a warning in the story description.

6220338 I know...

But can't you at least make up something, instead of saying "It was a remake of an RP I did." Maybe make something like..

User: Why does Applejack have a penis?
You: It's a strap-on dildo. [Or something like dat.]

Btw, hot I like it.

6220269 Because guys with tits are very popular :P Heck, they've been to go-to easy to do, heavily obsessed fetish for years in the pony fandom now xP

6219673 Okies :3
Somehow, the rare, random girls with 0 sex drive nor needs seem to be the case for spawning a lot of these tbh. Atop setting up the porn industry standard heh. Will personally never get it. But eh, imo, as long as the ones doing it would be ok with the opposite, I really have nothing against it. It's only double moral/hypocrites I can't stand xP

But yeah, nothing inherently wrong with being bland or generic. I mean, it's literally what sells :P Unlike all the talk about "innovation", that's not what people purchase, they go after the cookie cutter shiz ;D
So I don't really mind, nor wonder why so many basically identical ones exist. (unless they're all that exist ofc xD it gets a tad bit boring then hehe) But yeah, long as they're done pretty ok, it will make sure people that are into it got something to re-read ^^
I should get around to hammer out more of my fics/RP's tbh, it's sorely lacking in the counterpart theme pile of these types of contents hehe :3

I've never read a clopfic about a guy with titties...I'll never want to, neither. Shiver. :rainbowhuh:

I'm a pretty freaky girl, I understand girls with dicks [As long as they were born..Y'Know, A girl.] I understand bloodied sex. [Meaning...Love bite to lip, rubbing blood on pussy, rubbing blood on chest.] All that stuff, but men with tits...No...I'm scared of that thought.

6222117 I left that part unanswered, because I didn't have an answer. But I might have an answer in the future.

And I wanted a Scootajack fic. Plus a little bit of bait and switch with the hinting at Mac.

More Scootajack...I was oddly interested in how Applejack's cocked swayed, how Applejack described "Medicine" And scootaloo was tiny compared to it, using her chest to jerk Applejack off... Oh yeah, why would Applejack take advantage of Scootaloo? Or do you not have a answer? [Btw, love your profile pic, R.I.P Bro.]

6224002 AJ could smell Scootaloo's heat, and farm ponies teach with the hooves on approach.

Ooooooooh myyyyyy gooooood! NO YOU DIDN'T! XD!!

Btw, should I switch back to my old username, ClopFics? I kinda like my current one...But still.

6224024 It's really up to you. I'm guessing this is your alt account for reading clop?

Ooooooooh myyyyyy gooooood! NO YOU DIDN'T! XD!!

Didn't what?

"Farm ponies teach with the hooves on approach." You said that, I thought that was HILARIOUS!

And no, this is my mane account, I use it to write/read clops.


6237435 Care to elaborate?

PAN! *Heavy blush* I can't believe you put this here!
I think I've gotten better at my side... well, a little, anyway.

6218772 It fulfilled my needs. And I do have self-worth!
well, sortof.I guess. I like me, and that's what matters!

6253180 I edited it almost completely. But, if you want credit, I'll add it.

6223823 Excuse me?! I am neither bland nor generic. Well, not generic, at least. I may not be the best author, (in fact, I am a fairly terrible author), but it was my second RP ever! And the personality was all me. (minus being "innocent" with Sweetie Bell showing me how to bean, that was hard to do.)

And I assure you, I am far from having "0 sex drive". The "fire" I was talking about has been with me every second of my entire life since I was 4.

6237618 I'm not... generic am I? I've always taken great pride in my sexuality, even when i hated it. It has always been what I'm best at, and the thing that makes me happiest. I know... I know I haven't met a lot of people since I started high school, but I whith everything that happened, I got the strong impression there weren't many girls like me. Am I... just another girl? not one in a million, but one of millions? a cookie-cutter personality with no more individuality than a doll in a box full of identical faces? I know I'm bland, but am I really that common?

6253225 I'm sure he(?) didn't mean offence... some of the best clopfics on this site are the "bland" ones.

6253259 Actually you're equivalent to a unicorn. You shouldn't exist, but you do. And you're also new to writing and he was expecting a seasoned profesional writer, which neither of us are.

The fic itself is generic, but generic is the best, seeing as how its the most common.

6253200 Uh... *Blushes deeper* It's up to you. You put a lot more work into this than I did.

6253260 6253278 I just... you know how much sex means to me. I put my personality in these characters. Am I really so bland and generic and driveless and creepy?


To people unlike us?


To 'normal' people?

Yes. Very.

But they just don't know what they're missing out on.

6253460 Heay, I guess so, huh?.

6223875 "Guys with tits" ARE the "girls with dicks", it's the name of the most used futa archetype. People calling them female pronouns is just an excuse to avoid it "being gay", as apparently by just calling them female excuses any behavior that might otherwise been even remotely seen as "not 100 % straight". So yeah, do know the "guy with tits" is just a name for the archetype, as almost all futa (in porn at least) are exclusively male in identity. It's just a fact swept under the rug. Most of which happened under the whole "no homo" obsessed era. And it doesn't help almost all are of characters originally female, so our brain maps them out as such. But yeah, most live in what's called "blissful ignorance" about the whole ordeal :P So yeah, you've most read EVERY single one of your futa fics as about a guy with tits xP

6253225 Hum, didn't meant that as an insult. Sorry if you got offended. But like I said, and Fonypan stated: Bland isn't inherently bad. It mainly just implies it has a lot of cliché's and the like. If compared to ex: Other fics of the same or identical themes, how many things would they both share or have in common? As for the RP part, can say that could be a good reason to use OC's instead of canon ponies. Granted, I know like, almost none care about IC and just will read whatever as long as it got dick worship and names identical to actual characters are mentioned but that's another thing in of itself xP As for the term for "no sex drive/needs" is used when any female character has sex, or pleasures someone, but doesn't care about their own physical part. Aka: Orgasm and the like. And their only priority is to get the guy off. Similar to how that's the 2 personalities for any male/female in porn. (for female it being this "no sex drive" and only them caring about the male's pleasure+orgasm, and males just being selfish, often douchebags as well :P)

I didn't say you had a common personality. (Though, lets face it, no-one is unique, there's billions of us.) I didn't even know it was a RP originally. It never said anywhere. Plus, I haven't even given it a thorough read. I based it off the description and snippets. Of those, it seems like the standard porn acts. As IF in case you are "cookie cutter"; keep in mind my comment was 100 % about the fic as a FIC, as in: for the porn it is. And going by the standards of PORN, it seemed like the standard porn characters and set up. And that said, keep in mind less than 5 % of people are actually even remotely close to how porn paints up the standard male/female. But in case you actually are like the average porn female, then in porn, yes, you'd be the norm, but irl wise, then no, not by a long shot xD Plus, I doubt you'd also have the 0 cm flat endowment on your labia, or nor the C+ cup breasts to accompany the average, un-average porn star/archetyoe :P

Hope that cleared some things up.

Not even reading that whole comment.

6262897 I am so very, very sorry for how I reacted. I... you... it felt like, when you criticized the personality, that you were criticizing me. Even if you had been criticizing me, I should not have reacted that way, and since you were not, it was ever worse that I did. I am truly sorry.

I did get off in the original, but what gets me off is rather... extreme and specific, and I suppose my more 'out-there' fetishes were removed so a much larger audience could enjoy this (this doesn't bother me at all), even if it left the filly side... flatter(?). As far as the OOCness of it, during this particular scene of the original RP I was Boysenberry, a BG filly who has no defined personality (it was before I created my OC).

6262897 On this, I will have to partially disagree with you, because I feel you are providing 6272545 with partially incorrect information.

"Guys with tits" ARE the "girls with dicks"

This is a common misconception. Guys with tits are shemales (TG males, NOT TV males), commonly seen in live-action porn, as Satch pointed out (tits, dick, no vagina). However, girls with dicks are closer to the common idea of futa (tits, dick, vagina).

Futanari (futa) is the Japanese word for hermaphrodite (herm), an extremely rare occurrence where an animal has both male and female reproductive organs.

In hentai, futas are often actually Pseudohermaphrodites, females who have penises replacing the clitoris, and/or are scrotumless.

Hermaphroditic gender is self identified. If the hermaphrodite feels she is female, then she is a female with a penis and balls (as is the case with AJ in this fic). If the hermaphrodite feels he is male, then he is a male with a vagina and tits. However, sometimes the hermaphrodite identifies as a third gender, in which case the correct gender pronoun is under debate.

TL;DR: In this story, Applejack is a normal, marehood-having female, with a magically induced, fully functioning stallionhood that she uses on Scootaloo.

6326134 It's fine. I really hope it didn't cause you too much discomfort. Besides, like said: I am far from as smooth with words as I'd need to be ^^' But thanks for the apology. It's very rare to see.
It's just that... how to put it: There's nothing wrong with liking what you do. But the archetype, of the things you like, is similar to a ex: offensive, racist stereotype in a movie. Like said: There exist people like that, and there's nothing wrong with it. But it's how the movie use it, (or in this case: Porn) that makes it bad. As, like said: There's A LOT of people that DEMAND that EVERY SINGLE FEMALE acts exactly like that. That's where the problem lies with it. It's not that some people have the preference, it's that it's expected of everyone to have. Making it a volatile topic. I kinda proved this with a fic I wrote+a collab especially to point this out: As everyone thinks it's perfectly okay when a either male or the "guy with tits" futa archetype use/abuse a female for his needs. But the same people are extremely opposed a female using/abusing a male for her own needs. Trailing off here again, sorry xP But yeah, this fandom has a massive hypocrisy issue in that regard. But yeah, sorry for the wall of text, this issue is just something that upsets me as it overall, mocks and exploits people that have around your preferences. (to what I got from what you told me) It's kinda like... how 50 shades of grey is taking a piss on the whole "bondage+S&M" fetish by not getting a single shit right.

And okies. That's neat to know at least :P
As for the OOC, that's kinda what I said: Most people tend to just slap canon characters on whatever characters it actually was, in order for it to "sell better" so to speak, as few read OC stories, but pretend it's a canon char, and people eat it up without question xP So it's understandable in terms of wanting views :3

6326271 Ah, didn't know you'd reply on both of these, welp xP
Will rummage up a reply then.

Let me clarify what I meant here:
I am exclusively talking about the "porn futa". I am well aware about the different terms and all that.
The "guy with tits", is a futa/herm archetype. Like how a ex: Tsudare (or however spelled) is a anime archetype.
It doesn't refer to their body shape or look, but rather: On their actions.

It's used on a originally female character, which in their pic or fic, solely are there to act as a "supplement male" for males to project/identify themselves as. They generally have large breasts and a oversized penis. And the entire story and dialog are focused about their penis. Few even mention (if they have one) their vulva more than "it's wet/tiny" or just acknowledging how the "much more impressive dick" takes it's place.

And, regardless if they are inexplicably a futa from the start, get a R63 or just a magic dick. All the character does, is easily replaceable by a male. In general: If the entire fic would have played out exactly the same regardless if the "main character" was just a standard male and the transformation was cut out, the character is a "guy with tits" archetype. This was a rather simplified version. But it's basically to wheat out "fake" female identity characters. As most of them aren't even remotely female. Just casually using their dick while utterly ignoring their cunt (that's not even a horse one most the time) and using terms like "big daddy" for themselves, or with narration that "they're bigger than any other male". Basically, if the AJ in this fic just magically grows a dick for "no reason" (per se) exclusively use his penis, which is glorified in the text while no attention is given to either his or Scoots female package. They would fall under the category of a "guy with tits" :P Most the time it proves to just be a habitual reason people keep calling them female pronouns, despite it being incorrect, for all that shows.

While overall, it's what a person "feels" like they area identity wise that matters the most. The issue with this is that, porn wise, a majority of all characters, especially futa+herm, HAVE NO personality to begin with outside "I has big dik1!" so calling them "female" just for the sake of it doesn't really work, as it ruins it for those that actually have proper, fully fledged futa chars. While most oneshot ones just embody the archetype. Which has lead to the now common misconception that "anything with beasts HAS to be called female". Whether it's just out of habit, or by those that insist that it's done to be "less gay".

Trailed off again, but really hope I managed to shed some more light on the aspect.
One of the most common "abuses" of this whole aspect is people that have a character that either R63's or "magically is granted" a male genital, and only ever use that to have sex, having a 180 personality swap as they do. IE: Are normally submissive with no sex drive, but as soon as they get a penis, they suddenly have needs and become dominant. That's like, the crem dele crem of misuse. As it insults both genders, atop with herms in itself.

Not reading these large ass comments.

Dammit, it started off SO WELL with Scoots and Seaty Belt. I would have loved just THAT part as the whole fic.

But then fuckin' random-ass futa AJ had to come in and turn it into a goddamn rape fic and completely undermine the whole mood that had been set up from the beginning. At first it was all, "I'm going to teach you about what's going on, using actual terms and how to help yourself in a way that you are ok with and will not risk pregnancy," and then it's all "use my cock to give you the special medicine to not be in heat anymore." What was the point about warning her about getting pregnant, TWICE, if she was just going to get fucked anyway?

Anyway, fuck this bait-and-switch bullshit.


Not my fault.

It was Thorniestmax who got tired of the teaching bit and wanted a rutting in the RP.

6352467 That was 100% my fault. I was horny, and trying to learn all the various pony anatomy things was intensely frustrating me. I apologize for my impatience with getting cum. This story (as a story) suffered for my needs, and therefore so did you, the reader.

6352843 Perhaps we might revisit the scene when I'm less... revved up, and expand upon it? (Kinda like an alternate version?)

6326384, 6326422, WOW, I was being a real bitch, wasn't I. I'm sorry. Now that I have read through what you have written without letting myself feel like you were criticizing me personally, I think I understand what you were saying: can the futa be change to a male, and say/think/act exactly the same, and have the character be believable equally or better than before the change. In this case: yes. And again, this is most certainly my fault, not Fonypans.

This story is a character-modified section of a much larger ongoing RP. In this section, my (player) lack of knowledge necessitated me (character) being taught things I would need to know for later in my adventure, through one of my friends. Sweetie Belle was that friend, because there were plans for Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo was less likely to be a good teacher (at least, that is my guess for the reasoning behind it.) I believe the plan was for me (player) to learn what would make it a sexy adventure later using the proper equine biology terms and actions.

But I was horny, and the constant tripping over winking and the like was killing my mood, and severely disrupting my ability to participate in the RP. So Pan, wanting (I assume) to get me back into the mood, brought in an adult to rev my engine. The three adults to choose from were Granny Smith, Applejack, and Big Mac. I'm only interested in old men, not old women, so granny was out. There were already big plans for Big Mac, so he was out. That left Applejack. I like the company of other women romantically, but I greatly prefer the company of cum-producers sexually. So: futa Applejack or R63 Applejack. I believe she needed to be female for something later in the adventure, so futa it was.

And what a glorious rutting it was. It encompassed many of my fetishes, so much so that it had to be quite toned down to be acceptable here. However, she did not focus only on the dick and getting me cum because Pan couldn't write her to need her own stuff, but because I focus on those things, they turn me on more, and that was the ultimate goal of the RP.

Unfortunately, you are right: this is not perfectly realistic to how a true futa might act, forsaking one of her sexual organs completely for the release of another. The body does not differentiate between sexual systems in my not-inconsiderable experience, and the pleasure that I (as a player) would get from taking focus away from the dick would have been less, so Pan let me have my slightly unrealistic fantasy. I am truly grateful to him for that. In my opinion, he chose to let the story suffer in order to let me have a stronger, more enjoyable "sexperience". It is a testament to both his prowess as an author, as well as his affability and reliability as a friend.

Please do not blame him for the weaknesses of this story, they are due entirely to him accommodating me mid-story.

6466503 Eh, I tend to have this problem where people either fail to comprehend what I say, or I just utterly fail at properly explaining what I mean. So I'm kinda used to it :P But yeah, you were overreacting a tad bit. But you at least gave it a second look, so that's good.
But yeah, that's basically the gist of it. Like I've said, a futa can be "male", "female" or" herm", it's all up to how they're portrayed. And, like I said: The most common archetype just so happens to be the "guy with tits" (I really need to invent a better name for that) and like said: if a futa in a fic can be swapped with a regular male and 0 % chance in the fic, then that futa is very likely to just be a "male" so to speak. As their sole purpose is to "be" a male for the reader. A male with nice curves :P

And that's a bit of the problem with adapted RP>Story. I've noticed that myself. Though, my OCD over having characters accurate hampers me in this part. Like, currently got a RP>Story on hold, that I know will be more popular if it's made into ex: Zecora+Mac, but as it doesn't fit the characters, I decided to go with OC's instead. But overall to what I've noticed, few cares about IC, as long as there's an oversized dick being talked about hehe.

And "Tripping over winking"? And the "inexplicable futa" route I hear :P
Hm, that said though, I want to ask something about that: Do you mean cum producers, as in literally sperm? Or things with a dick? As mare's otherwise produce cum naturally ~90 % identical to male jizz. Only difference being the lack of actual "sperm". (also, you could've brought in like, Braeburn being there on vacation, random hindsight suggestion x3) That said, the fandom really fails at portraying females sexually, as that's somehow become a male trait. Like said, porn wise, more or less all females basically have the "cumbucket" archetype with no self-regard or needs, while almost all males are selfish sluts+douchebags. So there's not really like there's a great deal of reference to go by. I mean heck, I'm apparently one of the few authors that write females with a bigger sex drive than males. But yeah, overall, most futa (exclusively in porn as said) are just males with nice curves. And there's literally nothing wrong with that. It's not like that takes anything away from the experience. Not too far from how they had to call mutants "enhanced" or whatever it was in the avengers. Like, it's still literally the same thing: A superhuman. It's just different names for the same trait :3 A futa isn't inherently straight, gay or whatever. It's a futa, not female. So to speak. There's a reason it has its own tag xP

Trailing off a bit here. Was long ago since the last post, so forgot a few things ^^' Sorry about that, might be repeating myself a bit.
Anyhow, it's nice to hear you both enjoyed doing this at least.
But yeah, like said: you rather dropped the ball there logically and story wise. BUT, that said: It was imo at least, to an acceptable, "terrible excuse". And what I mean by that, is that, while the excuse, technically in itself is just bad, it's at least a honest one. And that I can respect. Unlike... have you heard of the whole metal gear solid 5 Quiet debacle? There Kojima just pulled an excuse out of his ass, and acted high brow about it. If he'd just said he wanted a wank, that'd at least have been honest. Still bad form, but it'd at least have been more respectable :P

But yeah, as said: I'm sure you both (or at least you xP) had a much better RP for it, but that would have been something that'd needed to be fixed for a story release. Imo at least. At least as it breaks against the basic "reverse rule" in fiction. (aka: if you can't do something like: role or gender reverse the characters and still have it be an appealing story to you, it might not be much "story" in there so to say. In case that makes sense. (Like ex: In case you'd think Mac as a cuntboy being one sided pleasured by a colt would be retarded. Then it would be a large indicator something about the concept is very weak, or possibly just very sexually biased xP Ofc not saying stuff like that can't be made, I'm all for one sided stuff ocassionally. I just tend to make sure I'd be able to work with it if the roles or genders were reversed. (as in: I wouldn't need to like them preference wise, just be "okay" with them, or at least think the story would still work :3)

Gah, rambling again xP Was up too late to see the blood moon. So yeah, my bad if I go on like a broken record.
Anyhow, I still find the reason for why it's so meek/fails at the whole "heat" topic to be rather "~eh" but I can at least respect it. Assuming ofc that you would be ok with it's hypothetical counterpart ;P
It's at least no the bs excuse of "It COULD happen" reasoning. But yeah, this fandom really fails when it comes to portraying a believable "heat", as almost all heat stories are about how horny mares are, and they are showing it by... fully neglecting their own bodies xD
I will say though, in case you guys could do a counterpart/opposite fic of this, (even just hypothetically by being okay with the concept) I'd personally would look at it in a much brighter light. Granted, not that my approval means anything xD But yeah, like said: Not like you'd physically have to do something to prove it. As this is something I've learned tend to be surprisingly blunt about heh :P Whether it's art or artist.

Hope you can make sense of it all. I tried to be easy to read in my text. But I often fail at that as said heh.

My friend Max is the real world version of the 'mares in heat' cliche. She has a nerve thing where she is always aroused. So, I RP to help her get off, and decided with this one to publish and see what happens.

And as for the anatomy lesson, this was her irst time with pony RP, so I wast trying to teach her the basics, but she got really turned on, and needed a hard rut. Everything that AJ does to Scoots in this story was at Max's request...

Its what helps her get off. She likes to be dominated and abused in a fictional setting.

6470848 Ah, I see. I've heard of that thing.
Still personally find the whole incorrect cliché to be unfathomably stupid granted, but that's mainly due to how bigoted people react to a R63 counterpart of it. As then it's suddenly not a functional idea xP But yeah, I don't mind when it's actually "real" so to say. Just find it a bit of a nuisance when they make it the norm. As in a way, it's kind of similar to racist stereotypes in movies. And dunno, those things just grind my gears, it's nothing personal :3 And as said: As long as the ones doing it at least accept the opposite, then that's fine by me. (I mean, had people write the "cliché heat" story of a female with 0 sex drive and personal needs, just being this supposedly super horny cumbucket. And to them, that was "totally plausible", but when they were faced with a story about a male that was exposed to viagra-like effects and became a cumbucket to mares without pleasuring himself once, then that scenario was suddenly unrealistic and utterly retarded xP)

Ah, sorry, rambling again. For some reason way more drowsy than usual, rough day at work. Hope you at least got what I was mumbling about ^^'
And would make sense. We learn from practice overall. And yeah, I got that :P They explained that part pretty well. Hope you don't mind the discussion in the comment section heh.

And yeah, I got that :P I have 0 issue with it, assuming they are ok with hypothetical counterparts. As said: They wouldn't have to like it, just be cool with it :3 I dunno why, but double moral is pretty much my biggest pet peeve. But yeah... sadly people abusing the whole "cumdump with no physical needs or self-regard" archetype, has imo harmfully impacted people that that per se, "are like that". As mentioned. Kinda like how 50 shades fucked over the BDSM community. (And just learned that spoiler text can't have the enter key pressed xD)

That was awesome read ,I hope there will be a sequl with Big Mac and sweetie belle:ajsmug::scootangel::eeyup::unsuresweetie:

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6595442 Are you okay, friend?

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Well, that is the warning for those who don't like those things can avoid this story.

Did you come here just to leave a comment and a down vote without reading the story?

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